• Why can't printing receipts be replaced?

    Now, where to shop and spend money, receipts are part of the transaction. Whether you choose digital receipts or print receipts, receipts and receipts have spread all over every aspect of your life. With the advent of the digital age, digital receipts make checkout faster and more convenient, but our dependence on digital receipts may lead to some mistakes or other after-sales problems, and printed real receipts can make customers see consumer transactions, making it convenient for customers to check and correct mistakes in stores. Let's talk about the advantages of printing receipts.1. Printing receipts helps to limit and correct errors I don't know if you have ever encountered the problem of settlement error in daily consumption settlement, which can't be avoided by human beings or machines. In fact, due to frequent errors in checkout, consumers all over the world pay as much as $2.5 billion a year for this. However, you can find these errors before they cause any lasting damage by checking the printed receipts. Please make sure to check the goods, prices and quantity carefully before leaving the store, so that if you find any mistakes, you can inform the staff to help you solve them.2. Printing receipts helps to get VAT relief If you want to reimburse business expenses, or if your enterprise has the right to apply for VAT refund for certain purchases, it is very important to obtain printed receipts. Every accountant will tell you that in order to do this, you need a printed receipt, which can be filed according to business expenses. Without a printed receipt, you can neither reimburse expenses nor ask for a refund of VAT.3. Printing the receipt helps to ensure the safety of the warranty If you are buying a washing machine, a television or a computer, it is important to check whether your goods have a warranty. If something goes wrong with your goods, the warranty can give you certain protection within a certain period of time. However, if you do not have a purchase receipt to prove when you purchased your goods, your warranty may be troublesome. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to check and keep your receipt when shopping. Therefore, NASUNG newly produced a front-end POS printer MS-BL58 to print your receipts professionally. Just put the printer in a place that customers can easily reach, print the receipts from the POS system of the merchants, and then customers can take the receipts themselves. This not only reduces the burden on employees and customers, but also realizes a healthy environment without physical contact with customers. In short, although you can choose digital receipts, printing receipts is the best choice for correcting mistakes, requiring an appropriate reduction in VAT and keeping warranty. Moreover, digital receipts are easily ignored in your inbox, accidentally deleted, and easily edited, which makes some stores more suspicious when accepting returns from digital receipts. With printed receipts, you can avoid all these troubles and make sure that any mistakes are corrected in the store.

  • How to maintain the printer of catering kitchen

    1. The printer has a lot of oil or water vapor in the kitchen. Remember to clean it up for a long time,2. Regularly use cleaning tools to clean the dust and paper scraps in the machine,3. Regularly check the Internet cable from the bar to the kitchen, Ping it to see if there is any "packet loss" phenomenon,4. Employees must remember to turn off the printer after work,5. The USB cable of the bar printer should not be plugged in and out at will. It should be plugged into the back of the host computer,6. Watch out for cockroaches entering the printer and clean it regularly. As a necessary product of the management and cash collection system of the restaurant, it has become a trend to open the printing menu of the catering shop assembly bill printer. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good bill printer. It can not only avoid the trouble of the chef not receiving the bill during busy times, but also reduce the trouble of not making the bill when the guest checks out. The printer of catering kitchen is directly provided when choosing management software. The cash in management software is very important, but the printer of catering kitchen also plays a very important role, and the quality of reserved network cable is very important during installation. When choosing printers, it is not recommended to consider big brands according to the budget. First and second line brands are also very good. As long as they can meet the printing needs, such as normal printing and bill printers with satisfactory interface, they are acceptable. In order to prevent the fake products of the OEM or the new machine, it is important to choose a strong manufacturer to cooperate. Shenzhen masung is a professional printer manufacturer and service provider, providing a printing scanning overall solution for catering, retail and other industries.

  • label printer

    Looking around, almost every product is accompanied by a unique label, which is spread all over every industry of life. Today, let's talk about the application of self-adhesive label printer in medical field. 1. infusion label Infusion labels mainly use special materials and technologies to carry drug information, and are compatible with printing or handwriting transfusion information, which simplifies the process of transfusion information suspension, saves time and improves efficiency. 2. Blood bag label The label of blood bag should be verified by non-toxic test of China Disease Headquarters, and should pass RoHS certification. The label of blood bag should be non-permeable and resistant to low temperature. 3. Label of medicine bottle The label of the medicine bottle should contain the name of the drug, contraindications, adverse reactions, indications, specifications, usage and dosage, etc. There is a requirement for labels to be stored at low temperature, and labels in transportation need to have the characteristics of resisting low temperature storage. 4. Low temperature resistant label The laboratory has high requirements for the storage environment of some special substances, such as the storage temperature of dry ice and liquid nitrogen is from-tens to more than one hundred degrees, and the low-temperature resistant label can withstand extreme temperature changes, which requires no deformation, warping, shedding, etc. due to repeated temperature changes, and is specially used for all frozen storage, such as cold storage, liquid nitrogen, freezing and ultra-low temperature freezing environment, etc. 5. Multilayer label Multi-layer labels have self-adhesive labels with several layers of base paper fabrics, and the use requirements of multi-layer labels in laboratories and hospitals are greatly recognized and met. E.g., package labels. 6. Wristband label Printing wristband content is to print graphic information, bar code and other contents according to customer's customized requirements, and can quickly print wristband through wristband printer. The display of patient information is more standardized, strong and durable, and the printing is accurate; Equipped with safety plastic buckle, it is suitable and convenient to wear, and generally uses environmental protection materials to prevent allergy of patients. 7. Anti-counterfeit labels and packaging boxes Anti-counterfeit label is very important for pharmaceutical products, which is used to ensure the safety and authenticity of pharmaceutical products. Anti-counterfeit labels effectively prevent criminals from producing counterfeit drugs and open up a green channel for drug sales. 8. Labeling of medical wastes In order to improve the accuracy of classification and management of hospital medical wastes, it is necessary to use labels of medical wastes for unified classification and treatment. Label printers provide label printing solutions for organizations that need to print a large number of labels, where medical, factory, logistics and retail industries need to print a large number of labels and special labels are needed. For users who need to print labels frequently or have special requirements for self-adhesive labels, Meisong MASUNG provides label biaoqian printer, and can provide printing automatic stripping printer equipment such as thermal transfer printing series label printer. We provide not only products, but also high-quality customized development services!

  • Identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printer

    Advantages of thermal transfer printer scheme: 1. Mature printing technology to ensure high reliability and high availability; 2. High-quality printing, the logo printing is clear, eye-catching and colorfast; 3. No cracking, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance when used in harsh environment; 4. Thermal transfer equipment is compact and durable, easy to operate, without maintenance. Thermal transfer printing technology A special multilayer ribbon is installed between the print head and the bracket of the thermal transfer printer. Heating elements are integrated on the print head to ensure the printing effect of each pixel. The heating elements are controlled by a computer, distributed in dots and arranged in a straight line on the print head. The heating element can dissolve the color layer and transfer the image to the component to be marked in rows. The whole process is flexible and fast. This process requires a good surface finish of the component to be marked, so that the color ribbon can be completely adhered to the component. The thermal transfer printer is suitable for printing soft materials, such as strong adhesive nano polymer PVC label, PVC, 0.45mm aluminum alloy, etc.Thermal transfer printing carbon ribbon Ribbon is a key component of thermal transfer printer, which contains multiple color layers. The design of the back coating can prevent its abrasion as much as possible, reduce electrostatic charge and protect the print head. The back coating is covered with PET film with thermosensitive color layer.Wax-based carbon belt 1. mainly suitable for paper printing materials 2. Clear images can be printed on the rough material surface 3. Low scratch resistance 4. Low printing energy consumptionResin carbon belt 1. Suitable for printing film and plastic surface 2. The printed image is resistant to high temperature and scratch 3. The printed image has strong durability and is resistant to solvent and chemical corrosion 4. The dissolution temperature of this ribbon is higher than that of wax ribbon, which requires the printing head to have stronger heating ability and slower printing speed. 5. Heat transfer printing requires higher energy consumptionMixed carbon belt 1. integrating the advantages of wax ribbon and resin ribbon 2. Suitable for printing paper and plastic 3. The printed image is scratch resistant and heat resistant 4. Compared with pure resin ribbon, the solvent resistance and chemical corrosion resistance are slightly worse 5. Fast printing can be realized, which is suitable for various applications 6. Moderate printing energy consumption Heat transfer printing head Print head is one of the most important components of thermal transfer printer. The print head contains several heating elements which can be individually controlled electrically. The heating element can dissolve the color layer on the ribbon and transfer the color to the printing material. The number or density of heating elements on the print head and the temperature conversion frequency determine the resolution of the printed image. Different types of print heads have different arrangements of heating elements. Brand of thermal transfer printer MASUNG, a manufacturer of Shenzhen thermal transfer printer brand, provides an overall solution for printing logos, labels and labels. the thermal transfer printer MS-TTR362AC sells well, which can not only print PVC materials, but also print aluminum alloys, and is a good helper for making logos.

  • 2D code access control

    2D code access control application scenario 2D code access control is a very popular way to open doors in smart phone two-dimensional code access control system. It can record visitors' visiting function, which is not only safe and efficient, but also used in many large office buildings, high-end living quarters, government office buildings, gyms, etc., and the response is good. 2D code access control principle 2D code access control is based on mobile Internet technology, which realizes the fine, real-time and trackable management of people's movement and trajectory in the system by using new technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing and virtualization. 2D code access control uses 2D code as the medium and carrier of personnel identification. The system assigns an encrypted QR code to each user in real time. The user can open the corresponding door lock by scanning the QR code on the access control device. Replacing the traditional physical access card with the mobile phone QR code is convenient to carry and solves the pain point of losing when you forget to bring your card when you go out. Advantages and characteristics of QR code access control 1) The reading head of two-dimensional code access control adopts dynamic two-dimensional code (valid time and times can be set) to prevent others from copying and stealing. 2) The user generates a two-dimensional code through the mobile phone APP or applet. The two-dimensional code is encrypted and cannot be copied and printed, and the two-dimensional code is dynamic. It is considered invalid if it is overtime or over-time, and there is a buzzer prompt. 3) The scanning head of the two-dimensional code access control can recognize two-dimensional codes, IC cards, NFC of mobile phones, ID cards and other authentication methods. It is very convenient and convenient to upgrade the entrance guard in the old community, and it does not occupy the storage space of the entrance guard board. 4) The scanning head output mode commonly used in the two-dimensional code access control industry supports USB, serial port, TTL, Wigan protocol, Bluetooth and 2.4G communication, etc., and is equipped with NFC card swiping, OCR identification and other functions. Merchants can customize the scanning head output mode and optional functions according to the requirements of two-dimensional code access control. 5) Two-dimensional code access control is easy to use. Users only need to download and install WeChat app to pay attention to the WeChat official account or small program of the two-dimensional code access control system, and bind the frequent access control, so they can easily enter and exit with only two-dimensional code. The use of two-dimensional code access control makes people's life more convenient, the access management of office buildings is more intelligent, and property managers and users do not need to re-learn. Shenzhen MASUNG brand is a professional supplier and manufacturer of two-dimensional code scanning heads, providing solutions for the global two-dimensional code access control industry.Related content: Application of Mobile Phone QR Code Access Control in Smart Community

  • Intelligent and Mobile Payment Exhibition in Moscow, Russia

    Exhibition: PLUS Forum Payments Time: April 26-April 27, 2021 Opening and closing time: 09:00-18:00 Address: Sokoniki International Convention and Exhibition Center, Moscow, Russia, Europe The PLUS Forum Payments Exhibition in Moscow, Russia is the most professional exhibition of smart and mobile payments in the independent region. Organized by Russian Plus Journal media. The last exhibition of PLUS Forum Payments in Moscow, Russia covers a total area of 10,000 square meters, with 197 exhibitors from China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Germany and Britain, with 7,500 participants. In addition to promoting the application of smart card technology in the industry, innovation and interaction among banks, operators and retail industry are the theme of this year's conference. PLUS Forum Payments, Moscow Smart and Mobile Payment Exhibition, Russia, further strengthens the unified platform to realize the collaboration of intellectual and technological potential among different market participants, such as banking participants, telecom operators, online and offline retailers, solution providers and representatives of relevant government departments and agencies. This will help to further improve public service facilities on the basis of inter-departmental cooperation, remote service and payment infrastructure in the future. With the gradual recovery of the global economy in the epidemic situation, the foreign trade sales team of Masung Group is also actively expanding its business. Under the excellent bilateral relations between China and Russia, agents who have cooperated with each other for many years have participated in this exhibition, and the latest cutting-edge printer products designed by Masung have been better displayed in Russia and its CIS market. Among them, the star product EP802-TU has won constant praise from customers, and its patented "anti-blocking, anti-dragging" function design meets various types of self-service equipment applications.

  • Birthday season for employees of Masung Enterprise

    Masung is a national high-tech enterprise with printer development, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province and its branch in Changsha, Hunan Province. It is a manufacturing enterprise with R&D, production and sales. Masung's products include bill printers, thermal transfer label printers and two-dimensional code scanning modules. Masung is a diversified manufacturer. Masung adheres to the people-oriented principle and creates a happy working atmosphere for employees. On the evening of April 13th, 2021, Masung organized employees to hold the first quarter birthday party around the theme of "Youth Track, Walk with Me". The administrative department customized exclusive birthday cakes for employees, and also prepared snacks and birthday gifts for fruits and fruits; Decorate the banquet scene with colorful balloons, which is very warm; On the display screen, the pictures of your birthday stars are scrolled and rotated. With cheerful music, candles are lit, and everyone sings birthday songs to send the most sincere wishes to the birthday stars. The birthday stars put their hands together and made wishes: happy life and happy work! Among them, Dai Zong, director of the factory affairs and materials department, also shared the story of his youth, which touched everyone in Masung. Masung's achievements today are inseparable from the joint efforts of all Masung people! Xiao Bian, as an old employee of Masung, thinks back on the road of growing up together with Masung in the past ten years, and he has gone through many bits and pieces. All the time, we have done our job well and realized our self-worth. At the same time, we have made our family life more happy and beautiful, and we are steadfast, happy and quiet! Xiao Chen, a new employee, also said that he will live up to the ardent hopes of the company and Masung, walk side by side with Masung, give play to the spirit of "being the master", love his post and work hard, improve efficiency and face future work with full spirit! Good times are always short, but the memory in my heart is eternal. On today's special and meaningful day, colleagues share cakes with each other, and at the same time, the youthful taste conveyed by smiles is sweet and beautiful! It also brings a happy and successful end to the hard work of the whole day!

  • Sing a harmonious new movement and draw a great future together

    Warmly celebrate the success of the 2020 Annual Grand Ceremony of Masung Group. When the law returns to Chunhui, Vientiane begins to renew. Looking back on Guqiu and looking forward to the future! On March 13th, 2021, the annual grand ceremony of MASUNG Group was held in China Insurance International Hotel. Say goodbye to 2020, and welcome the hopeful 2021.First of all, Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, took the stage to give an opening speech, reviewed the mental journey of Masung in 2020, and affirmed the brilliant achievements made by Masung in 2020. Masung made a new height step by step. And put forward higher requirements for 2021. In 2021, we must grasp talents with one hand and grasp the whole with one hand; Grasp talents with one hand and safety with one hand; Grasp performance with one hand and development with one hand; In 2021, we must learn the spirit of the Three Bulls, be down-to-earth, work hard, be strong and be loyal to our duties; In 2021, we will speak with achievements, speak with data, do things with attitude, be a man with quality, and build Masung brand, Masung culture and Masung products into more fields in the future! In order to carry forward the spirit of unity, mutual assistance and mutual love between the United States and Matsu, gather the loving power of the United States and Matsu, and solve problems for the people in difficulty. Just today, the Masung One Foundation was officially launched. At the launching ceremony, Ms. Li Xiaoyu, Ambassador of the Fund, accepted the authorization and made a speech. First of all, she thanked Chen Dong for his great love and selflessness, and used his actions to spread this love. The establishment of the Masung One Foundation is the first step to practice love for Masung people. The future has just begun, and it will definitely fulfill its mission. Give full play to the role of the One Foundation, and use the One Foundation for all charitable projects such as helping employees in poverty, advancing major diseases, and helping poor families within the group. I believe that the Masung One Foundation can help people in real need and make Masung people really feel beautiful."Healthy life and happy work" is our consistent aim. Under the leadership of the leadership team headed by Chen Dong, all my colleagues uphold a hot and sincere heart, take the opportunity of the foundation establishment, and take a highly responsible attitude towards the cause, future, employees and society, and further promote the development of the company's Masung cause in an orderly manner, providing a strong guarantee for all Masung people.The grand ceremony kicked off in the wonderful and true theme song "My Dream" by the general manager of the subsidiaries of the group company. Self-directed performances from different departments, which are beautiful, interesting, passionate, or unique, have brought a shocking visual feast to everyone. A romantic "Beautiful Myth", the administrative department performed and translated an ancient love with beautiful dance; The humorous R&D essay "Picking Wallet" and the "Partner", which sells a copy, show the noble character of Masung people incisively and vividly; Ignite "dont know what to do" with youth, and show the enthusiasm, positive and upward of the production department with "disco for All"; The more touching materials department "The Most Beautiful Retrograde" really reviewed the actions of our Masung Group in early 2020, highlighting the responsibility, responsibility and obligation of Masung people; The funny and interesting "Little People" skewer dance in the marketing department turns the scene into a sea of laughter; Dynamic music stirs your heartstrings, assembling a "t-stage show" to show the style of beautiful women and handsome men with pace, and showing Masung first, pioneering and innovating with the company's new products; The wonderful "Gesture Dance" and "Light Hand Shadow Dance" use new thinking, new dreams and new leaps to imprint the Masung LOGO chrome in their hearts ... Each department shows its magical powers and is versatile, and every wonderful performance makes tonight even brighter. During the dinner party, everyone toasted and celebrated, wishing Masung a better tomorrow! The lottery session pushed the atmosphere to a climax again.I would like to thank all the distinguished guests for their visit and great love, and for their great support to the Masung One Foundation.Looking back at 2020, we work together, work hard and gain together; Looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to a more brilliant future for Masung.

  • New product release of 2021MASUNG thermal printer

    In 2021, smelling the breath of spring, MASUNG released a new development product of 80mm embedded thermal printer and a new product of small bill printing POS on March 12th of Arbor Day. MASUNG has been researching and developing for fifteen years, accumulating the core technology of embedded printer development, developing 58/80mm embedded thermal printer, and providing complete services of technical consultation, new product development, new product proofing, mass production and sales, and after-sales technical support and maintenance. This newly released embedded printer is an 80mm micro thermal printer, model MS-E80II, which has excellent paper blocking function and reduces the inconvenience caused by paper blocking during use; Different from the past, this miniature printer is equipped with the detection function of no paper alarm. If there is no paper in the paper bin, the buzzer will give an alarm, prompting the staff to load paper in time. Paper loading can be realized only by toggling an open wrench at the front end of the equipment, without opening the cabinet to load paper. Embedded printer has low cost of consumables. Embedded printer is the printing equipment of self-service equipment such as self-service cash register, self-service payment machine, self-service ticket pick-up machine and queuing machine in financial, retail, tax control, medical and transportation industries, which provides convenience for self-service in supermarkets, stations, banks, hospitals and other places. MASUNG keeps innovating, and the new desktop printer with small bills is more perfect. Bluetooth and cashbox interfaces are added. Bluetooth is a short-distance wireless communication technology, which can realize short-distance data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and personal area networks of buildings. Challenge to search Bluetooth, and perform Bluetooth pairing to realize connection. It not only facilitates the application of individual merchants, but also reflects MASUNG's investment in the printer industry, from the development of embedded printers to the development of functional modules of the whole machine, and constantly provides customers with better and better printing equipment solutions. These two newly released desktop small ticket printers, one of which is 80mm thermal small ticket printer, meet the installation modes of desktop and wall-hanging, have diversified paper output design and are equipped with Bluetooth cashbox interface, which is a good choice for new retail and catering industries. The other is a 58mm thermal receipt printer, which has the functions of black label and seam detection sensor. It is suitable for a variety of printing paper (ordinary thermal paper, black label thermal paper and thermal paper with gap self-adhesive label). It is a good product for cash register and label printing. MASUNG's innovation does not stop there. in 2021, we will pursue our dreams.

  • New products released in October 2020

    The Covid-19 epidemic has swept the world, which not only has an important impact on the global economy, but also changes people's daily life style to a certain extent. Under the pressure of economic downturn, enterprises need to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and pay more attention to cost control. With the arrival of the post-epidemic era, the popularization of unmanned services has reduced the risks caused by crowd gathering and face-to-face contact with the scientific epidemic prevention work. With the development of ICT technology and the popularization of cloud services, MASUNG enterprises developed and designed a new generation of 58mm thermal printer MS-FPT206 in response to market demand, which was successfully released and launched in October. Advance the intelligent printing process through advanced high-speed and high-quality printing and diversified application functions, and meet the different requirements of intelligence and cloud platform of all industries through various customized solutions of "Easy Printing, Intelligent Printing and cloud print" that can be standard. "Easy printing", MS-FPT206 is compatible with the size of 80mm panel printer, which is convenient for replacing different bills of the same size model. "Smart printing", the machine has a cashbox interface, which has good compatibility with the split cash register system; The fuselage comes with an oversized paper bin, which can adapt to the paper roll with a maximum diameter of 60mm in a small volume to meet the printing requirements of higher intensity; Humanized design, comfortable and intimate operation! Simple appearance, simple structure, easy maintenance, multiple color schemes and customized panel services, making it more intelligent and diverse! "cloud print", which can realize one-stop service from printing to data operation and maintenance, has wider compatibility, brings more intelligent printing experience to users, fully meets the needs of intelligence and cloud platform, and further promotes the change of users' working methods. MASUNG enterprises will continue to introduce a series of solutions from entry-level to production-level and from hardware to software to provide more colorful choices for users with different needs. With the perfect MASUNG series products and continuously optimized intelligent solutions, they will continue to provide users with better products and services and inject new vitality into more enterprise users in the post-epidemic era!

  • Celebrate the success of the fifth "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match

    The epidemic in 2020 makes us realize more deeply how important it is to have a healthy body! There are many things in the world that we can't change. The only thing that can be changed is our mentality. Only with a positive attitude to face, everything will become better. On September 26, 2020, MASUNG Administration Department organized the fifth "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match to be held in the basketball court in Shenzhen Headquarters Park. All departments of subsidiaries within the group responded positively and organized four teams to participate in the competition. The off-site cheerleading team was enthusiastic, cheering and shouting, which made the competition atmosphere keep warming up. The administrative department actively did a good job in logistics support, and the referees were impartial. All MASUNG people really played the spirit of friendship first and competition second, and they played out their style and level. Off the court, we are all close colleagues, but on the court, we are competing with each other and never miss a chance to score. After three and a half hours of fierce competition, MASUNG Technology Team, MASUNG Information &MASUNG Tuoda Team, MASUNG Intelligent Team, and MAXSUND& Lipai Team held four rounds of PK competitions in an orderly manner with the expectation of everyone and the cry of friendship. At last, MASUNG Information &MASUNG Tuoda team defeated MASUNG Intelligent Team with an absolute advantage of 32: 22, and won the championship of this basketball match. The highlight of this competition is that the players fully demonstrate the competition spirit of MASUNG. The team spirit of sweating, showing yourself and striving for the first place is worth learning by all our MASUNG people. As Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the board, said: Everyone on the field is our hero, and our heart beats with every beat of you; The process you have paid from beginning to end is worthy of our praise; You are the stars of MASUNG, and our hands have been waving for you! This basketball match not only enriched the amateur sports life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to participate in sports. It embodies the enterprise spirit of focusing on the comprehensive quality of employees advocated by MASUNG Enterprise, and at the same time strengthens the in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhances the friendship between employees and enhances the cohesion of the team. The competition achieved the expected results, and at the same time, it also showed us the youthful atmosphere of contemporary MASUNG people by virtue of the unique charm of basketball. In the future, MASUNG enterprises will continue to hold more and more colorful cultural and sports activities for the purpose of enriching employees' cultural and sports life and promoting employees' physical and mental health, filling Masong's corporate culture construction and promoting Masong's vigorous and rapid development!

  • MASUNG July new product launch conference

    Since the world's first book with movable type printing, printing technology has accompanied the development of human civilization for a long time. In the 21st century, machinery has replaced manpower, and printing has not only stayed on the basis of traditional paper, but also stopped at book printing. More and more new materials are gradually used, and various printers are gradually coming to our side and entering the lives of thousands of families. With the gradual development of science and technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the demand for various self-service terminals has gradually got rid of the traditional impression in the past, and the heavy self-service machines occupying an area in memory have gradually left the field of vision. The traditional cashier counter has gradually been replaced by various self-service machines, and the heavy self-service machines in the bank hall have also been replaced by various small queuing machines, and various lightweight self-service machines have quietly appeared in various public places. Traditional machines are gradually replaced by new machines with smoother lines, smaller body and less land occupation; As the machine itself has a larger interactive interface, which is more convenient to operate, and the fuselage area becomes smaller and smaller, the bulky accessories inside the traditional machine are gradually being replaced. According to market demand research, MASUNG first designed a new generation of 58mm thermal bill printer in April, leading the 58mm thermal printer MS-EP5860 and the 58mm high-speed slim printer; High-speed upgrade, high-speed printing, easy printing at 260mm per second, small size; Small size while ensuring printing speed. At the end of July and the beginning of August, MASUNG held a new product launch conference. After the release of MS-EP5860 in April, it attracted the attention of many friends and the voice from the market. Based on the initial model, MS-EP5860 series products were derived to meet the needs of customers. Among them, the MS-EP5860 series produced to cope with the internal conditions of different machines, including the MS-EP 5860-V, which was born to deal with the ultra-thin models of flat models, is more suitable for queuing machines, ordering machines, etc.; At the same time, the design adds MS-EP5860-H with a more compact body structure. Compared with the traditional 58mm printer, the body structure is more compact and compact, and the side length of the body is reduced by one-third compared with the traditional structure; Facing the market demand for printing self-adhesive labels, MS-EP5860-B is developed and designed, which provides adjustable paper shafts and paper outlets for various label papers to meet the label printing demand under more challenging conditions. MASUNG has been paying attention to customer needs in the long-term development process, providing the best customized solutions for different customer needs, always putting service first, and designing and exporting more and more efficient MASUNG products for all walks of life for a long time!

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