Masung handheld mobile IOT printer
2021-10-15 13:51

         Actively responding to the update and iteration in the new era, Masung continues to surpass innovation in order to adapt to the market development and demand, concentrate its efforts and resources to promote the localization era, show the value of Masung brand, and strive to become a benchmark and model for the printing industry that enjoys a worldwide reputation!

        Hand-held mobile IOT printer newly launched by Masung Group is an intelligent printer with all things connected, which can link your thinking creation in office scenes, school supplies, life induction, outings and other scenes, and is a printer for intelligent action. Let's introduce this printer.
         First of all, this printer is ink cartridge printing, clear and colorfast; Mobile phone Bluetooth connection, one-click printing; Support three functions of picture printing, text printing and photo printing, and support multiple picture printing, wide format printing, mosaic printing, curved surface printing and other functions; Print the intelligent adsorption chassis, which is convenient to carry.

                                      Case Production of Mobile IoT Printer —— School Supplies
        The wrong set is essential for students, and the handheld mobile IoT printer is different from the previous wrong printer.
         First, it can be printed directly on the wrong book without pasting, which is convenient and quick;

        The second inkjet printing is clear and does not fade, so don't worry that it will disappear after a long time;

        The third wide printing, which can print A4 paper width, is very suitable for test paper graphic printing, and can complete the whole picture with one key.
        The fourth stitching printing, which is the stitching printing of complex diagrams of experiments and circuits, is equipped with stitching scales and is easy to operate.

        With this mini, portable and wireless mobile IoT printer as a companion, you can link your brain thinking and hands-on action ability, so you don't need teachers and parents to worry about learning efficiency any more!

                                     Case Production of Mobile IoT Printer —— Creative Thinking
        Handbook making can enhance the creativity of thinking. This printer can make your thinking visible, and you can print it anywhere and at any time as long as you dare to think. A printer that can make your thinking boil can make your handwriting show your creativity, and release the special you!

        Whether it's a mobile phone case, a computer, a contract folder, a cup, a wall, a wooden board, etc., you can print the picture you want to show in a wide way. Hand-held mobile IoT printer, all things are interconnected, so that your thinking boils and your smart actions can be seen! More creative thinking is waiting for you to print!

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