• On the eighth day of the Chinese New Year, good luck on the first day of work!

    The start of work is a new starting point for forging ahead, an opportunity to create further glory. The start of work brings us infinite aspirations and expectations. It not only means that we will usher in new development opportunities, but also predicts that we will create further glory. Let us work together, forge ahead on the new journey, and write a more glorious chapter. With the sound of fireworks bringing good luck and the auspicious beginning of work, we bid farewell to our hometown and returned to our familiar workstations, kicking off a new year of work along with the blessings and expectations of the New Year. Here, we wish everyone: a prosperous start of work in 2024 and all the best in everything! Chairman Chen Bin, along with all the staff of Changsha Masung, held a ceremony to mark the start of work and distributed red envelopes to employees, who were all filled with joy and laughter. Assistant to the Chairman, Li Xiaoyu, addressed the employees with expectations: As we enter the New Year with a new look, we must approach our work with even greater enthusiasm and spirit. We must fully commit ourselves to achieving the various work indicators for the new year, starting well and taking the right steps. The beginning is a sprint, and the start is a rush! As the saying goes, "A year's plan starts with spring," and spring is a time of hope and dreams. In 2024, I hope that all of us can unite our efforts, form a consensus, work together to achieve development, and continuously challenge ourselves! With our original aspirations unchanged and mission on our shoulders, in the new year, we must continue to contribute our efforts to the development of Masung and the industry as a whole, with a determined stride towards the future. With a spirit of progress, we will work together, fully implementing the annual overall strategy and ensuring the completion of all task indicators. Together, we will write a new chapter in Masung's journey, heading towards a shared future and a better tomorrow!

  • Chinese Lunar New Year Holidays

    Dear Customers,Partners: Thanks for all your trust and support to our company in the past year , which we appreciated as the most precious wealth and gift we ever received. On the coming new year, we would like to send our most sincere gratitude and warmest greetings to you all ! We are looking forward to having more chance to cooperate and communicate with you and serving you better in future. Please keep paying attention to our new products. Hereby I sincerely wish you all the best in your new year! 2023 Chinese Lunar New Year Time During: From 4th Feb 2024 to 16th,Feb 2024 (Total 13 days). Normal business will resume on 17th,Feb 2024. MASUNG 30th,Jan 2024

  • The 8th "MASUNG Cup" Basketball Game (Changsha Finals) - Post-game Summary

    On December 23, all units and subsidiaries of MASUNG Group (Masung Information, Masung DeHeng, Masung Information, Masung Technology, Masung Deheng, Masung Jingmi, Masung Electronics, Masung Intelligent, and Lipai) The 8th "MASUNG Cup" Basketball Competition (Changsha Finals), co-organized with Shenzhen Chika Technology Co., Ltd., was held as scheduled at the Sports BBC Park Basketball Stadium in Wangcheng District, Changsha City! This competition is divided into two teams, namely [MASUNG Changsha Team] and [MASUNG Shenzhen Team] from thousands of miles away. In Changsha in the depth of winter, the sky is freezing, the wind is biting, and the dripping water turns into ice. However, all MASUNG people are not afraid of the severe cold and are full of enthusiasm! Just like Yan Xinjun, the Lipai boss of the Shenzhen team, said: I travel thousands of miles just because I like it! The 8th "MASUNG Cup" basketball game kicked off with the opening speech by Mr. Chen Bin, chairman of MASUNG Group. Shenzhen captain Tang Weijian and Changsha captain Yi Jungan took the stage respectively to swear an oath and shout slogans. They will adhere to the principle of "Friendship First". , The principle of "match second" is to match the level and style. At the same time, the referee Huang Youchuan also came to the stage to announce the rules of the game and then directly entered the game. At the beginning of the game, the Shenzhen team took the lead. Li Jie (General Manager Li) opened the game with a beautiful 2-point dunk. Veteran Chen Bin (Mr. Chen) also showed amazing Team understanding as an offensive player. He used his height advantage to grab rebounds smoothly and He was very successful in restricting his opponents. Until the end of the first half, the Shenzhen team had been leading by 14 points. Maybe it was because the weather was too cold and the pre-game warm-ups for both athletes were not enough. During the halftime break, athletes from both sides were warming up intensively. The audience was also not idle, enjoying the performance of the "Jingyin Art" band. song and drum performance. In the second half, the Changsha team showed excellent basketball skills and tenacious fighting spirit. The audience was also very enthusiastic and cheered loudly: Changsha team, come on! Cheers Shenzhen team! No. 18! No.9! number 1! number 8! . . . . . Some cheerleaders even couldn't help shouting: XX I love you! There was excitement on and off the field, pushing the game to climax and climax again! Players from both sides showed superb skills and tacit teamwork. The Changsha team used more accurate passing and more active fighting to catch up and even the score at 85:85. Of course, the Shenzhen team was not to be outdone, chasing each other. At the last moment, Huang Jianfeng (Mr. Huang) of the Changsha team ended the game perfectly with a 3-pointer and won the final victory with a 2-point advantage of 99:97. After the whole game, all MASUNG people had a deeper understanding and appreciation of basketball. Let us deeply understand the importance of teamwork and individual hard work. Only by fully playing your role in the team can the overall strength be maximized. In addition, we also experienced the sportsmanship of perseverance and never giving up. Even though we were behind our opponents, we still maintained a positive attitude, worked hard to create opportunities, and ultimately won. Finally, the event ended with the awarding and speech of Chika Technology Xue Mingming (General Manager Xue). As General Manager Xue said: We would like to especially thank and welcome the Shenzhen team from thousands of miles away. Colleagues, they braved the severe cold to support this event and came to Changsha. The fighting spirit of the athletes on the field inspired all us MASUNG people to unite and forge ahead hand in hand! Mr. Xue also mentioned that he believes that next spring will come as scheduled!

  • The development of MASUNG Group has won high recognition from overseas customers

    All the following content comes from foreign friends’ evaluations of MASUNG Group, orally: In the past two days, I have seen here about the situation of MASUNG Group’s Intelligent Industrial Park. The progress of the entire Masung Group is impressive. From a simple printer manufacturer we have now grown into an impressive diversified group of companies with different products. Since our first cooperation with Masung in 2010, we have successively used Masung’s embedded printers, panel embedded printers and other thermal receipt printers suitable for smart self-service terminals, which have solved many problems for us. But in the past few years of cooperation, I thought that MASUNG only had great advantages and potential in the research and development side. In the past, my understanding was that MASUNG's production capacity was only about 100 people, and that it only involved relatively simple R&D, production, and sales.Comments from foreign friends on MASUNG Group Three years after the epidemic, I came to MASUNG again. The changes have been huge. It turns out that my previous perceptions were all wrong. Today I learned that Masung has a self-built "MASUNG Industrial Park" covering an area of 40,000 square meters. From the research and development side, At the production end, the entire chain is very complete. From the design of sheet metal parts to die-casting and stamping, to the independent R&D and design of motherboards, and then to the assembly and production, aging, quality inspection, packaging and shipping of finished products. It’s so perfect, so unexpected, so pleasantly surprising! I am excited! Makes me feel that it is wise to cooperate with Masung! When I came to Masung and communicated with technical engineers, I realized that MASUNG’s technical strength is quite strong. And Masung Group has a full industrial chain supply and production system, including QR codes, self-service equipment, electronic products, etc. I know that there will be too many products that we can cooperate with Masung in the future. In the past, we only had cooperation projects with printers. We mistakenly thought that MASUNG only made printers. This perception was wrong. I came to Masung today. From the reception, to the park tour, to the production line, it felt great! Professional, sincere, service! I am even more convinced that I feel at ease cooperating with MASUNG! I believe that there will be more cooperation opportunities and the birth of products in the future! Finally, I would like to thank MASUNG Group for inviting me to come to China.Foreign friends look forward to more cooperation opportunities with Masung in the future.MASUNG Group Intelligent Industrial Park GateThe development history of MASUNG GroupA corner of the Masung Group product exhibition hallA corner of the MASUNG Group officeMASUNG Group Report HallA corner of the production line of MASUNG GroupCCTV interview scene

  • Foreign customers visit MASUNG Industrial Park to demonstrate the potential for in-depth cooperation

    Hunan Masung Information Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of MASUNG Group), on November 24, in the past time, we were honored to receive distinguished customers from overseas. He came to our headquarters and had an in-depth business exchange and discussion, which further strengthened our strategic partnership with overseas customers. The customers visiting this time are representatives of well-known companies from Europe. He took valuable time out of his busy schedule to visit our factory and R&D center to learn about our products and services. This emphasis on and investment in the business relationship between the two parties has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for future in-depth cooperation. During the visit, we had extensive business conversations with our customers and jointly discussed industry trends, market dynamics and cooperation prospects. Through in-depth exchanges, both parties not only enhanced understanding and trust, but also paved the way for future strategic cooperation. This customer visit not only reflects the recognition and support for our work, but also points us to the future direction. We will continue to be committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and work hand in hand with customers around the world to create a better future. MASUNG Group thanks all customers who visited us. It is your trust and support that gives us the motivation to move forward. We look forward to maintaining close contact with you and continuing to deepen our strategic partnership.Introduction to MASUNG Group: Masung Group revolves around the MASUNG brand and consists of five major group systems, including Masung System, Meisongda System, and Meiyin System. There are currently a number of dealers/agents with whom we have in-depth cooperation, including many in developed countries such as the United Kingdom and Russia. There are R&D centers in Shenzhen and Changsha respectively, including a sound full industry chain system of hardware, software, systems, testing, etc., to achieve full product autonomy. MASUNG Group has an independent R&D center and self-built industrial park in Changsha: MASUNG Group Intelligent Industrial Park, with a current office area of 4,000 square meters and a production area of 40,000 square meters. It has production workshops and ISO systems for multiple product systems, and its products have passed CCC, energy saving, CE, ROHS, FCC and other certifications. Hunan Masung Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leader specializing in receipt printers. We are committed to providing customers with innovative products and services and constantly meeting market needs. Through this customer visit, we have a better understanding of market needs and industry trends, which will help us maintain a leading position in future competition. Hunan Masung Information Technology Co., Ltd. has always focused on in-depth cooperation with global customers. We believe that only through sincere communication and close collaboration can we achieve win-win goals. We look forward to establishing strategic partnerships with more global customers to create a better future together.

  • Forge ahead and innovate in science and technology. CCTV's "Dialogue with Brands" column team interviews MASUNG Chairman ChenBin

    CCTV's "Dialogue Column" discovered that China has an advertising line: Discovery is a mission, and it is also a kind of attention. Just like MASUNG was discovered by the "Dialogue Column" team of CCTV channel, it is also a kind of attention. This is a symbol of the rise of domestic technology brands. It also focuses on the life stories of Chinese technological innovation entrepreneurs from the perspective of discovery and exploration, giving viewers life inspiration. CCTV's"DialoguewithBrands"columnteaminterviewedguestChenBin,ChairmanofMasungGroup Chen Bin, male, Han nationality, founded the MASUNG brand in 2006. Over the past 17 years, Chairman Chen has led the independent research and development and production of the company's products. He has developed nearly a thousand new products and obtained hundreds of national patents. At present, there are eight subsidiaries of MASUNG, a specialized and innovative enterprise, and its MASUNG brand, which are distributed across the country. Currently, Masung has four major product systems: government office, new retail, self-service equipment, and industrial barcode labels. He was once a general technician. Twenty years ago, he came to Shenzhen from a small town with a dream in mind to work hard. He was determined to create his own world in the turbulent business world. In early 2006, after starting his own business from a Japanese-funded enterprise, he has been committed to printing diversified, intelligent, and customized one-stop solutions in the direction of innovation. Of course, the road to entrepreneurship is not always smooth. Only Mr. Chen Bin knows the hardships of starting a business from a small town to a big city. For more than ten years, he worked hard and studied diligently. He cherished every opportunity to accumulate production management technology and experience, and waited for the flowers to bloom. At the same time, he further strengthened his belief in strictly controlling product quality, delving deeply into the industry, striving for excellence, and the company's reputation became better and better. It's getting better and better, and the road to development is getting smoother and smoother. He said: "Innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of enterprises. Only by continuous innovation and development of new products can we occupy a place in the market." This is what he said and what he did. In 2015, when the company's development gradually stabilized, he turned his keen eyes abroad and saw the huge potential of printers in overseas markets. As a result, he increased investment in R&D talents and funds, spending 30% of total revenue on R&D products every year, pursuing technological innovation and breakthroughs, improving product competitiveness, and actively exploring overseas markets. In 2018, by chance, he formed another R&D team in Changsha, Hunan to expand MASUNG's industrial chain.In 2021, Mr. Chen Bin bought 30 acres of land in Changsha City, Hunan Province and built a 40,000-square-meter industrial park through investment promotion. He established the headquarters of Meison Group here and officially put it into production in June 2023. Together with the 2,000-square-meter Shenzhen office building, a reasonable and complete R&D, production and sales system has been formed. With the development of the economy and the advancement of technology, the printer industry has developed rapidly. Different models of printers have been given new functions and new applications by technology, thus having broader business opportunities in the market. Let's listen to Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of MASUNG Group, as a guest in the "Dialogue Brand" column of CCTV studio to tell you the story of Masung who builds dreams with ingenuity and forges ahead! Establish a Chinese brand image! Enhance the value of Chinese brands! "DialoguewithBrands"-ForgeaheadandinnovateinscienceandtechnologyGuest:ChenBin(Click on the image below to watch it immediately)↓↓↓It can be watched on all major video platforms on the Internet, and the attached link can be directly clicked or scanned to watch.【腾讯视频】【优酷视频】【搜狐视频】【B 站】【56视频】【西瓜视频】

  • The 8th "MASUNG Cup" Basketball Competition (Shenzhen Division)

    In the early winter of Shenzhen on December 1st, with warm sunshine and warm sunshine, the 8th "MASUNG Cup" Basketball Competition (Shenzhen Division) jointly sponsored by Masung Group Shenzhen Company and Shenzhen Chika Technology Co., Ltd. was held as scheduled in the Mission Hills Ecological Sports Park! Under the guidance of Liang Xiuru from the Administration Department, the cheerleaders of Shenzhen MASUNG stood in line. The athletes entered the stadium singing the "March of the Volunteers", and the players from both sides shook hands and officially started the 8th "MASUNG Cup" basketball game (Shenzhen Division). Representatives of both teams and the referees took the stage and took oaths to speak respectively, adhering to the principle of "friendship first, competition second" to compete with level and style. I hope to use the slogan of Masung people - higher, faster, stronger! Unite and work hard, strive for progress, and carry forward the positive and progressive spirit of Masung people. On the field, the team members were all energetic, dedicated and gave their best, and the cheerleaders off the field cheered for them! During the game, the referee ruled impartially, seriously and tried his best to judge every ball, ensuring the fairness, continuity and enjoyment of the game. The players and spectators took the overall situation into consideration, understood the general situation, obeyed the referee, and played with a high standard and style, which also fully demonstrated the good spirit and comprehensive excellent qualities of the Masung people. On the field, the athletes all worked hard and worked hard all the way, showing their elegance as athletes. They also demonstrated the unique spirit of unity and unwillingness to admit defeat and never give up among the people of Masung, dedicating an extraordinarily exciting game to everyone. The whole game was also extremely fierce, with scores rising alternately. After 2 hours of intense competition, the Shenzhen MASUNG Intelligent Team won the first place in the group PK competition in the Shenzhen Division with a 1-point advantage of 100:99, and had priority to enter the Changsha finals on December 23. At the award ceremony, Ms. Li Xiaoyu from the General Manager’s Office also made a summary and said that Masung’s culture cannot be described in words and can only be experienced by personal participation. The cultural inheritance of MASUNG basketball games cannot be separated from the strong support of all Masung people and business friends. The ability to be held as scheduled every year is due to Masung’s unique culture and spirit. Just as MASUNG has been doing research and development and product production over the years , Just like doing production, you must persevere and persevere, and even more diligently! During the team dinner after the game, someone teased Ni: A few days ago, the video of our MASUNG director Chen visiting the CCTV studio went viral. It feels like MASUNG became even more popular overnight. In fact, it is not that Masung became popular overnight, but that Masung has been doing one thing since its establishment, insisting on being ourselves, insisting on doing research and development, and insisting on making good products! This also better explains that just like our MASUNG basketball games, every session can be held as scheduled, and it will be passed down from session to session, with a long history! In the future, Masung will continue to adhere to its original aspirations, be proactive, and deeply explore the fields of self-service printing, industrial labeling, government office, and new retail while exploring more emerging industries! Masung’s cultural support comes from you and me. We will see you at the finals in Changsha on December 23!The 6th "MASUNG Pine Cup"basketball match ended perfectly!The 7th "MASUNG Pine Cup"basketball match ended perfectly

  • Hunan Meiyin Electronics Participates in 2023 Changsha Global Smart City Conference

    I. Changsha Global Smart City Conference On November 2, the "2023 Global Smart City Congress - Changsha", which was guided by the Changsha Municipal People's Government and co-sponsored by the Global Smart City Congress and Changsha Data Resource Management Bureau, was successfully concluded. Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the world's largest exhibition focusing on the smart development and transformation of cities and society. With the theme of "Building and Sharing a Universal City", the Congress brings together experts and scholars in the fields of urban planning, digital governance, financial technology, heads of government and public administration, enterprises and R&D centers, and other relevant representatives to focus on the "people-centered and universal city construction", combining "people-centered and universal city construction" with "people-centered and universal city construction". Focusing on "people-centered, inclusive and shared city construction" and combining the "online + offline" format, the conference will discuss smart technology and innovative solutions, and offer advice and suggestions for future urban development.2、Hunan Meiyin participated in the "Intelligent Life Real-time Brain Challenge" Hunan Meiyin was honored to be invited by Shenzhen Retail Association to participate in the "Smart Life Real-time Brain Challenge"! The team members of MEPA participated in this challenge actively and enthusiastically! Intelligent life real-time challenge, in 2023.10.31 10:00 a.m. on time in the central square opened, the guests, hosts, professors, one by one on stage. Among these guests were well-known Chinese industry leaders, like Huawei and China Mobile, who came to the scene. The scene was full of science and technology, taking turns to stage the global CITY SHOW, fully demonstrating the construction of digital infrastructure and the application of digital intelligent scenes, a live interpretation of the diverse possibilities of the future city, a vivid interpretation of how modern technology empowers the construction of the city.3、Before the Competition At the beginning of the competition, Dr. Yan Qiming of the Retail Association gave us a wonderful speech, explaining in detail the rules and precautions of the competition, including the key words in the title: SMEs, AI, and access to business opportunities. Our team needed to help companies gain business opportunities using artificial intelligence based on pain points in their lives within a day. In the morning, we carried out the first task - empathy writing - to sort out the target customers and unmet needs for the specific situation of SMEs, and analyze the long-term development space and business value. What are the challenges and pain points facing our business? What are our business opportunities? What are his target customers? Are there any unmet needs now? Does he have long-term development space and business value?4、 the competition officially started After Dr. Yan Qiming's detailed introduction, the participating teams started to think and discuss in a tight schedule. Our team's topic is to help manufacturing enterprises solve the pain points of finance and sales, with the development of electronic invoicing, most of the companies don't open paper invoices, however, our domestic financial accounts will still ask for invoices to be printed, and this time, we will encounter a variety of problems in printing invoices. This time we will encounter a variety of printing invoice problems. For example, we live in the hotel on business invoices, we encountered the front desk is an older aunt, will not develop invoices, said later to you, we are in a hurry because of the trip, we have no choice but to add microblogging, waiting for aunts to slowly send to the company, which not only wastes time and also requires more expenses, the two sides do not have a good sense of experience. There is also a gas station invoicing is also very slow, gas station refueling traffic, vehicles need to flow quickly, sometimes invoicing a lot of people need time to slowly queue up invoices, and at the same time outside the car horns screaming all the time, to give people a sense of experience is not very good. In addition to go to the supermarket shopping, hospital reimbursement invoicing, financial companies need to print electronic invoices, these are the existence of printing invoices in our lives the inconvenience and pain points.5、 Competition in progress The afternoon is referred to as the "closed-door meeting", we need to discuss solutions to the pain points listed in the morning, and our mentor will also give us some cases for reference. Based on the pain points in the morning, we need to show the solution through the canvas, including the specific business value, costing, and feasibility of the program! Finally, a member of our team was assigned to explain and present the solution on the canvas. The presentation was unique - a closed-door session where each team performed live and the mentor asked questions and we answered them. For example, the mentor asked: Why should I buy your product as a hotel? At this time, our team members from the customer experience and labor saving point of view, detailed to the judges to do the elaboration.6、Hunan Meiyin won the "Best Problem Solving Team Award" In the final evaluation, we are honored that our Hunan Printronix team won the Best Problem Solving Team Award for successfully completing our program under the full accompaniment and on-site guidance of an international master teacher! In the process, we not only understood the application prospect of AI, but also more deeply recognized the needs and opportunities of SMEs. This competition made us realize the importance of AI to SMEs, and we hope that we can all apply AI to our own work and create more value for enterprises!7、 Conclusion Finally, thanks again to the organizer of this event and the mentor team! Thanks to Shenzhen Retail Association who invited our company to participate in this brain activity! Thanks also to all our colleagues who participated in the activity! Finally, I wish this activity a complete success!

  • MASUNG at GITEX GLOBAL 2023 in Dubai!

    Exhibition time: October 16, 2023 - October 20, 2023 Exhibition Period: Once a year Exhibition Organizer: The Dubai World Trade Centre Venue: Dubai World Trade Center, United Arab EmiratesExhibition industry: Consumer Electronics and Communications ShowMASUNG booth: MASUNG is at stand H15-F56 of Hall 15 at the Dubai World Trade Center On October 16th, 2023, MASUNG will participate in the GITEX GLOBAL Consumer Electronics and Communications Show 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Center, where it will showcase its smart technology achievements with more than 6,000 companies from more than 170 countries, bringing together the power of cutting-edge innovations to bring effective solutions to customers in the Middle East and around the world. Started in 1980, GITEX is the largest and most successful computer, communication and electronics exhibition in the Middle East, and is one of the world's top three IT exhibitions. In this exhibition, MASUNG brings intelligent financial solutions and intelligent retail solutions, focusing on displaying a variety of scanning and printing equipment, core modules of financial equipment and the whole equipment, to create a full-scene one-stop intelligent service system.Intelligent New Retail Solution MASUNG intelligent new retail solution combines panel embedded printers, whole machine and self-service cashier, self-service pos all-in-one machine equipment, realizes the consumers' independent checkout and purchase, constantly improves the efficiency of the operation of the superstore, convenience store and so on, and at the same time, effectively reduces the labor cost, so that the shopping has become more convenient and fast, and at the same time, the consumers enjoy a better shopping experience. In terms of new retail self-service equipment solutions, MASUNG has 58/80mm embedded printers, panel-type ticket printers, desktop pos printers and other products to meet the POS terminals, vending machines, medical equipment and queuing machines and other fields, to improve the efficiency of the service of the superstore and other new retail areas. MASUNG not only provides small ticket printing service, but also supports customized development of printing and scanning module as a one-stop solution. The development and customization of small ticket printing/scanning module can handle more than 90% of non-cash payment for self-service business, which realizes the diversification and simplicity of the payment methods and helps the development of the new retail field.Solutions for QR code scanning As today's barcode technology is becoming more and more mature, its application in the field of super retail is also more and more extensive, especially during the period combined with the two-dimensional code scanning equipment for the scanning of tickets, payment and settlement to provide intelligent scanning solutions, to provide users with safe and secure, convenient and efficient real-time services. For the manual settlement of the channel to commodity scanning and cashier, MASUNG has developed a handheld scanning gun MS-6200, intelligent scanning payment box MS-7200, desktop scanning platform MS-QP1612, MS-DCS20 to deal with manual settlement scenarios. For self-service equipment scanning, MASUNG has launched its embedded QR code scanning equipment MS-7160, MS-7710, MS-7740 and other scanning modules to provide high-speed and fast solutions for self-service equipment scanning and code recognition. With the original intention of "Perfect Service, Easy Printing", MASUNG devotes itself to diversified, intelligent and customized one-stop solutions for ticket printers, creates the first platform for intelligent terminals, and expands the four main industries of intelligent self-service terminals, intelligent new retail, intelligent new government affairs, and industrial automation. MASUNG actively focuses on product innovation and scenario application, continuously taps into market demand, and provides integrated intelligent service solutions from key components, core modules to complete machines, system integration and operation services, empowering global customers to develop intelligently.receipt Bluetooth thermal printer MS-BL58mini Portable Wireless Thermal Receipt Printer MSP-100

  • 2023 Masung Group Changsha's "Team Excellence" Special Training Camp Activity

    Love is a state and attitude of positive bloom, and it is also a long-lasting power. In today's era, team cohesion and love are expected to bring more direction guidance to companies and employees, as well as the spiritual strength to move forward with determination. So, as a leading printer company, how does MASUNG Group inspire the power of love? In order to enrich the cultural life of employees, relieve daily work pressure and strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, cultivate everyone's mutual assistance, friendship, unity and communication skills, and create a good and harmonious collective team atmosphere, the Changsha companies of MASUNG Group gathered on October 6, 2023 In the MASUNG Group Intelligent Industrial Park located at No. 66, Section 1, Tengfei Road, Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Changsha City, an event with the theme of "Unite and forge ahead, make every MASUNG Group become the happiest person!" was launched. In 2023, more than 200 people from various functional departments of MASUNG Information, MASUNG Precision, MASYBF Deheng, and Meiyin Electronics participated in the "Excellent Team" special training camp event of MASUNG Group Changsha Company. Special training activities are carried out in stages and in an orderly manner:One. established As soon as the whistle blew, all Changsha MASUNG people gathered on the lawn of the park on time at 7:50. In the opening speech of Mr. Huang Youchuan, the general manager of MASUNG Information, the curtain of this special training camp activity was opened. Smiling faces appeared in the early autumn. It looks particularly beautiful and handsome under the sunlight. Life requires a sense of ritual, and work requires a sense of belonging. Under the organization and arrangements of 4 professional coaches, 16 teams were quickly formed. Gathering everyone's wisdom and condensing the sense of innovation, under the leadership of each team leader, they formulated a team name, designed a team logo, determined a slogan, rehearsed the formation, and introduced themselves. The employees quickly opened their hearts and got to know their teammates, and the team flag A floating, endless style, everyone is full of energy! Look! Our Qilin team, as soon as the slogan sounds, is ordered to do something in danger, who else can we do? !Two. Break-in How to learn the correct teaching methods, learn good working methods, improve employees' learning ability, grasp the key points of things, and achieve goals faster while replicating quickly? The team T-shaped project game fully embodies the elements of its method, requiring all members of our team to use the four tiles in their hands to form a T-shaped character within the specified time. This requires teamwork and everyone must be proficient and pass the test in order to achieve the goal by arranging the T shape within ten seconds. During the activity, everyone was full of energy and fully engaged. Although it was a game, it tested everyone's teamwork spirit and flexibility at work. It also reflected the hard work and unwillingness to admit defeat of MASUNG people.)Three. Stablize The breeze is gentle and the sun is shining brightly. With the high spirits of all MASUNG people, the "Guinness Records" project further enlivened the team atmosphere and promoted teamwork and effective communication. Each team is not to be outdone, and all members are constantly practicing to meet challenges, communicating, summarizing, improving and challenging again. Only with the concerted efforts of the team can we face and solve problems calmly, dare to innovate and challenge unknown areas, forge ahead and break fixed thinking, and resolutely execute to achieve greater results. Just like our Tigers slogan, unite and forge ahead to create the future!Four. effectiveness Why can everyone be so united during training? Because everyone has the same goal. Only by uniting and giving full play to everyone's wisdom can the team's maximum vitality and competitiveness be tapped, and only then can it stand out in the competition. The tailor-made "Tower of Hanoi Relay Project" and "Common Advance and Retreat" projects in this special training event strengthened team awareness and enhanced friendship among members. Everyone should use their intelligence, integrate into the team, do the right thing, communicate effectively and make group decisions to find the best solution, boldly try to establish a process mechanism, reasonably divide labor and cooperate, allocate resources optimally, and actively face and solve problems. The key to the game is to do things according to the process, and everyone must do their job well, so that team performance can be maximized. Throughout the training process, we have been cheering for ourselves and our companions for their smooth passing and cheering for success.Five. Mature The "Energy Power Circle" project pushed the activity to a climax. Everyone was full of passion and high morale. More than 200 people from 16 teams gathered tightly in a circle, holding on to the ropes connected end to end and tightening them to maintain a circle. According to the coach's instructions They were required to shake the circle several times uniformly, challenging everyone's limits. From the initial failure of 100 to the outstanding performance of successfully challenging 666, we saw the shock and strength of the team. We all know that ants can carry more than thirty times their own weight, and each of our members is full of unlimited power and potential like an ant. When each of our employees charges forward, there is a powerful person behind him. The team shares the weight for him. The process of team building not only improves our team's cohesion, centripetal force, sense of responsibility, and 100% execution, but also increases the sense of trust and mutual understanding and tolerance among all our employees, and the spirit of mutual cooperation between teams has also been improved. sublimation. Overcome the weaknesses of human nature, never give up until success, and work hard to achieve the team's common goals! This process moved not only every member of our team, but also the chairman of the board, Mr. Chen Bin, who also came to the scene to cheer and applaud all our teams! This special training event came to an end with everyone's enthusiasm and laughter. In a warm and pleasant atmosphere, everyone conveyed the power of teamwork and love through harmonious communication and gained a lot. As our employee Comrade Li Xiaowan shared, this activity not only developed the potential of our team, shaped our personal positive beliefs, and forged our iron will. We met a better version of ourselves during the activity. We will live up to ourselves and treat everyone with dignity. Change "I can't" to "I can". It's better to try than never dare to start! Looking at the Meisong people filling the screen in the photos, the editor in Shenzhen was also deeply moved and impressed. As of the time of publication, we had received more than 130 special training insights from our Changsha employees, making the distance closer. , making the way of unity more diverse and making work more interesting! Doing what you want to do is living a passionate life. Love is the most important reason, and it also vividly conveys the loving attitude and new power of NEW MASUNG !

  • Sales Strategy

    In order to further consolidate the stable operation of the entire value chain under the MASUNG (MASUNG is a printer brand name established 17 years ago)industry responsibility system, strengthen the strategic traction of self-owned brand promotion, and conduct joint operations, unified management and services, and capacity building for all categories. Masung(MASUNG is a group company with many types of subsidiaries) Group's self-service printing Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Masung Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Masung Group) held a sales reform meeting at Shenzhen Longhua Science and Technology Innovation Center on August 1. The theme of this conference was "Sales Transformation" and was presided over by Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board. At the beginning of the meeting, we reviewed and summarized the appeals and contradictions of the sales department, analyzed the current market situation, and analyzed and judged the post-operation work and made decisions based on the overall thinking and goals of sales reform. With the change of time, space and environment, the management and reform of the sales department is particularly important. During the meeting, Mr. Chen asked everyone to think differently: If you were the boss, how would you deal with it? How to be in one's place and seek one's job? Mr. Chen also asked each of us to have our own role and position recognition and positioning. If we fail to do so, conflicts will arise and even affect the operation of the entire company. At the same time, we also require members of our sales department to be responsible for the sales position and positioning you have chosen since you have chosen the sales profession! Including but not limited to sales positions, R&D positions, and production positions. Finally, Mr. Chen analyzed the future based on market demand. What should we do in an uncertain future? It must be driven by change and innovation, deeply cultivate the industry, start from the essential needs of users, focus on the value of Masung products, analyze the research and development direction and product types of customer customization, find a way out in the fierce market competition, carry out extensive industry cooperation, and focus on The coordinated development of the company's software and Promote the transformation and upgrading of Masung to expand new products and take off with high quality. 1. Around the general direction and goals, change will definitely bring pains, and the benefits will vary depending on people's efforts, which really solves the problem of lying down. 2. If you don't study and can't keep up with the pace, you can only be eliminated. Mr.Chen also expressed his determination to change and clarified the direction. We only have to gain insight into the needs, gather momentum and deepen cultivation, set goals, concentrate our efforts, set sail to open a new game, a Gather up and start again.

  • EUROSHOP 2023 International Retail Technology Exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany

    Date: 2023-02-26 to 2023-03-02Venue: Düsseldorf, GermanyPeriodicity:Once every three yearsName:Dusseldorf Exhibition Center, Dusseldorf, GermanyIndustry:Retail【Exhibition Status】In 2023, the International Retail Technology Exhibition (EUROSHOP) in Düsseldorf, Germany, once again attracted the attention of the global retail industry. As one of the world's leading retail technology exhibitions, EUROSHOP provides a platform for exhibitors and visitors to exchange and showcase the latest technological innovations. This year's show once again attracted a large number of domestic and international exhibitors, and the participation was very strong.Retail 2023 Düsseldorf and its more than 1,800 exhibitors from 55 countries/regions not only focus on global developments, but also present the entire range of current trends and future-oriented solutions in more than 100,000 square meters of net exhibition space across 16 halls. To this end, it is currently focusing on particularly important topics affecting the most diverse retail sectors.【Exhibited Products】As a leading retail technology company, MASUNG will showcase its latest products and technologies at this exhibition. These include a variety of products such as MS-EP8300, MS-BL58, MS-MD80I, MS-3200, MSP-100 and MS-7710S. These products cover all aspects of the retail industry, from embedded panel printers to portable barcode scanners, from efficient printers to reliable cash register devices, MASUNG offers a full range of solutions for retailers.【Summary】As a company committed to technological innovation, MASUNG has always been breaking new ground to bring better solutions to the retail industry. Participation in EUROSHOP 2023, the international retail technology exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, is an opportunity for Masung to showcase its latest technological innovations to the world.Masung believes that by exhibiting and communicating and cooperating with other companies, it can continuously improve and refine its products and services to bring more innovation and value to the retail industry. At the same time, Masung will also look ahead to the future, continue to pay attention to market demand and industry trends, and continuously improve its technical strength and innovation capabilities.wireless Printer MS-MD80I2d Barcode Scanner Scanning Platform MS-3200

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