• "Product Innovation Closer to Customer Needs" MS-EP8300 Best Selling

    Recently, many front-line salesmen have gone to the factory to watch the goods and grab the goods for delivery, and even went to the assembly line to help assemble the printers. After understanding, the MS-EP8300 series printers, which were originally customized according to the various needs of users, were released on the market. After passing the strict inspection of the market, in many aspects of structure, appearance and function is particularly in line with market demand, resulting in a shortage of supply. Huang Yangjing, the person in charge of production, checked the ERP order system of Masung and confirmed that the high-speed thermal printer MS-EP8300 series independently developed and produced by Masung is due to a sharp increase in orders. At present, Changsha and Shenzhen factories are operating at full capacity for intense and orderly production and shipment. Why is MS-EP8300 so popular?After inquiring in detail from the sales department and marketing department of Masung Group, I even learned about it from the front-line salesmen, what industry, environment, how to use, and what functions does MS-EP8300 apply to, etc. First of all, the MS-EP8300 series printer, a variety of structures, to meet the needs of different customers in different application scenarios and specially tailored development. Because the user's cabinet space is relatively narrow, it is difficult to maintain the space for faults. According to these characteristics, and in order to adapt to the smaller space in more application scenarios, the research and development department of Masung independently developed the MS-EP8300 compact structure printing module, and the use of the side clamshell structure design, more simple and convenient maintenance, completely solve the problem of maintenance in the small space of the user cabinet. Secondly, this MS-EP8300 series printer has an ultra-high printing speed of 300mm/s, which is specially tailored by the R&D department according to the requirements of a customer for large supermarkets, and the fast printing speed to avoid long queues. This Maison printer MS-EP8300 series follows the classic Maison green tone, which is simple and elegant. With "fresh green" as the main exterior color, it highlights the vitality full of hope and the concept of green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon life, which is refreshing. Whether you like a round plastic shell or a solid and reliable sheet metal material, it is perfect for you to be impeccable! This MS-EP8300 was born to solve the troubles of front-line users about paper jams in printers. We have added functions such as anti-jamming detection sensors for customers to reduce or eliminate printer failures during work; MS-EP8300 integrates intelligent detection, print head temperature detection, lifting rod detection, paper shortage detection, black mark detection, seam control Detection, real-time and full of sense of technology, no wonder it will become the hottest printer in 2022! the most important thing is that it can also meet the huge printing volume demand of the self-service medical industry, and support the configuration of large paper rolls. With a paper roll of 150mm in diameter, the frequency of changing paper is reduced. In terms of performance, the MS-EP8300 series includes various printing methods such as full-cut printing, half-cut printing, serial port printing, and USB printing, which greatly meet the different printing needs of users, and truly meet the needs of users in all directions. Let you fall in love with the Meisong printer at a glance, the printing is absolutely wonderful! No matter in the financial, banking, new retail, supermarket, medical or government industries, or in countless user use cases, all printers of the MS-EP8300 series are customized according to the specific needs of customers. In addition to powerful functions, the MS-EP8300 series Printers also win for quality. As Du Yunxia, director of the sales department, said: having brand quality and becoming a leader in the industry is the best interpretation of this printer. We can see Masung's R&D experience and tailor-made services, as well as the corporate culture of innovation, change and continuous development of representative private enterprises. High-speed thermal printer MS-EP8300

  • Highly anticipated: Masung MS-EP8300 series printers are on sale

    Recently, the MS-EP8300 thermal high-speed printer independently developed by Masung Group has increased its production lines in both Shenzhen and Changsha since it was released and launched to ensure normal supply. The MS-EP8300 series printers follow the previous generation of classic Masung green tone, simple atmosphere, but compared with its own bright spots and advantages. Since the launch of the new product in July, it has attracted much attention. First of all, in the appearance, MS-EP8300 takes "fresh green" as the main color, a new round of innovative Masung featured products on the market, highlighting the fresh and refined vitality and green, environmental protection and low-carbon life concept in the color, it is refreshing. The high efficiency printing technology has also broken through the previous printing speed, high version of 300mm/s, while ensuring the print quality, the MS-EP8300 series printing speed is also very fast, the bill is printed in the blink of an eye; Not only that, print head side clamshell design, easy maintenance; At the same time increase the anti-blocking paper detection sensor and other functions, printing work will be thousands of miles away from the fault; Finally, it is equipped with a 100 mm diameter paper roll to reduce the frequency of changing paper. Optimize the appearance design, choose the high-quality round plastic shell, the operation is more safe and reliable; Intelligent detection is integrated, printing head temperature detection, lifting rod detection, missing paper detection, black label detection, crack detection, real-time and full of sense of science and technology, becoming the most eye-catching printer in 2022. In terms of performance, MS-EP8300 series includes a variety of functions such as full-cut printing, half-cut printing, serial port printing, USB printing, etc., to meet the different printing requirements of users, and truly fulfill the all-round requirements of users. The factory is equipped with complete test consumables, so that you fall in love with the Masung printer at a glance, printing out wonderful! Masung printer MS-EP8300 series wins for quality. The strength of the brand, Masung has become the industry leader, because Masung has the strength of national high-tech enterprises recognized, has been the best interpreter of print quality. For the quality of printers, Masung built its own printer industrial park, firmly control the quality of every link. Prior to launch, the MS-EP8300 series printers have undergone rigorous and comprehensive testing, which greatly guarantees users' printing experience. From thermal printers, needle printers and thermal transfer printers, we can see that as a representative private enterprise, Masung has the courage to innovate and the enterprise culture of seeking breakthroughs. From the industry segmentation field to now grow into a research and development, production, sales to print two-dimensional code as the innovation direction of the diversified intelligent in a multi-field industrial group company, Masung 16 years, has been seeking product and brand innovation 16 years.

  • The 7th "MASUNG Pine Cup" basketball match ended perfectly

    MASUNG people are high-spirited, energetic and youthful Under the epidemic situation, only by strengthening physical exercise can we enjoy life better. In order to enrich everyone's spare time life, activate the company atmosphere, drive the enthusiasm of colleagues to exercise, and promote mutual communication among colleagues. At 14:00 in the afternoon, under the opening speech of the general manager Mr. Liao Wei, following the host's announcement of "the seventh Masung Cup basketball game officially begins", Masung Technology, Masung Intelligent, MAXOUND & Lipai、Masung Caravan,Made up of 4 teams. Athletes entered the arena with the "March of the Volunteers" and took an oath to speak. Among them, Mr. Zhong Wen, the representative of the Meisongyou Caravan Team, the general manager of Skydreamer, wrote a passionate poem: Innovation and independence, the sun is rising. Meisong printing technique, the industry's responsibility.I hope that Masung people will carry forward the spirit of being higher, faster and stronger, and compete in style and level! On the field, the players devoted themselves and went all out, and the cheerleaders off the field cheered for them! During the game, the referee judged impartially, seriously, and tried his best to judge each ball, ensuring the fairness, continuity and appreciation of the game. The players and spectators took the overall situation into consideration, understood the general situation, obeyed the referees, played with a level and style, and fully demonstrated the good spirit and overall excellent qualities of the Masung people. All the athletes on the field fought hard, bravely showing the demeanor of the athletes all the way, and also showed the unique spirit of unity and never giving up of the Masung people, and dedicated a particularly wonderful game for everyone. look! The competitive consciousness between the Masung Technology Team and the Masung Caravan Team was aroused, and each of them put on a real posture. The competition was also extremely fierce, and the scores rose alternately. In the end, the Masung Technology Team slightly won by 3 points Friends caravan team won the title of third runner-up and third runner-up respectively. Although they were defeated, their spirit of "struggle hard, never give up and never give up" infected everyone on the scene. After 4 hours of fierce competition, the Masung Intelligent Team, like its slogan, with the spirit of "Masung Intelligent, Omnipotent", passed the test, defeated the MAXOUND& Lipai team, and won the championship in the Shenzhen competition area. This competition upholds the principle of "friendship first, competition second", which not only enriches the life of employees, improves the enthusiasm and aggressiveness of Masung people in sports activities, creates opportunities to show themselves, but also enhances the team's The cohesive force shows the energetic and youthful demeanor of the Masung people. It also provides a platform opportunity for Masung people and friends to communicate with each other, and promotes mutual emotional exchanges.The 6th "MASUNG Pine Cup" basketball match ended perfectly!

  • Celebrate with the country and walk with the company

    In the golden autumn and September, the fragrance of osmanthus is fragrant. In order to welcome and warmly celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the motherland's birthday, yesterday, Masung Group (Shenzhen Longhua) Company held the "celebrating with the country, walking with the company" activity. At this beautiful and special occasion of celebrating with the country, it happened to coincide with the birthday of Chairman Chen of Masung Group. A group of Masung people from Longhua, Shenzhen gathered together to celebrate the prosperity of our great motherland and wish Masung again. Create brilliant. Early in the morning, colleagues from the Administration Department and Marketing Department started to set up the office. The colorful "Happy Birthday" balloons echoed the "Chinese Heart" five-star red flag, creating a particularly strong National Day atmosphere. The whole company worked under the flying red flag, lamenting how fortunate it was to be born in your arms, to inherit the blood of the same blood, and to be benevolent in all the borders of our country.01 Admission ceremony At 3:30 in the afternoon, along with the beautiful and cheerful birthday singing, colleagues lined up in a long line, each with a red flag, all filled with cheerful smiles, and strode toward the celebration venue. Suddenly, the office became a sea of red. At the same time our celebration officially kicked off.02 Happy birthday The opening wishes of the host of the marketing department, Chen Hailan, wish the mountains and rivers are safe, long live the motherland, and wish the motherland a happy birthday! At the same time, I also send the most sincere blessings to Chen Chairman, the birthday star of Masung! Chen Chairman expressed his gratitude on the spot and also made an important speech: Thanks to our motherland, born in your arms and grew up, may the motherland be prosperous and lucky! Since the establishment of the company, we would like to thank all Masung people for their contributions to the development of the company. When we move forward, we must not forget the road we have traveled. Masung people must inherit the red gene and shoulder the original mission of "professionalism, innovation, integrity, and service". A more high-spirited attitude, striding forward. Finally, I wish our motherland a happy birthday once again, I wish you all happiness, health and all the best!03 Wish Blessing Under the guidance of the host, Chen Chairman made a birthday wish in the applause and singing. Colleagues gathered around blowing candles and eating cakes to share food, talk about friendship, tell each other about confusion, and share interesting stories. The photographer also recorded all this wonderful things. under the lens.The celebration of "celebrating with the country and walking with the company" is also a celebration of Masung people. It is a special event for the company to share development achievements and glory with its employees. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and independent innovation is the foundation of enterprise survival", we celebrate the 73rd anniversary of the motherland's birthday and celebrate the history of the Chinese Communist Party's unity and leadership of the Chinese people to strive for strength. A glorious history of leaps. We jointly carry out the birthday celebration of "celebrating with the country and walking with the company". To celebrate the birthday of Chen Chairman, we are also grateful to him as the leader of Masung for leading the people of Masung to be down-to-earth, forge ahead, and share development results with employees. It can be said to be a series of happy events, more than happy. We respect history, return to the origin, inherit the bloodline, strengthen the honor, strengthen the red gene of Masung and the motherland, and inherit the red bloodline of the company and the country.CCTV visited the Masung brand and listened to the entrepreneurial chairman Chen Bin telling the story of Masung's Masung Group Subsidiary Maxsund National Branch Chenzhou Conferencei am beautiful i am happy

  • MASUNG brand - a printing and scanning solution provider who understands your equipment better!

    For 16 years, Masung has been focusing on one-stop customized solutions for self-service terminal printing and scanning products! With the needs of social development, people have higher and higher requirements for work efficiency and services. Self-service terminals are located in various offices, usually in the form of queuing machines, touch all-in-one machines, cash registers, advertising machines, etc. In the public eye, it is mainly used to alleviate the order problem caused by the large flow of people. Therefore, self-service terminals are widely used in certificate halls, banks, electric power, hospitals and medical institutions, supermarket retail, industrial and commercial taxation, transportation, cinema, lottery and other industries. . Self-service terminals mainly provide users with functions such as identity authentication, information inquiry, payment, and printing, and can realize 24-hour comprehensive business self-service processing, which not only provides convenience for users, but also relieves pressure and reduces costs for manual window services. Masung is a supplier and service provider of self-developed self-service terminal printing and scanning products, focusing on the R&D, production, sales and after-sales technical support of 58mm/80mm thermal printers and scanning products. Thousands of product models have been honed and feedbacked in the market, accumulated and accumulated experience of a large number of application cases, just to become a printing and scanning product supplier who understands your equipment better. Masung provides printing, scanning and special printing system solutions for various industries. It is a high-quality solution provider for self-service terminal services, self-service payment terminals, self-service book borrowing and returning machines, queuing number calling machines, and self-service physical examination all-in-one machines. The R&D team provides customized services for customers, and provides customized printers and scanners according to customer application scenarios and solutions; and supports secondary development, providing SDK, demo, instruction set and related technical support for secondary development, and related windows, System development engineering technologies such as linux are coordinated and connected; the printer has communication interfaces such as serial port, parallel port, USB, cash drawer, etc., which can fully meet the different needs of customers for communication interfaces; black label function and self-developed control board with code can be selected according to application scenarios Invoke the LOGO function of various industries; in order to meet the needs of more Android system customers and solve the problem of power supply cost, provide 12V~24V wide voltage printer solutions to provide adaptation for more customers; in order to meet the application scenarios of different customers, Masung The newly launched ultra-high-speed 300mm/s embedded thermal printer is suitable for more new industry requirements and projects. The Masung brand builds quality with ingenuity and builds the future with precision work. Masung products have broad market prospects, good brand influence and market recognition at home and abroad, and become a small and beautiful global enterprise.CCTV visited the Masung brand and listened to the entrepreneurial chairman Chen Bin telling the story of Masung's entrepreneurship New Product Launched by Independent Innovation - Fresh Green MS-EP8300The Masung printer "prints" at the self-service refueling machine to prove that the oil price is rising. Is your wallet thin? Masung Toka MS-7710 assists the "electronic sentinel" of the bus to work

  • Shenzhen sales a trip to Huizhou

    From August 27th to 28th, the Shenzhen Sales Department of Masung Group launched the "Two Days and One Night Weekend Relaxation" tour in Huizhou. More than 20 colleagues from food culture from all over the world walked into Xunliao Bay, Huizhou, and went to the beach to enjoy Seafood feast, ride a mountain off-road vehicle, go fishing for a bonfire carnival, and experience the teamwork of curling. Arriving at the destination at noon, the friends are like the passion of the scorching sun. The first choice is archery, and they play archery. With the help of the elastic force of the bow, the arrow is shot with precision within a certain distance. The comparison is concentration, eyesight, perseverance. Yes, there is no turning back when opening the bow, just like this group of Masung people, insist on the road of independent innovation, professionally focus on the field of printer QR code, as always! Driving a super cool off-road mountain bike in the mountains and forests, passing through the light and shadow of the mountains, seems to have strayed into a fairy tale world. The sun shines through the leaves on these confident and sunny faces, which are particularly dazzling. Although a few friends became little clay figurines, everyone was happy like a child, and they tasted the taste of soil for the first time, and they returned to their childhood. In the evening, stepping on the soft sandy beach, we will have a buffet barbecue, drink and skewer, eat meat, chat happily, and share the beauty of the sunset! Light a bonfire and let go of ourselves, we hold hands in a circle, sing, dance, play games, set off fireworks and watch the bright starry sky, this is the joy and youthful bloom of our Masung people! The sea breeze caressed, and everyone sat around and shared the years of growing up with Masung. It turns out that there are many colleagues who have been with Masung for more than five years. They are full of gratitude and gratefulness. Every moment of growth, they use today's growth to record every step in Masung, hug each other and warm you and me. It was not until late at night that everyone reluctantly returned to the hotel. On the second day, the speedboat toured the island, went fishing, and enjoyed the exhilarating experience of drifting in the sea with the wide sea, sky and waves hitting the shore, making every little friend scream, so cool! Life is not only about the work in front of you, but also the green mountains and waters, and the delicious food on the beach. During the weekend trip to Huizhou, a group of Masung people trusted each other and faced each other with sincerity. They not only enjoyed the beautiful scenery, relaxed their body and mind, and relieved the pressure, but also provided a platform for everyone to communicate and exchange, which laid a good foundation for future coordination and cooperation. . It truly implements the concept of "Happy Work, Happy Life" of Masung people. Are you excited? Welcome to join us!Masung Group Subsidiary Maxsund National Branch Chenzhou ConferenceTeam building activities of Hunan R&D Department of Masung Group

  • Team building activities of Hunan R&D Department of Masung Group

    One person can go fast, but a group of people can go further. In order to enhance team cohesion, increase communication and exchanges between employees, establish a team atmosphere of mutual familiarity and mutual trust, and practice the "happy work and happy life" of Masung people, the Hunan R&D Department of Masung Group held a meeting on August 06-07 A 2-day team building activity with the theme of "Perfect Service and Easy Printing Beauty Pine" was launched on 2019. The team building activity was held in Liuyang, a hundred miles away from Changsha. Under the leadership of professional coaches, team development activities such as team PK, ice breaking, bracelet cracking, and digital games have been launched one after another. Each development project requires all team members to cooperate closely, trust each other, help each other, and complete them together. The activity scene was in full swing and under the sun of summer, the youthful enthusiasm of all colleagues was fully mobilized, and the tense and difficult tasks stimulated the courage, belief and strategy of all team members, and also made everyone deeply appreciate the criticality of teamwork and division of labor. The importance of orderly efficiency and active communication. During the event, especially the cries of "Masung is more exciting with you" came one after another, and the cooperation between team members became more and more tacit. Everyone challenged themselves in team games, released pressure and gained the fun of collaboration in the event. In the afternoon, I went to Longtan to follow the creek. The road was covered with gravel. Some ropes even had to use both hands and feet to pass through the creek, which was a great test for the strength and endurance of the feet. The road is ups and downs, steep and difficult, but it can't stop the R&D personnel of Masung from taking a firm and powerful pace. As the height continues to climb, the breath of the forest is blowing in the wind, which makes people feel relaxed and happy, and also makes people truly feel that height is a realm, climbing is a pursuit, and going up the river is a challenge and courage! During the climbing process, everyone also conducted in-depth exchanges and communication on questions and experiences in life and work, and gained happiness and knowledge in entertainment activities. As Huang Youchuan, manager of the R&D department, said: work hard every day, such a green and low-carbon exercise program that returns to nature, sweating and detoxification, while exercising, enhancing physical fitness and relieving stress, making people more relaxed and maintaining a healthy mentality, we will develop more in the future. This kind of activity can make us more energetic and put into work... When night falls, we light a bonfire, forget our identity and gender in the gentle evening breeze, hold hands around the bonfire, sing and dance, and the atmosphere of happiness and joy is permeated everywhere. In this hot summer, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, let go of the busyness and troubles of work, drink beer, smash skewers, and chat about home life, and never lose the summer time! The next morning came to Danxia Lake, the sun was shining and the scenery was pleasant. The three bamboo rafts were lined up, and they broke through the waves at the command of the coach. The sound of the oars flapping on the water and the cries of refueling could be heard. Mimatsu players were valiant, and while fighting tenaciously, the boats splashed water and slapped each other. This activity not only reflects its fun and significance, but also enhances communication and exchanges, increases the awareness of collaboration, enhances team cohesion, and injects vitality into Masung's later work to achieve better results. A single thread does not make a thread, and a single tree does not make a forest. Only by participating in such team building activities can we have a deeper understanding of what is responsibility, what is honor, and what is the importance of a team. Compared with the joy of admiring the beautiful scenery, enjoying the nature and challenging yourself, what is more touching is that everyone is close to each other and is like a family. Everyone said that in the future work, they must integrate the spirit of solidarity and cohesion in team building activities into their work, based on their own positions, and contribute to the high-quality development of Masung's business!MASUNG Group R&D Summary Meeting

  • Masung Group Subsidiary Maxsund National Branch Chenzhou Conference

    There is a lake in the world, thousands of scenes are in it, the wind, frost, rain and snow share the responsibility, and the sun, rain and dew share together. From July 30 to August 2, 2022, the semi-annual meeting of Shenzhen Maxsund National Branch, a subsidiary of Masung Group, was held in Xiaodongjiang, Chenzhou, Hunan for a period of 4 days. At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Qin Ling, general manager of Shenzhen Maxsund, analyzed the current market background and status quo, and conducted in-depth discussions on Maxsund's core module components, smart file construction and company positioning. Strive to make a series of Maxsund printers, scanning coders, file printers, filing stamp printers, paper feeders and a series of Maxsund products all over the streets. During the meeting, everyone expressed their opinions freely. Mr. Luo Shangpan, general manager of Masonda Xi'an Branch, gave a detailed introduction to the northwest market and Masonda's MS-T series products; the person in charge of Shanghai Branch gave a brief introduction to the current situation and prospects of the State Grid power grid market. Detailed sharing; the person in charge of the Beijing branch gave a detailed sharing on the business process and customer communication skills; the four-day meeting, combining work and rest, daily small-scale trips to Chenzhou, cultivated sentiment, and let the negative ions of nature Cleanse our hearts and make sharing output more high frequency. In fact, the management and experience sharing of each branch has benefited everyone a lot. For the management of the branch company, Shenzhen Maxsund, as the headquarters, has been providing "window-style" management guidance, teaching the headquarters business model and the entire process system. Each branch can use these "reproducible management experience" to make the management of each branch more standardized and refined, and achieve the results of improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Ms. Lin Lin, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Maxsund, conducted a combing and analysis of various industries, and asked each branch to share and assign tasks in the fields of justice, urban construction, archives, universities, procuratorates, courts and other fields currently used by the products. , Guangzhou, Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing and other branches have received tasks respectively. The meeting also invited Director Ye of the Finance Department of Shenzhen Maxsund to propose and require all branches to promote the compliance of financial work management. Only when the company operates legally and manages financial compliance, can the company develop for a longer time. Mr. Chen Bin, chairman of Masung Group, also said that the financial compliance management of the headquarters and branches is also in order to control operating costs more reasonably and effectively, and increase profits. At the end of the meeting, Director Chen affirmed the contributions of all the branches and asked the heads of all the branches to unify their thoughts. He also proposed a plan for stock allocation, so that every employee of Maxsund could become the happiest person. . The crisis brought about by the repeated epidemics this year is a process of rushing for gold in the sand, and we must work together to make sure that everyone can gain something here. In terms of mentality, from the headquarters to the branches, every leader must lead the branches to actively adjust their mentality, let go of anxiety, and face it calmly; in terms of strategy, the head office will change from marketing costs, personnel allocation to project management and We have taken strong measures in financial management and other aspects to continuously improve our management and operation capabilities. From operation management to business development to financial compliance, Shenzhen Maxsund is "teaching a man to fish" at the same time as "teaching a man to fish". Qualification, team, performance, and awards are "fish", while management experience, operation strategy, and business model are "fishing". Mr. Chen, Mr. Qin and Mr. Ji of Shenzhen Maxsund Headquarters will continue to upgrade and give branches and partners better quality "fish", and also grant more "fish" to branches and partners. In just a few days, everyone has successfully concluded this meeting under the experience of Chenzhou's colorful and cultural precipitation.

  • New Product Launched by Independent Innovation - Fresh Green MS-EP8300

    Against the heat of dog days, Masung's independent innovative product MS-ep8300 has met with you. This is a new series of Masung's special products - fresh green. On the afternoon of the 15th of this month, the Shenzhen R&D Headquarters, Marketing Department, Sales Department, and Product Support Department of Masung Group held the launch of this new product in Longhua, Shenzhen. The R&D Branch and Sales Department of Changsha, Hunan participated in the launch online. The host of the meeting, product manager Yang Gang, explained the new product development background, design concept, product configuration information, module display, sales strategy and market application. Since its establishment, Masung has been insisting on independent innovation and research and development, providing diversified printing and scanning solutions for the self-service industry, and has accumulated a large number of application cases. In order to meet the current industry demand for high-efficiency, high-quality, high-value but low-cost products, the R&D Center of Masung Group has launched a new round of innovative Masung special products with "fresh green" as the main color, which not only highlights the color The fresh and refined vitality and the green and low-carbon life concept are refreshing; the high-efficiency printing technology also breaks through the previous printing speed, the high-end version reaches 300mm/s, while ensuring the printing quality, this new product prints The speed is simply unparalleled. With a swish, the receipt is printed; the side flip design of the print head makes maintenance easy; adding functions such as anti-blocking paper detection sensors, the printing work can be eliminated thousands of miles away; with 100 mm diameter paper rolls, reduce the frequency of paper changes; optimize the appearance design, choose a high-quality round plastic shell, the operation and use are more safe and reliable; therefore the application of MS-EP8300 in the self-service industry is a very high-end product, whether it is self-service medical care, self-service retail, self-service Government affairs and self-service catering and other industries are a cost-effective choice. Masung inherits the spirit of craftsmanship, does not forget the original intention, and shows the brand value of Masung with the attitude of excellence, and creates this series of products with originality and original intention - MS-EP8300.High-speed thermal printer MS-EP8300Masung Group MS-MA90/NP-TC804 printer unveiled

  • CCTV visited the Masung brand and listened to the entrepreneurial chairman Chen Bin telling the story of Masung's entrepreneurship

    On the morning of June 23, 2022, the CCTV program team visited the world-renowned brand MASUNG Shenzhen Longhua, and listened to the entrepreneurial chairman Chen Bin telling the story of Masung's entrepreneurship. Mr. Chen Bin, chairman of Masung Group, introduced that in recent years, by adjusting sales ideas, developing and relying on domestic and foreign markets, the output value has reached from tens of millions to hundreds of millions. Chen Bin, male, Han nationality, founded the Masung brand in 2006. Since 16 years of hard work, Chairman Chen has led the independent research and development and production of the company's products. He has developed nearly 1,000 new products and obtained hundreds of national patents. At present, there are six or seven subsidiaries of Masung and its Masung brand, which are specialized, special, and innovative, and are distributed all over the country. At present, Masung has four major product systems: He used to be a general technician. 20 years ago, he came to Shenzhen from a small town with a dream to work hard. He set up professional printer manufacturing factories in many places in Shenzhen. He has been committed to printing as a diversified, intelligent and customized one-stop solution for innovation. Create your own world in the turbulent business sea. Of course, the road to entrepreneurship is not smooth sailing. Only Mr. Chen Bin knows the hardships of starting a business from a small town to a big city. For more than ten years, he has not forgotten his business dream. He worked hard, studied hard, cherished every opportunity to accumulate production management technology and experience, and waited for the flowers to bloom. At the same time, he further strengthened his belief in strictly controlling product quality. Deeply ploughing the industry, striving for perfection, the company's reputation is getting better and better, and the road of development is getting smoother and smoother. He said: "Innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise. Only by constantly innovating and developing new products can we occupy a place in the market." When the development of the enterprise gradually became stable, he turned his keen eyes to foreign countries and saw the huge potential of printers in overseas markets. As a result, he increased investment in R&D talents and capital, and the annual investment in product R&D accounted for 30% of the total revenue. He pursued technological innovation and breakthroughs, improved product competitiveness, and actively opened up overseas markets. In 2018, by chance, he formed another R&D team in Changsha, Hunan to expand the industrial chain of Masung. In 2021, Mr. Chen Bin purchased 30 acres of land in Changsha City, Hunan Province to build a 40,000-square-meter industrial park by attracting investment. 2022 is also defined as a new entrepreneurial year. The road is a long way to go, and I will go up and down to search for it. Mr. Chen Bin is full of confidence in the future of Masung's business. He has the determination and ability to make the company bigger and stronger!

  • Heavy New Product | Label Printer MS-EP5860-BC

    Now is an era of rapid development. Every enterprise or individual not only pays attention to quality, but also improves service efficiency on the basis of high quality. Masung has released a new product MS-EP5860-BC for label barcode printer. MS-EP5860-BC is a 58mm to 60mm thermal label printer, which is responsible for the printing function of label barcodes in various industries. In the process of daily use, it not only meets the needs of customers for fast printing speed At the same time, it satisfies the functions of clear handwriting, good quality and high stability of printing documents, and plays an important role in medical labels, retail labels, catering labels and other industries by virtue of quality and efficiency. As a professional manufacturer and service provider of printing and scanning products, in order to meet the needs of the market, and on the premise of ensuring product quality and service efficiency, Masung has newly launched a superior cost-effective label printer MS-EP5860-BC, which combines side flip printing The head design makes maintenance easier and more convenient; the compact body is suitable for many occasions; it supports two output modes of full cut and half cut to meet different usage needs; the large gear is embedded, and the printing and paper feeding force is strong and the speed is fast. The Masung brand maintains a leading position in the label printing industry and meets the information technology requirements of different industries for label solutions, whether it is medical label self-adhesive solution or industrial labeling and cutting industry, or thermal transfer ribbon label self-adhesive Solutions, Masung brand provides multi-category label solutions. Masung label printers operate in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner in various industries, allowing users to easily print labels of all types. label printer MS-EP5860-BCCustomized development of automatic labeling products-glass cutting industryMasung printer MS-LP212B provides a solution for automatic labeling machine for blood collection vessels Masung label printer solution label printerLabel Printing Solution for Tea Retail StoresApplication of medical label sticker printer-Masung label printer

  • Masung Group MS-MA90/NP-TC804 printer unveiled

    On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival, this morning, the Changsha R&D team of Masung Group conducted an online product launch conference on the panel-type thermal printer, model Masung MS-MA90 and NPrinter NP-TC804, by connecting to Shenzhen, mainly focusing on the development of printer products. Development background, design concept, product function, market information, sales strategy and product positioning. Since the establishment of Masung, Masung has always adhered to independent innovation, continuously optimized the structure, and improved its technical strength. From product research and development, to production and complete machine delivery, it meets customer needs, wins by quality, and makes reliable products. It has been committed to printing as a diversified, intelligent and customized one-stop solution for innovation. As the leader of printing modules in the self-service/non-self-service equipment industry, it has accumulated a lot of industry experience and printer application cases in retail, medical, cinema and other industries for 16 years. At the same time, starting from the details, we will make the solution to the extreme according to the market demand. The product released this time has the characteristics of strong stability and high printing quality. In order to meet the needs of more Android system customers and solve the problem of power supply cost, it provides a printer solution with 12V~24V wide voltage and optional black mark function. Adaptation for multiple clients. Masung thermal receipt printer MS-MA90 and NPrinter NP-TC804 are embedded thermal printers, which can be configured with key, wrench, and motor to choose from three ways to open the cover. They can be matched with high-bright white, black and white to make colorful lights. You and I. These two printers support printing on two kinds of paper, 58MM and 80MM, to meet different needs. At the same time, they have a variety of interfaces: serial port and USB, as well as cash drawer function. Among them, MS-MA90 has built-in multiple sensor co-printing functions, supports black mark detection, can cut paper in sections to meet the needs of specific customers, and has more user-friendly paper end detection, paper shortage detection and print head open detection functions. Finally, the press conference ended through an online Q&A between colleagues in Shenzhen and Changsha. Masung has been actively advocating private customization and striving for excellence. Taking advantage of the opportunity of launching new products at product conferences, it hopes to use Masung printing to lead the trend of innovation driving force in the industry, and integrate a compact and efficient all-in-one concept. Perfect service, easy printing! Self-service printer 80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80INew product release of 2021MASUNG thermal printer

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