Masung 2020 Spring New Product Launch
2020-04-16 10:19

Due to the epidemic situation,  Masung 's new product launch conference in the spring of 2020 has been delayed until April 10th. Through the combination of online and offline, the R & D center of the headquarters, together with the Beijing branch, Changsha company, and Guangming factory, directly hit the whole process of new product release, striving for an intuitive and real experience, and bringing you a special press conference!

The new strategic product of  Masung 2020 is a revolution of  Masung 's service. It develops and designs MS-E80I, MS-MD58I, MS-EP5860, and MS-TD402 based on market demand. The new product launch mainly focused on product design concepts, functional interpretation and experience.

Adapt to the market and change yourself

The panel printer further explores the MS-E80I, 80mm ultra-thin key control panel printer. Since the release of the key control panel printer MS-FPT302, its integrated fashion appearance and key control automation unlocking and other powerful functions have been well received. MS-80I continues the integrated design and keyed automatic switch, reducing the size of the printer, leaving more controllable space for the installation of the whole machine!

Break through the past and show new self

Set foot on 58mm desktop printer design MS-MD58I, 58mm desktop label printer. Making printing more widely applicable to modern office scenes is the exploration of Meisong's 58mm desktop printer. Traditional thermal bills are easily printed, and stickers and consumables for label materials can be easily handled!

Pioneering and innovative to create the self

Leading the 58mm thermal printer MS-EP5860, 58mm high-speed slim printer. High-speed upgrade, high-speed printing, easy printing at 260mm per second, and compact size. While ensuring the printing speed, it has a small size and supports a variety of body design customization. Small size and large energy, MS-EP5860 leads the new wave of 58mm bill printer!

Step forward and find myself

106mm lottery ticket machine MS-TD402, adjustable automatic lottery ticket machine. The alloy body reduces the volume while increasing the wider adjustment range, adapts to different thicknesses of paper, and provides a variety of accessories to facilitate internal installation in different scenarios

Every innovation is a transcendence!

The new models and new functions released by this new product will inject new blood into the printer application field and open a new printing trend.  Masung is bound to continue the innovative concept and strive to create an efficient and convenient one for customers. Station-type perfect service informatization platform, let us look forward to more service applications of " MASUNG" in the future!

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