MASUNG Technology's 2016 Annual Resignation and Welcome Party was grandly held
2017-01-16 10:10

       Time flies, years change, and when the Year of the Rooster is romantic, all the staff of  Masung Technology get together. The long-awaited 2016 annual farewell and welcome party of Shenzhen Masung Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Yulongwan Hotel, Minzhi, Shenzhen on January 13th.

       This evening party is especially special, and Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, also attaches great importance to it. The whole evening party is held in the form of entertainment. However, with the innovative ability of our MASUNG people, all the programs reveal our MASUNG people's beautiful vision for the future and their confidence in moving towards glory. The evening party also provided a stage for employees to show themselves. The performances of friends from various departments were various and varied, which combined dance, songs, sketches, catwalk and other elements. The programs were brilliant and climaxed, which made people dizzying. They all showed the professional, innovative, honest and service style of MASUNG people, and all presented the joyful feast of MASUNG's big family of science and technology, which brought unique vision to everyone. The atmosphere of the whole party was lively, which made the employees enjoy the program, and at the same time, they also received a touch and a tacit understanding with the company.

       First of all, Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, delivered an opening speech for the evening party, which kicked off the evening party tonight. There are also special prizes for the top three outstanding programs, and each program group attaches great importance to its own performances, and tries its best to show every action to the audience perfectly. According to Xiaobian's understanding, some performance groups also rehearsed on the day of the party, which shows that the competition is naturally fierce.

     The first program is the song "True Hero" brought by the Three Musketeers of R&D Department. As we all know, R&D is hard. Since the second half of the year, R&D tasks have been heavy and they have worked overtime every day. It is commendable that they can find time to bring surprises to this evening party.

     The second program is the dance performance brought by the sales department, which is led by our deputy general manager Liao. The cool movements and shapes make people shine at the moment.

      The third program is the sketch "White Snake Biography", which is jointly performed by the Administration Department and the R&D Department. As we all know, "The Legend of the White Snake" is a classic drama, and its story has been circulated in the world for thousands of years. TV actors have created classics again and again. However, on January 13, 2016, "The Legend of the White Snake" created by MASUNG Technology is a classic among the classics. It combines dance and singing, reverses the ending of the previous stories, and makes the stories perfect and harmonious. The humorous performance makes the audience laugh and laugh.


      By the way, besides the story "The Legend of the White Snake", the story of Cowherd and Weaver Girl is no exception. Last year, our country opened the second child policy, and MASUNG's science and technology "The second child of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl" explains the opening of our country's second child policy, and more new lives will be born in the future. So, what about our printers, are there any new ones? Xiaobian definitely tells you "yes" here. In 2017, MASUNG Technology will bring more new products to the market, so please pay attention!

     The blind date program brought by the production department is also one of the outstanding program awards of this evening party.

      There are three outstanding awards in this evening party, and the other one is the solo dance "peacock dance" brought by our production department. This dance is graceful and colorful, and the colorful skirt is elegant. It is like an elf coming from a dream. The movements are gentle, the steps are light, sexy and slightly charming, which makes people infatuated. The performers deserve the award for Excellence in the evening program. It seems that we have a lot of MASUNG scientific and technological talents.

      I believe many people have seen the fashion show on the runway. It's cool, right? However, we MASUNG people also have our own T-stage show. What is different is that our T-stage in Xiu Xiu is a printer produced by MASUNG Technology. People are cool and printers are even cooler! In addition to the above programs, there is "Ink Drama" brought by the Technical Service Department. What is mime? I didn't quite understand it at that time, and thought it was humorous drama. However, unexpectedly, I only saw that they basically didn't use language, but relied on their limbs and props to show MASUNG's philosophy and vision for MASUNG's future. Despite this, they still interpret the printer function of  Masung , which also means that  Masung people can create greater value under the leadership of the leadership team with Chen as the core; To keep moving forward, we can improve ourselves and develop ourselves; Only by constantly adjusting and uniting can MASUNG move towards a better tomorrow. In fact, Xiaobian has always believed that MASUNG's future will be better, which is our common expectation, and the last program of the evening, "Tomorrow will be better" chorus, just proves our enthusiasm for MASUNG and our expectation for a better future.

       The evening party was full of wonderful programs, climax after climax, and the programming was full of relaxation and material points. At the end of the evening program, two foreign friends from Russia, —MASUNG's foreign partners, also took the stage to bring joy to everyone. They sang enthusiastically for us in Russian. Russian, although many people can't understand it, we MASUNG people give our enthusiasm in cooperation with this foreign friend by beating time. Finally, with their expressions, I wish MASUNG a better future and hope for more cooperation between them. In fact, cooperation is inevitable. Our products of MASUNG Technology have already been sold to the whole country and overseas. I believe that they will go more smoothly in the future and offer better products to more customers.

        With the end of the competition for excellent programs, the lottery session once again set off a warm climax. The leaders of the company interacted with the employees, and the lottery was exciting. Songs, applause and cheers kept fluctuating in the meeting place. One of the most touching scenes is that in order to thank the employees for their support and contribution to MASUNG, Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, specially prepared the most special gift for these colleagues-one famous watch worth 10,000 yuan each.

       Our passion blooms here, and our dreams set sail here! This is the time to share happiness, and this is the time to bless and care! May this laughter stay in our hearts forever!

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