Self-service equipment

  • Medical self-service printing module solution

    Masung printing solution ensures patient safety, prevents medical errors, and helps medical personnel track important patient information during the whole patient journey.Masung knows how important patients are. Our printers can help you improve the efficiency of your operations and customer service, so you won't waste time, effort or cost. The most important thing is to ensure that patients are happy and well cared for. Masung Group has many years of experience and is famous for Masung printers. In addition, MASUNG's expertise extends to two-dimensional code scanning solutions, such as medical equipment with self-service query and registration payment queuing function. Since its establishment, Masung has insisted on independent research and development and innovation, and has been providing customers with various embedded, mobile and POS printing solutions. Masung printer is very important in supporting medical staff to provide high-quality patient care and safety. Accurate printing of medical receipts can help prevent human errors in handwriting and save time. Masung's printer is very reliable, allowing medical staff to spend their time where it really matters. Masung printers provide printing solutions for patients in every stage of treatment. Self-service medical equipment improves customer satisfaction by improving printing speed and functions, and reduces printing and maintenance costs. Drug distribution is an extremely important part of complying with patient care and safety standards. Masung printer also helps to improve the efficiency of accurate dispensing, so as to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your pharmacy. The pharmacy should strengthen the drug management from the stock to the local and accurate dispensing. The appearance of Masung printer simplifies the workflow, abandons the manual process, adopts barcode management, and saves time and cost by eliminating extra paperwork and procedures. The improved operating procedure minimizes errors by replacing handwritten labels with printed text and bar codes. Masung provides a complete set of printing solutions designed to meet the printing module requirements of medical environment and smart medical industry. Our printing solution improves the daily operation of the hospital by improving productivity and best practices. Please allow us to provide you with the required safety and efficiency during the whole patient visit.Recommended products:self-service equipment receipt printer MS-FPT302 Self-service label printer MS-EP5860. Self-service device scanning moduleRelated:Label printer

  • Masung printer helps subway self-service terminal

    With the gradual improvement and maturity of intelligent technologies such as Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence technology, self-service devices are widely distributed in major supermarkets, government affairs halls, medical institutions, subway stations and other public places and areas with a large number of stable people flow. Subway self-service terminal has covered many subway stations in China, which can provide one-stop service for travelers to realize safe, convenient and personalized self-service and electronic payment services. In the face of subway travel with huge traffic and traffic, daily travel statistics are essential, and how to accurately and comprehensively count the total traffic of offline payment and online payment is particularly important. Masung printer is mainly used in the daily settlement small ticket printing module in the subway self-service terminal, which often needs to print the ticket sales record, consumption list, recharge payment list and other functions of the subway ticket vending machine to meet the needs of daily life scene small ticket printing. The function of subway self-service terminal continues to be upgraded and improved, which greatly improves the experience of citizens' travel. Subway self-service terminal can effectively alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional subway ticketing mode, make up for the shortage of original ticketing time, avoid the troubles of customers waiting in line for ticket purchase or recharge business, and make customers feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service. The subway self-service terminal and manual service complement and run through each other. Self-service equipment can save manpower cost, reduce operation cost and operate without errors. Subway self-service terminal is a self-service device that allows passengers to operate by themselves, without waiting in long queues to waste time and without the assistance of salespersons or waiters, and can complete procedures such as ticket purchase and card collection, which brings great convenience to passengers' travel. payment, telephone broadband payment, mobile phone recharge payment, transportation card recharge, train ticket purchase, lottery self-purchase, ticket self-purchase, ATM machines of financial institutions, game point card purchase, insurance purchase payment, transfer and balance inquiry, credit card repayment, credit card charity fundraising, coupon printing, business travel service ordering, public.[Related recommendations]:Application of embedded bar code identifier MS-7120 in bus code scanning[Product recommendation]:laptop 80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-MD80I

  • Masung printer helps artificial intelligence AI robot application scenarios

    In recent years, unmanned hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and other unmanned facilities have been developed, that is, no one can operate in the whole process, and only one robot serves on the side. This indicates that artificial intelligence is really coming. The picture below shows the AI robot in the application scenario of artificial intelligence assisted by Masung printer. With artificial intelligence empowering AI robots with highly intelligent services such as navigation, voice and photo-taking, artificial intelligence is bringing revolutionary changes to all walks of life. At the Baidu AI robot developer conference, AI robots can make a cute response in time. For example, if someone asks Baidu to send you money, the robot can reply to the dialogue of "Baidu charges me free of charge", making the robot become a real five-star service person who "understands what you think and answers what you ask". Artificial intelligence, known as the fourth industrial revolution, is gradually penetrating into various fields of daily life, such as intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart medical care, smart devices and so on. Continuously improve the integration ability of artificial intelligence products, continuously expand the application of technology, gradually enrich the mode of "artificial intelligence products and services", accelerate the formation of positive development trend, further increase the driving role, and reach the application scenarios of artificial intelligence. With the gradual improvement of the infrastructure for the development of global artificial intelligence industry, the construction scope of intelligent basic network measures and platforms has been expanded, and the supporting capacity has been continuously enhanced. Artificial intelligence is forming a chain breakthrough, accelerating the leap from digitalization and networking to intelligence in various industries and fields, and leading profound changes in the economy and society. Masung is committed to helping artificial intelligence print and scan products and services, providing one-stop customized services in smart manufacturing, smart city, smart medical care, smart office and other industries, and providing intelligent product solutions for accelerating the localization process and transforming digitalization into intelligence.

  • MASUNG Printers-Reduce costs and improve efficiency for cinemas

    Culture is the blood of the nation, and theaters are the important positions of socialist cultural construction. Some reports show that the total number of cinema screens in China ranks first in the world. MASUNG Printer provides a reliable, efficient and economical ticket printing solution for cinemas and theatres. The MS-FPT301 series printers are replacing the existing low-cost alternatives of cinemas, thus improving the profitability of venues all over the country. In movie theaters, in order to prevent delays and customer dissatisfaction, it is very important that tickets should be made quickly without mistakes or machine failures.MASUNG Printers have achieved this again and again, providing a powerful way for cinemas to improve customer satisfaction, brand value and profitability. In recent years, cinemas have been using the MS-FPT301K printer to print movie tickets and gift certificates. Although other ticket printers are used in the movie city, the MS-FPT301K printer with low maintenance and easy use has been cited as one of the cashiers who have long been loved by the audience in the movie city. The compact and multifunctional design of this 80mm thermal bill printer MS-FPT301 means that it is convenient to install in the self-service equipment environment, and its color and appearance can be customized. It can be used for unattended receipt or bill printing with optional black label function, key opening, electronic opening and mechanical opening, front paper loading and front paper output design, and combined with embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, it provides unparalleled for remote receipt, online order, bill and label printing using standard receipt printer. Theaters are places that provide cultural services for audiences. MASUNG provides diversified online and offline operation modes for theaters and builds a profit system with low cost and high service.

  • MS-D245 kiosk printer module won bidding of thailand post queue kiosks

    With the popularization of information technology and the popularity of unmanned machinery, more and more postal service have begun to adopt self-service ticket terminals.MS-D245 kiosk printer module won bidding of thailand post queue kiosks.MS-D245 is one of model compact size 2 inch thermal kiosk printer which take used of seiko printer head & auto cutter. Its high realiability was welcomed by users.Its can support huge big paper roll and also accept client own-design paper roll bracket. USB and serial port are optional for terminal user to choice. Its cutting mode can support “full or patrial cutting by adjustable”.Moreover, by technical innovation, our this 2 inch printer module adapts to raspberry pi this newest ARM platform development. This offer kiosks manufacturer more flexible way to make cost down solution.As a professional embedded printer manufacturer, we are committed to providing more quality products and services for a variety of industries including logistics, transportation and finance. You are welcome to email us.

  • MS-TD402 helps lottery career

    In the Innovation Welfare Lottery Operation Mode, all parts of the country combined with international tourism needs, are vigorously developing welfare lottery cause. Draw lessons from the successful experience of foreign lottery industry, introduce the new kinds of lottery that the tourists like to see and hear, provide the various welfare lottery play methods for the lottery people. We should study the effective connection between welfare lottery and tourism and provide convenient lottery entertainment service for tourists through the combination of welfare lottery and tourism industry. Earlier, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will support the acceleration of the development of welfare lottery undertakings, and provide guidance and assistance from the policy and technical aspects. It is our responsibility to provide better self-service for lottery people to buy scratch-off tickets, welfare lottery tickets, sports lottery tickets and welfare lottery tickets! Restaurants, convenience stores, commercial buildings, shopping malls, comprehensive commercial body, KTV, nightclubs and other places can be seen everywhere.MS-TD402:1. MS-TD402HUB has a total of eight connectors to connect the MS-TD401 power supply and serial interface data.2. The MS-TD402HUB is equipped with dial switches, buzzers and keypad instructions. Customizable features are available.3. The MS-TD402 machine is equipped with a touch key to provide the use of paper feeding and paper withdrawal functions. It is also equipped with error and paper end indicator for easy maintenance.4. MS-TD402 is equipped with buzzer to make the maintenance more convenient and quick.5. MS-TD402 integrated machine with a number of photoelectric sensors to increase reliability.

  • Self-service ticket purchasing and printing terminal

    In 2019, Hisense Science Exploration Center was awarded the title of "Qingdao Science Popularization Education Base" by Qingdao Science and Technology Association. It is a comprehensive science exploration and popularization base with the theme of "science and nature exploration" invested by Hisense Group. It is equipped with Science Enlightenment Hall, Science Discovery Hall, Nature Exploration Hall, World Consumer Electronics Museum, Hisense History Cultural Center, Display World and 25Plus Coffee (city living room), which is cleverly constructed as "five halls, one hall and one world". At present, it has been officially opened and sold by ticket. Information technology has expanded its application to many systems in all walks of life, which combine traditional mode with the emerging Internet. It has increasingly strict requirements on color expressiveness, printing speed, printing width and detail fineness of printed information. High expressive printing equipment is a rigid demand in every industry field. MASUNG thermal printing series printers have been recognized in the industry as a medium and high-end printer equipment, and have been widely used in many fields. This time, Meisong Company launched two series of GWK80 printers according to the printing requirements of Hisense Scientific Exploration Museum, which are respectively aimed at on-site ticket purchase and online ticket self-service terminal printing, which can be said to bring a new boost to the printing cause of Hisense Scientific Exploration Museum, which is fast, convenient and simple! Ensuring clear and accurate patterns is the first priority. A high-quality printer is just like the "connector" between people and the vast land, which can fully display all kinds of data and information in an extremely accurate printing way. GWK80 is equipped with ROHM thermal print head, which has the characteristics of high-speed printing of 250mm/s, high printing quality, large paper cutting thickness, novel structure and fashionable style, and is equipped with a special plastic paper outlet. Function operation and maintenance are simple, printing and ticketing can be easily completed without printer operation experience, helping staff to complete tasks efficiently!

  • Customized development of automatic labeling products-glass cutting industry

    MASUNG enterprise has experienced more than ten years' precipitation, and has made continuous efforts to develop, reform and innovate, and opened up new development directions in the industrial field. At present, most of the label printers used in the industrial field in the world have poor adaptability, and the manufacturers' cooperation is not timely and inefficient, which can not meet the requirements of the ever-changing printer market. In view of this situation, MASUNG enterprises independently developed and designed MS-LP212 series in response to the voices of customers. In the process of sales, the business realized that customers need to add automatic labeling function to printer equipment to meet the needs of industrial production, and launched the existing product: MS-LP212A, which was officially put into online testing in August 2018. During the testing process, MASUNG enterprises actively cooperated with customers and reached consensus through joint discussion, constantly improving and perfecting from the aspects of high adaptability, model structure and performance of customers. In July 2019, a new face MS-LP212C was born! Compared with MS-LP212A, this MS-LP212C has the following advantages: 1. the original screw for fixing the shaft is replaced by a clamp spring, and the stability in use is improved; 2. Abandon the bottom plate, reduce the weight of the fuselage, and provide convenience for transportation and installation; 3. A new light blocking structure is added to the paper output detection sensor to make it run freely in various environments! The launch of the product was a complete success, and MS-LP212C also won the recognition of customers, especially in the industrial field, the glass cutting mark information played a huge role, which made the automatic printing of label marks replace the traditional manual operation, which not only greatly improved the work efficiency but also improved the accuracy of the operation. Science and technology have changed the world, and MASUNG enterprise is just one step at a time, one step at a time, meeting the needs of customers' customized development, striding forward on the innovative road of continuously liberating productive forces, moving towards the industrial field and the wider world!

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