• Archives management

    When Premier Li Keqiang visited Sun Yat-sen University in October 2021, he said, "Archives are very important. Archives record history and bear civilization. It needs scientific spirit to organize archives! "This has become the firm cornerstone for Masung to provide standardized, efficient and simplified solutions for file management. Scientific management of archives, using scientific management theory, solutions and methods to the work of archives management, so as to improve the high efficiency and high benefit of archives, realize the scientific management of archives, and meet the needs of society for archives. Masung Archives printer is the firm cornerstone of scientific and standardized management of files. It not only prints with carbon ribbon thermal transfer technology, but also strengthens file protection, meeting the safety protection requirements of high temperature protection, moisture protection, light protection, harmful gas protection, etc., and putting an end to the mildew, fading, fouling and various accidents of files. Masung Archives printer accesses the computer software system, logs in to OA office system, inquires the printed content, and selectively prints, which can be single or batch print, relieves the pressure of manual writing and proofreading, standardizes printing, and greatly improves office efficiency. Efficient, standardized and scientific archives management marks the performance and management level of an enterprise and institution. With the development of electronic technology and Internet technology, informationization, scientificization and standardization of archives management have become an inevitable choice. With the emergence of Internet digitalization such as office system automation and paperless, the archives management and generation methods are undergoing tremendous changes. Carbon ribbon thermal transfer uses heating technology to transfer the carbon powder on the carbon ribbon into the fiber of archival paper. Even if the blade is scratched, it will be fine, and it can be stored normally for more than 50 years. The laser printer is not only easy to damage the laser toner cartridge, but also the handwriting will disappear when it gets wet, which does not conform to the characteristics of long-term preservation of archives. Ink-jet printers can be stored in dry weather for about one year, and their handwriting will gradually fall off automatically, so they cannot be stored for a long time. Therefore, it is scientific and reasonable for file management to choose Masung Archives printer. Masung Archives Printer cares for archivists and improves their comprehensive quality. Archives management is not only rich in content, but also can't be wrong or lost. Therefore, the staff engaged in file management need to have a strong sense of responsibility, and they also need to study hard to serve file users in all aspects. Combining with the application of computer software system, multimedia and network, we should improve the level of using archives tools, establish a perfect system of archives management, storage and borrowing, persist in doing daily basic work in all aspects of collection, collation, identification and description, and improve the service quality and service level by strengthening the sense of responsibility. Constantly expand their knowledge fields, enrich their scientific and cultural knowledge, meet the needs of social development, and realize the scientific management of archives.Related recommendations:Application value of intelligent printing system of Masung archives files printer Solution of automatic Archives management

  • Masung handheld mobile IOT printer

    Actively responding to the update and iteration in the new era, Masung continues to surpass innovation in order to adapt to the market development and demand, concentrate its efforts and resources to promote the localization era, show the value of Masung brand, and strive to become a benchmark and model for the printing industry that enjoys a worldwide reputation! Hand-held mobile IOT printer newly launched by Masung Group is an intelligent printer with all things connected, which can link your thinking creation in office scenes, school supplies, life induction, outings and other scenes, and is a printer for intelligent action. Let's introduce this printer. First of all, this printer is ink cartridge printing, clear and colorfast; Mobile phone Bluetooth connection, one-click printing; Support three functions of picture printing, text printing and photo printing, and support multiple picture printing, wide format printing, mosaic printing, curved surface printing and other functions; Print the intelligent adsorption chassis, which is convenient to carry. Case Production of Mobile IoT Printer —— School Supplies The wrong set is essential for students, and the handheld mobile IoT printer is different from the previous wrong printer. First, it can be printed directly on the wrong book without pasting, which is convenient and quick; The second inkjet printing is clear and does not fade, so don't worry that it will disappear after a long time; The third wide printing, which can print A4 paper width, is very suitable for test paper graphic printing, and can complete the whole picture with one key. The fourth stitching printing, which is the stitching printing of complex diagrams of experiments and circuits, is equipped with stitching scales and is easy to operate. With this mini, portable and wireless mobile IoT printer as a companion, you can link your brain thinking and hands-on action ability, so you don't need teachers and parents to worry about learning efficiency any more! Case Production of Mobile IoT Printer —— Creative Thinking Handbook making can enhance the creativity of thinking. This printer can make your thinking visible, and you can print it anywhere and at any time as long as you dare to think. A printer that can make your thinking boil can make your handwriting show your creativity, and release the special you! Whether it's a mobile phone case, a computer, a contract folder, a cup, a wall, a wooden board, etc., you can print the picture you want to show in a wide way. Hand-held mobile IoT printer, all things are interconnected, so that your thinking boils and your smart actions can be seen! More creative thinking is waiting for you to print!Related links: Video presentation of function introduction of hand-held mobile IOT printer. Hand-held mobile internet of things printer school supplies mosaic printing video display. Hand-held mobile IOT printer to print video display.

  • Barcode scanner

    Barcode scanner is also a barcode scanner, barcode scanner, barcode reader, barcode reader and barcode scanner. Bar code scanner mainly uses optical principle to read the information contained in the bar code reading equipment, decode the data on the bar code, and transmit the read data to the computer or other equipment by wired or wireless means. With the development of society, barcode scanner is widely used in retailers, express logistics, library management, medical code scanning and other industries. At present, the barcode scanner in the market is divided into laser, red light and image, and the classification, principle, advantages and disadvantages and brand of barcode scanner. (1) Laser category: The scanning mode of the laser scanner can be divided into single-line laser scanner and multi-line laser scanner. Because laser is the principle of reflection imaging, the laser scanner can only scan the physical barcode, but not the barcode on the screen. Advantages: high sensitivity, low cost, and readable barcode with small spacing. Disadvantages: Laser can't look directly, can only read paper bar codes, needs to align angles (needs a laser line to run through the whole bar code length), can only read one-dimensional codes, and is easy to be damaged when falling. (2) Red CCD: Red scanner is also called CCD scanner. Because red CCD scanner is an imaging principle, red CCD scanner can scan bar codes on the screen. Advantages: It can be used as a bar code with reflective layer, such as payment identifiable mobile phone screen, etc., without penetrating the bar code. Disadvantages: It is difficult to scan short distance and long bar code. (3) Image category: Two-dimensional scanner is also called COMS image scanner. Because two-dimensional scanner is the imaging principle, two-dimensional scanner can scan one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes such as paper, film and screen. Advantages: It can be compatible with identifying one-dimensional codes and two-dimensional codes, and can be used as a bar code with reflective layer, such as payment identifiable mobile phone screens, etc. It can be identified without penetrating the bar code, and can be rotated and tilted at 360 degrees, and can be automatically corrected when tilted at 60 degrees. Disadvantages: The cost is slightly higher, the cost of scanning small spacing and long bar code is high, and the paper bar code needs additional finishing. Compared with these three types of barcode scanner, the image two-dimensional code scanner has strong compatibility and is more favored by users. The scanning functions of the two-dimensional code scanner are as follows: 1. Scan commodity barcodes and two-dimensional codes; 2. Save and share qr code information; 3. Decoding qr code diagram; 4.lbs navigation and positioning; 5. Search of merchant public space; 6. QR code space; 7. Share life information; 8. QR code social entertainment; 9. Paperless movie tickets. Commercial application scenarios of QR code scanner: such as inventory management, shipment verification, payment, etc. Brands: Delijie, Honeywell, New World, Minde, etc. Two-dimensional code scanner self-service terminal application scenarios: such as settlement channel, code scanning payment, gate, queuing number, report printing, express cabinet, ticketing, etc. Brands: Delijie, MASUNG, etc. are good choices. Two-dimensional code scanner industrial assembly line application scenarios: such as product traceability, rapid identification of flow status; DPM code has strong reflectivity and small bar code; Brand: Delijie, cognex, Keens and other imported brands.Related recommendations:Application of Mobile Phone QR Code Access Control in Smart Community

  • What are the uses of bill printers?

    Bill printers are mainly divided into POS bill printers, desktop bill printers and embedded bill printers. Bill printers realize printing functions through needle printing, thermal printing and thermal transfer technology. Unlike laser printers and inkjet printers used in office occasions, bill printers are widely used in all walks of life. Now, no matter which supermarket you go to, there are combined scanning and printing devices, so as to realize the self-service printing of small ticket settlement and reduce labor costs. Bill printers are used in a wide range of applications, far beyond the use of new retail in shopping malls, supermarkets, and in the medical, financial, government, and transportation industries.1. Print all kinds of roll invoices, and support multiple printing, such as administrative fee receipts and other reimbursement receipts; 2. Print mobile on-site law enforcement receipts, such as parking violation tickets, door-to-door collection, etc.; 3. The financial bank prints the business processing flow sheet, records the credit card deposit and withdrawal transaction voucher, settlement list and queue number printing, etc.4. The express logistics industry prints transaction information such as the electronic express face sheet of the user's receiver and sender address; 5. The medical industry prints the inspection sheet, payment sheet and registration sheet; 6. The new retail service industry prints consumption lists, such as supermarket receipts, convenience store receipts, hotel check-in, dining, cinema tickets and other consumption lists; 7. Print the queuing list of public service facilities in government departments; 8. All kinds of traffic tickets, such as train tickets, bus tickets, high-speed rail tickets, subway system flow sheet printing, etc.; Masung is a professional bill printer equipped with thermal printing, stylus printing, label printing, POS machine, Bluetooth function and invoice printing. Combining with two-dimensional code bar code scanning equipment, it provides customers with a complete solution of scanning and bill printing. The product has high efficiency and high accuracy, covering industrial, desktop, mobile and RFID scanning printers, and is suitable for various industries.

  • Automatic packaging bag bronzing machine

    Introduction of bronzing machine Automatic bronzing machine is a new bronzing machine designed and developed to meet the needs of bronzing and silver ironing in printing industry. The bronzing machine has the characteristics of high pressure, low noise, electrochemical aluminum automatic conveying, good equipment stability, wide door and simple operation, etc. It is suitable for printing manufacturers and individual bronzing and silver ironing customization households to process and hot stamp various exquisite hand-packaged artworks such as paper, calendar, invitation cards, leather and plastic. Due to the wide application of bronzing machine, it is also the necessary equipment for printing and packaging industries. This automatic plateless bronzing machine is specially designed for packaging bags, and is suitable for tea packaging bag printing, plastic packaging bag printing, paper bag printing, color printing packaging bags, etc. Packaging bag printing plants, printing plastic bag manufacturers and food packaging bag printing plants are welcome to consult and develop bronzing machines. Advantages of bronzing machine 1. Fully automatic bronzing; Manual printing is not needed. Based on manual bronzing machine, the automatic bronzing machine adds digital control operation to get rid of manual operation, which not only improves the production speed, but also reduces unnecessary waste caused by human factors in the production process and greatly reduces the production cost. 2. Multi-choice of bronzing colors, color printing packaging bags; The bronzing machine can not only hot stamp and silver, but also hot stamp a variety of colors to meet the color matching needs of different packaging bags and improve the grade. 3. No need for plate making, customized packaging bags, no waste; No hot stamping, can be made at any time, hot stamping at any time, one can also be hot-stamped, personalized, no waste. 4. USB link, easy to operate. Support all kinds of text editing software and graphic design software, easily hot stamping your own design patterns and text, one-click hot stamping, saving time and effort.

  • The 6th "MASUNG Pine Cup" basketball match ended perfectly!

    A variety of beliefs, flying in the blue sky, accompanied by firm eyes, draw a more beautiful arc. Farewell to the hot summer, ushered in the crisp autumn in September. In such a vibrant season, with the aim of "living happily and working happily" and improving the spirit of solidarity and cohesion among colleagues, Masung Group held the long-awaited opening battle of the 6th "Masung Cup" basketball friendly match on September 18th, 2021. The participating teams are composed of Masung Group and its subsidiaries: Masung Technology & Masung Toda Team, Masung Intelligent Team, Masung Information & Masung Electronics Team, Maxound & Lipai & Zhibaichuan Team. At 3: 00 sharp, all the Masung people gathered at Shenzhen Gongming Basketball Hall and kicked off in the impassioned opening speech of Mr. Liao Wei, General Manager of Masung Intelligent. At the opening ceremony, the referee and team representatives took the stage and swore: in line with the principle of friendship first and competition second, respect the referee, respect the opponent, the level and style of competition! With the whistle of the referee, the competition officially started. For the first time, Myitsone Intelligence Team played against Myitsone Information & American-Indian Electronics Team. The players of Masung Intelligent Team feel hot and struggle hard, carrying, dribbling, shooting, or attacking or defending, especially Xiao Guiyun's three-point shot won the screams of off-court beauties. Masung Information & American-Indian Electronic Team is unwilling to show its disappointment, constantly changing tactics and cooperating with each other. The climax of the competition scene is endless and wonderful, winning bursts of applause from the audience from time to time. After more than three hours of fierce competition, Masung Technology & Masung Toda team, with the tacit cooperation and 12-point passion, "desperately" fighting capacity, used its unique tactics to overtake the score. Finally, Masung Technology & Masung Toda team slightly beat Masung Intelligent Team, the first in the group stage, by 30: 27, and won the championship of this competition! In the course of this basketball match, the players devoted themselves to their best efforts, which not only challenged the will and speed, but also tested the cooperation and cohesion of the team, and fully demonstrated the good spirit, style, level and friendship of the basketball teams of various companies. Just as Ms. Li Xiaoyu, the person in charge of human affairs on the podium of the championship, said: Thanks to the wonderful performance of each player, it is their hard work that makes the whole game climax constantly, with ups and downs, which brings us a unique and wonderful event and shows the youthful style of Masung people! The complete success of this basketball match can not be separated from the strong support and hard work of all the American pine people. Basketball, as a positive sport, has delivered a healthy and sunny life style for the American Pine people. We will definitely love life and work more, and truly practice "happy life and happy work"!

  • Training Conference on Introducing New Products into Overseas Markets

    In order to steadily push forward and broaden the work of Masung's industrial chain products and enhance the core competitiveness of the product line, on the morning of September 18th, the marketing department of Masung Group held a special training meeting on product introduction in Longhua, Shenzhen for the export market of new products. Li Xiaoyu, head of the marketing department, first welcomed participants from all parts of the Group to Shenzhen to overcome difficulties during the epidemic, and hoped that during their stay in Shenzhen, they could share more experiences, exchange more experiences and sum up more achievements, so as to add momentum and vitality to the development and growth of the Group's product line in the next step. The development of product line should put the quality work in the same important position as the market development. Keeping the red line of quality and improving the quality level is the foundation of Masung Group. Good professional technical training and unified technical specifications are necessary conditions for providing high-quality services to customers. In the product introduction, Xiong Yanyan, Marketing Operations Specialist, Liu Fang, Software Engineer, and Yang Gang, R&D Engineer, respectively demonstrated and explained the products in detail. At the same time, combined with the actual case, we actively interacted and shared with the participants. Amy, the person in charge of foreign trade from Changsha Company, talked about the use and questions of hand-held mobile printing products, smart store supermarkets and desktop POS printers. With her rich experience, solid professional knowledge and deep understanding of the company's products, the technicians made everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the performance characteristics, use methods and precautions of each product, and asked and solved the common doubts in practical work. Half-day training is highly targeted and effective. Everyone joined in the discussion and took notes carefully. The special training meeting for the introduction of new products not only improved the professional quality and sense of responsibility of Masung team, but also strengthened the determination of Masung product line to practice hard and steadily promote the construction of product sales talent team. Focusing on the needs of the times of continuous upgrading and iteration, Masung continues to surpass innovation, lay out its service system in an all-round way, take customers and markets as the guide, concentrate on expanding Masung's brand value, and constantly move towards the goal of becoming a benchmark and model for the printing industry that enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad! Focusing on the needs of the times of continuous upgrading and iteration, Masung continues to surpass innovation, lay out its service system in an all-round way, take customers and markets as the guide, concentrate on expanding Masung's brand value, and constantly move towards the goal of becoming a benchmark and model for the printing industry that enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad!

  • industrial thermal transfer barcode label printer

    Introduction and application of thermal transfer printer A thermal transfer printer uses thermal transfer technology to transfer the carbon powder of a specially made ribbon to the printing material at high temperature. Also called carbon tape printer. Masung thermal transfer printer is mainly used in two categories: logo printer, file roll, file cover and file box cover printing. Logo printing mainly includes safety logo printing, prohibition logo printing, fire protection logo printing, warning logo printing, mandatory logo printing and prompt logo printing, etc. Volume printing is generally used for printing the cover of file cover and file box of Public Security Inspection Law, Archives Bureau and Justice Bureau. Advantages of thermal transfer printer1. High-temperature thermal transfer technology, outdoor waterproof, high-temperature, UV protection, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, strong adhesion and indoor colorfastness;2. Patent bonding technology of nano polymer glue, the longer the bonding time, the better the viscosity, and the surface is smooth and does not fall off; 3. Easy to carry, easy to stick, simple to make, ready to use, with various colors, and no need for tie punching and fixing;4. The printing cost is low, it can be batch print, and one can also be printed, with no waste and high efficiency; 5. Drive-free, installation-free, one-button editing software printing, fast printing, 300dpi high-precision printing; 6. Automatic cutting device, that is, hitting and cutting, with precise cutting positioning, without manual cutting; 7. Patented design of pressure lifting head, which makes the installation and replacement of carbon ribbon of carbon ribbon printer simple and quick.8. Color touch screen, multi-function display, complete printing operation at one point;9. It can print 0.45mm aluminum alloy material, which is durable, easy to punch holes, and the tie is fixed; 10. Connect the data in the company database and print the data quickly; 11. Adopt system integration solutions to comprehensively improve the file management system and improve efficiency. Shortcomings of thermal transfer printer Due to the sticking method, it is difficult to stick polymer labels on old and severely desertified equipment. Thermal transfer printer consumables 1. Printing medium: carbon ribbon/ribbon, which is divided into wax-based carbon ribbon, mixed carbon ribbon and resin carbon ribbon. Different types of carbon ribbons are corresponding to different printing materials, with customizable colors and low price.2. Heat transfer paper: polymer tape label, aluminum alloy material. Difference between thermal transfer printer and thermal printer 1. Different consumables. Consumables for thermal printer: thermal paper. When thermal printer is exposed to heat, it will produce chemical reaction and discoloration on the thermal paper with thermal coating, which is similar to photosensitive film. Consumables of thermal transfer machine: adhesive label paper, PVC tape, label tape and aluminum alloy label tape, carbon tape/ribbon. 2. Different shelf life. Media printed by hot machine will not last long, usually several months! The storage time depends on the storage location, luminosity, temperature and other environment. The medium printed by the thermal transfer machine has a long storage time, exceeding two years, and the polymer material is durable and does not fade. 3. Different costs. The thermal printer has low cost, low cost of consumables and no need of carbon tape. The cost of thermal transfer printers and consumables is higher than that of thermal printers. 4. Different application scope. Thermal printer is suitable for supermarkets, clothing stores, logistics, retail and other enterprises with low bar code requirements. Heat transfer machine is suitable for manufacturing, automobile industry, textile industry, telecommunication industry, food industry, electronic industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical industry, public utilities, retail distribution industry, transportation logistics, government agencies and other enterprises. Brand and price of thermal transfer printer MASUNG is a thermal thermal transfer printer equipment developer and manufacturer. after fifteen years of research and development, he has made great efforts to build a brand of thermal transfer printer equipment. the sales and prices of Masung thermal transfer printers are available online on the e-commerce platform, and offline, he can go to Masung official website to consult the thermal transfer printer manufacturers for quotations.Related recommendations:Identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printer Continue to lead industrial innovation and upgrading with new development concepts

  • Introduction of thermal transfer printing technology

    As a technology of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection, the following is a comprehensive introduction about the printing technology of thermal transfer marks. Technical name: thermal transfer mark printing technology Scope of application logo printing applications in industries such as machinery, electric power, transportation and petrochemical industry Current situation of energy consumption and carbon emission related to thermal transfer technology With the popularization and application of thermal transfer technology in the identification industry, the power consumption and metal material consumption in the identify production process will be greatly reduced. Compared with the traditional production technology, it doesn't need to consume water, coal, a lot of electric energy and other resources, and it can also avoid the use of acid-base solution. The production process of the signboard is more energy-saving and environment-friendly. At present, the thermal transfer technology can save 10,000 tce/a of energy and reduce 30,000 t/a of carbon dioxide (CO2). Technical content 1. technical principle. Mark thermal transfer printing technology completes the process of mark printing through the physical change of the heating of the print head at high temperature, the carbon powder on the carbon ribbon melts locally when heated, and at the same time, pressure is applied to attach the ink molecules melted by the carbon powder to the image formed on the printing material. 2. Key technologies. (1) Wide-format printing technology: It can produce signage with a maximum width of 550mm, meeting the requirements of industry customers for the maximum size of signage; (2) Multi-color printing technology: through the synchronous design of printing and data processing, the multi-color simultaneous printing is realized by adopting the printing mode of double print heads and double carbon belts; (3) Carbon tape saving technology: the printing head can be automatically lifted after judging the area without printing content in the label, so as to avoid carbon tape waste in the area without printing; (4) Print head pressure adjustable technology: By setting multiple print head pressure gears, the printer can support printing of consumables with different formats. 3. Printing process. Please watch the printing demonstration video of thermal transfer printer:thermal transfer identification printer. the key technical indexes 1 outdoor ultraviolet resistance and corrosion resistance for more than 8 years; 2. Abrasion resistance: ≧300 times; 3. Effective printing width: 550mm. Technical application The thermal transfer technology has passed the 3C certification of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, passed the inspection of the State Paper Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and was listed in the Recommended Catalogue of Beijing Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction by the Beijing Development and Reform Commission. At present, thermal transfer technology is widely used in power, energy, chemical industry, transportation and other fields. Popularization prospect and energy saving potential According to the investigation, it is estimated that in the next five years, the promotion of thermal transfer mark printing technology in the industry will reach 35%, and the annual energy saving and carbon emission reduction will be about 100,000 tce/a and 260,000 tCO2/a respectively. Recommended products:thermal transfer mark printer MS-TTR362AC. large format thermal transfer printer MS-TTR550AC.

  • Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of identify production

    With its characteristics of low cost, low power consumption and zero pollution, thermal transfer marks are increasingly recognized by the marking industry. Let's compare the differences between the three ways of making logos: inkjet film, aluminum brand and stainless steel inkjet film, and thermal transfer. First, inkjet film. Principle: Ink-jet on adhesive tape is the same as the principle of copying in ordinary printers. advantage 1. Simple inkjet film is very cheap, especially the film of 1-2 years quality is mostly used by local advertising companies, so the cost is lower; 2. The surface is beautiful, and it can be made into various colors. Like the principle of color printer, it can directly make more than two color effects at one time; 3. Non-adhesive pasting is adopted, and the installation is very convenient. disadvantage1. Short outdoor life, fast fading, inkjet principle, even if the surface is coated with film, it is not waterproof and ultraviolet ray, red font (including dark red) is 6 months and 1 year, and black font is about 2 years; 2. The glue is poor, the paste is not firm, it falls off, becomes warped, and the deformation is serious. Second, aluminum brand, stainless steel inkjet film. Principle: Attach a layer of spray film on stainless steel or aluminum plate. advantage 1. The need for tie is fixed, so it is generally not enough to drop;2. The surface is an inkjet film, and the advantages of the inkjet film can be used to print multiple colors;3. Relatively speaking, the cost is much cheaper than that of aluminum enamel baking varnish.4. When temporary use is needed, it is convenient and quick, and the chestnut is short-term and beautiful (6 months to 12 months). disadvantage1. The inkjet printing process determines that it does not have UV resistance; 2. The inkjet film of any material will fade in less than 1 year outdoors, and the red font will not exceed 6 months, but there is no abnormality in the short term; 3. It needs to be fixed by tie, which is extremely inconvenient to install and use, and it takes time and effort to use in batches; 4. The material is hard and the edges are sharp, which will bring accidental injuries to the staff who climb the pole. Third, thermal transfer. Principle: Transfer the carbon powder of specially made ribbon to polystyrene tape at high temperature. advantage 1, high temperature thermal transfer technology, outdoor waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-ultraviolet, outdoor 8 years or so does not fade; 2. Adopt polymer glue, the longer the sticking time, the better the viscosity, and the flat surface will never fall off; 3. Low cost; 4, easy to paste, simple to make, ready-to-use, can choose the color, beautiful and generous outdoors; 5. You can print by yourself when purchasing consumables, which greatly simplifies the purchase process. This printer is very convenient to use, with automatic numbering and automatic die cutting, with an average time of 6 seconds per sheet. disadvantage1. The way of sticking is decided. This way needs to pay attention to the old poles with serious desertification. Masung is a thermal transfer printer manufacturer, and the thermal transfer printer developed at present has been successfully applied in the outdoor logo printing industry, such as State Grid, Sinopec and other fields. The newly developed thermal transfer two-color printer, combined with dual print heads and dual carbon ribbon mode full-color output, helps the logo printing industry to provide lower cost, higher efficiency and more perfect service.Related recommendations:Comparison between traditional signage and thermal transfer signage Application of outdoor thermal transfer sign in power transmission line Continue to lead industrial innovation and upgrading with new development concepts

  • Thermal transfer enables the logo sign production industry to achieve subversive innovation

    This week is the energy-saving publicity week all over the country, and August 25th is the National Low Carbon Day. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment advocate "energy saving and carbon reduction, green development", "low-carbon life, green building for the future" to the whole society. As a new printing process, thermal transfer has obvious technical advantages. Thermal transfer identify production technology is a kind of "zero pollution and zero emission" green environmental protection technology. In 2014, thermal transfer was rated as a major energy saving and environmental protection recommended technology by the National Development and Reform Commission. The plan for energy saving and emission reduction of environmental protection label includes thermal transfer label, nano polymer composite material and thermal transfer consumable carbon tape. The whole manufacturing process of thermal transfer marks not only realizes low carbon and environmental protection in the true sense, but also realizes no pollution and zero emission. Compared with the traditional identify production process and production process, the thermal transfer logo can reduce the waste of most energy resources, which meets the essential needs of building a green and environment-friendly power grid. Heat transfer technology solves the problems of high cost, long production time, non-reusability, short service life, and inconsistent materials in traditional logo production. Heat transfer brings intelligent, efficient and economical innovative management mode for logo application scenarios. The thermal transfer technology has created a new identify production process which is simple, fast, energy-saving and environment-friendly, and is a subversive innovation in identify production industry. As a manufacturer of domestic printers, Masung adheres to the idea of providing convenient and fast printing experience and fashionable and cost-effective consumption for end users, and creates energy-saving and emission-reducing thermal transfer products for more individual users and operators, creating value.

  • Masung is committed to the innovation and application of outdoor thermal transfer technology in the marking industry

    With strong technical force and professional R&D team and technical service team, Masung has continuously innovated and made breakthroughs in outdoor thermal transfer technology in the identification industry. It has developed a series of thermal transfer identification printers, which are widely used in power grid, power transmission and transformation, rail transit, petrochemical industry and many other industries. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating digital color printing machines, composite materials and systems. Thermal transfer is not only rated as a major recommended technology for energy saving and emission reduction by the state, but also listed in the recommended catalogue for energy saving and emission reduction. Masung MS-TTR550AC wide outdoor thermal transfer mark printer can print 550mm wide thermal transfer mark printer, which is the only technology with independent intellectual property rights in China and ranks among the advanced ranks of similar products in the world. it is widely used in industries such as power, transportation, airport, petroleum, chemical enterprises, etc., and fully meets the printing and production of marks such as new investment, breach, cutting and modification. Carbon tape is a consumable of thermal transfer printer. One side of carbon tape is coated with polyester or other films with relative density of wax-based, resin-based or mixed ink, while the other side is coated with lubricating liquid to protect the print head from being worn or damaged. The shaft core of carbon tape is generally made of paper or plastic, and its function is that it cannot deform and slide during printing. Common carbon belts include wax base, wax-tree mixed base and resin base. Different carbon tapes and printers are selected according to different printing materials, but the performance of thermal transfer printers is very important. Masung's thermal transfer printing scheme includes customized service and development of thermal transfer printer and printing consumable carbon tape, and provides a quick manufacturing scheme for the printing of identification signs in institutions such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, petrochemical industry and UHV transmission, which improves efficiency and reduces cost. Heat transfer technology has appeared many times in the specifications and standards of State Grid, National Energy Administration, National Institute of Standards, Ministry of Communications and other institutions, such as Technical Specifications for Outdoor Heat Transfer Labeling, Technical Specifications for Power Engineering Heat Transfer Labeling, Standards for Energy Industry Heat Transfer Labeling, Evaluation Standards for Green Labeling, Technical Specifications for Road Traffic Labeling, etc.

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