Self-service equipment

  • MASUNG printer MS-FPT201 provides solution for hotel cash register

    In the hospitality industry, an efficient cash register system is one of the keys to ensuring smooth operations. In order to improve work efficiency and customer satisfaction, MASUNG printer MS-FPT201 came into being, providing a brand new solution for hotel cash registers.First of all, Masung printer MS-FPT201 adopts a large paper warehouse design, which avoids the trouble of frequent paper replacement. The traditional small paper bin design often requires frequent replacement of paper, which not only wastes time, but also affects work efficiency. The large paper bin design of the Masung printer has a larger capacity and can accommodate more paper, reducing the number of frequent paper replacements and improving work efficiency.Secondly, MASUNG printer MS-FPT201 has a faster printing speed, which further improves work efficiency. In a busy hotel environment, time is money. Traditional printers tend to print at slower speeds, causing customers to wait too long and impacting the customer experience. The fast printing function of the Masung printer MS-FPT201 can complete the printing task in a short time, which greatly improves the work efficiency.In addition, Masung printer MS-FPT201 also adopts the design of easy paper loading, which is convenient and fast. Traditional printers often need to use a wrench or a key to open the cover, and then insert the small ticket paper, which is cumbersome to operate. And the easy paper loading design of MASUNG printer MS-FPT201, you only need to gently pull the cover, put the small ticket paper in, and then close the cover to use, the operation is simple and convenient.Finally, the MASUNG printer MS-FPT201 also has the function of automatic paper cutting, realizing unattended embedded printing. Traditional printers need to manually cut the paper, which requires manual operation, which not only wastes time, but also is prone to errors. The automatic paper cutting function of Masung printer MS-FPT201 can automatically complete the paper cutting task without manual intervention, which greatly improves the work efficiency.MASUNG printer MS-FPT201 provides a new solution for hotel cash register. Its large paper compartment design, faster printing speed, easy paper loading design and automatic paper cutting function not only improve work efficiency, but also enhance customer experience. The hotel industry can take advantage of the advantages of the Masung printer MS-FPT201 to achieve more efficient cash register management and provide customers with better services.Micro Thermal Panel Printer MS-FPT201

  • MASUNG printer MS-MA90 provides a solution for ball game number printing

    With the popularization and development of sports, the organization and management of ball games are becoming more and more important. In the ball game, the printing of numbers is an indispensable part. In order to solve this problem, Masung Printer has launched a brand new MS-MA90 printer, which provides a new solution for ball game number printing. One of the highlights of MASUNG printer MS-MA90 is its panel embedded structure. This structural design makes the printer more compact and occupies less space. Whether it is on the sidelines or in the game control room, it can be installed and used easily without taking up too much space. Another bright spot is the high-speed printing function of MS-MA90. This printer uses advanced printing technology to complete the number printing task at an amazing speed. Whether it is the back number of the player or the timer of the game, they can be printed out quickly and accurately, providing strong support for the smooth progress of the game. In addition to high-speed printing, the MS-MA90 also has an automatic paper cutting function. During the game, the number printing tasks are frequent and cumbersome. With the automatic paper cutting function, the printer can automatically cut paper according to the preset length, which saves the trouble of manual cutting and improves work efficiency. The reliability of Masung printer MS-MA90 is also one of its highlights. As a device specially designed for ball game number printing, it has undergone rigorous testing and verification to ensure stable performance under high-intensity use. Whether in hot summer or cold winter, MS-MA90 can work reliably and will not be affected by environmental changes. In addition to reliability, the MS-MA90 also has excellent print quality. It adopts advanced printing technology and high-quality print head, which can print clear and vivid numbers. Whether indoors or outdoors, in bright sunlight or dim lighting, numbers remain clearly visible without blurring or fading due to environmental influences. Finally, the compact structure of MS-MA90 is also one of its highlights. Its compact design allows it to be easily embedded in various devices. Whether it is on the field or in the game control room, it only needs a small space to be placed and used. At the same time, the compact structure also makes installation and maintenance more convenient and quick, reducing maintenance costs and time. MASUNG printer MS-MA90 provides a new solution for ball game number printing. Its panel embedded structure, high-speed printing, automatic paper cutting, strong reliability, high printing quality, and compact structure make it an indispensable part of the organization and management of ball games. Whether in professional games or amateur games, MS-MA90 can provide stable and efficient support for number printing, and contribute to the smooth progress of the game.Pos Kiosk Embedded Thermal Receipt Printer MS-MA90

  • Masung printer NP80A provides a solution for the self-service visitor machine of Jingdong headquarters

    In the era of advanced technology, we often encounter all kinds of self-service equipment. Among the self-service visitor machines at JD headquarters, Masung printer MS-NP80A has become the best choice to provide solutions. This printer is not only powerful, but also has a variety of installation methods, so that people can feel more convenient and fun during use. First of all, the paper roll support/spindle installation methods of Masung printer MS-NP80A are very diverse. Whether it is landscape or portrait, it can handle it with ease. Moreover, this printer can also be installed by rotating 180° up and down at the rear end, allowing you to give full play to your creativity during installation and create a unique self-service visitor machine. Secondly, Masung printer MS-NP80A has high-speed thermal printing function, the maximum speed can reach 250mm/s. This means that you no longer need to wait for a long printing time, and you can get the printing results you want in just a few seconds. Whether it is a busy office worker or a student who is in urgent need of printing documents, everyone can benefit from it. In addition to high-speed printing, Masung printer MS-NP80A also has barcode printing function. Whether it is a shopping receipt or a ticket, as long as there is a barcode, this printer can easily handle it. No longer have to worry about the problem of unrecognizable barcodes or poor printing results, it will provide you with a perfect solution. In addition, MASUNG printer MS-NP80A also has paper pulling and jamming detection status functions. When you encounter a paper jam or run out of paper, the printer will automatically stop working and remind you to deal with it in time. Don't worry about affecting your work process because of paper problems, it will provide you with a better experience. Another point to mention is that the MASUNG printer MS-NP80A has an illuminated baffle outlet. Even in low-light environments, you can see the printed results clearly. Whether it is day or night, you can easily get the files you want. Finally, Masung printer MS-NP80A is also equipped with a variety of sensors to help you use it better. Whether it is a paper sensor or a temperature sensor, they can help you find problems in time and deal with them. This printer is not only powerful, but also very intelligent. Masung printer MS-NP80A provides a perfect solution for the self-service visitor machine at JD headquarters. It is not only powerful, but also has a variety of installation methods, allowing you to choose according to your needs. Whether it is high-speed printing, barcode printing or the assistance of various sensors, it can meet your needs. We believe that in the near future, MASUNG printer MS-NP80A will become the first choice for more self-service equipment, bringing more convenience and fun to people's life.80mm Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-NP80A

  • MASUNG Printer MS-OE11 Provides Solution for Self-Deposit Facilities

    Self-service devices are ubiquitous in today's society. Whether it's a self-service vending machine, a self-service cash machine or a self-service deposit machine, they have become an integral part of our lives. However, sometimes these devices can have some minor problems, such as printer paper jam, poor print quality and so on. Good thing there is now the Mason Printer MS-OE11, which provides a perfect solution for self deposit devices. First, let's take a look at one of the highlights of MASUNG Printer MS-OE11: 58-panel embedded structure. This design allows the printer to be more compact, not only taking up less space, but also integrating better into self-service deposit devices. Imagine seeing a small and compact printer when you go to make a deposit. Secondly, the high-speed printing function of Mason printer MS-OE11 is also one of its highlights. You can imagine that when you go to make a deposit, the printer has a paper jam, and then you wait there for half a day to finish the deposit. I'm sure you've all encountered this situation, isn't it annoying? But with the Mason Printer MS-OE11, this problem is solved. Its high-speed printing function allows you to complete the deposit quickly, and no longer need to worry about the trouble of paper jam. In addition, the easy paper loading function of MASUNG Printer MS-OE11 is also very commendable. I believe we have all had the experience of going to a self-service device to make a deposit and realizing that the paper has run out, and then you just have to stand there and wait for the staff to replace the paper. This embarrassing situation is something I'm sure you don't want to encounter again. The easy-load paper function of Mason Printer MS-OE11 allows you to replace the paper easily by yourself, and you don't need to wait for the staff any more. Last but not least, the strong reliability and high print quality of the MASUNG Printer MS-OE11 are also advantages that other printers cannot match. It's compact, yet offers consistent performance while maintaining print quality. This means that you can use the MASUNG Printer MS-OE11 without worrying about it malfunctioning or having poor print quality. Whether you're depositing or withdrawing money, the MASUNG Printer MS-OE11 will give you a better experience. Hurry up and choose Masung Printer MS-OE11 to make self-service deposits easier and faster!Embedded ticket printer MS-OE11

  • MASUNG Printer MS-E80I Provides Solution for Dating Machine

    With the popularity of social media and dating applications, dating machines are playing an increasingly important role in modern society. In order to meet the growing demand, Masung Printers has launched the new MS-E80I dating machine printer, which provides a series of innovative solutions for the dating machine industry. One of the highlights of this printer is its automatic paper feeding and cutting function. While traditional printers require manual paper handling, the MS-E80I printer automates these tasks. This not only improves ease of operation, but also saves users' time and effort. In addition, the MS-E80I printer has a paper-out detection function. This means that the printer automatically detects when a print job is completed and feeds the paper out, avoiding paper buildup and paper jams. This is a very useful feature, especially in the high-frequency use of the dating airport scene. In addition to the above features, the MS-E80I printer also supports the printing of a wide range of barcodes and 2D codes. Dating machines usually use these codes to identify user information and match suitable objects. With the MS-E80I printer, dating machines can generate these codes more efficiently and with guaranteed print quality and accuracy. In addition, the MS-E80I printer is equipped with an electronic lock function. This means that only authorized users can use the printer, ensuring the security of user data and the normal operation of the machine. This is very important for the dating machine industry, as user privacy and security are always a concern. Finally, the MS-E80I printer also features high speed printing. It can complete a large number of print jobs in a short period of time, increasing productivity and user satisfaction. For the dating machine industry, this is very important because users usually expect to be able to access the dating information they need quickly. Overall, the Masung printer MS-E80I offers a range of innovative solutions for the dating machine industry. Its auto feed and cut function, paper out detection, multiple barcode and QR code printing functions, electronic lock function, and high-speed printing all provide a more convenient, secure, and efficient experience for dating machine users. If you are looking for a printer for dating machines, the MS-E80I is the right choice for you.80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • Masung printer MS-E80I provides solutions for library self-checkout machines

    In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, self-service borrowing and returning machines in libraries have gradually become a trend. Self-service borrowing and returning machines can not only improve the efficiency of the library, but also provide readers with more convenient borrowing services. The MASUNG printer MS-E80I provides a good solution for the library self-checkout machine. MASUNG printer MS-E80I is equipped with the original Seiko industrial-grade print head, the print head is wear-resistant, realizes high-speed and stable printing, and easily meets the printing needs of medical self-service terminals; the paper warehouse supports paper rolls with a diameter of 80 mm and a paper width of 80 mm, solving frequent problems Trouble with changing paper; open the cover with an electronic lock, one-key open the cover to load and change paper, the cover is complete, minimalist design, embedded in the terminal device to show high-end atmosphere; support secondary development function, provide secondary development SDK, demo, Instruction set and related technical support, and related windows, linux and other system development engineering technologies; meet the standard USB and serial ports; Automatic paper cutting, adjustable automatic paper cutting, semi-automatic paper cutting. MASUNG printer MS-E80I is different from 58mm miniature thermal printer, because this one is 80MM miniature printer. The difference from other 80MM printers is that this embedded micro-printer is not only small, but also very light and thin, and the price is lower. It only needs simple installation to realize the printing function of the printing module, which can be embedded in different terminal devices ,such as gas stations, catering cash registers, queuing payment machines, etc. Micro thermal printer is a self-service terminal printing equipment for medical, government affairs, retail, catering and other industries. Masung printer MS-E80I is an efficient and stable printer specially designed for library self-checkout machines. It can not only improve the borrowing and returning efficiency of the library, but also improve user experience and security. It is believed that in the near future, MASUNG printer MS-E80I will become a leading product in the field of library self-checkout machines.80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • Masung printer MS-FPT301 provides a solution for self-service queuing ticket machines

    In travel, tourism, hotels, watching movies, sports and other consumption places, most young people are used to checking and booking tickets through a mobile phone. If there is no online ticket sales in some scenic spots and you can only queue up in scenic spots, most young people will probably choose to give up.This is a loss to the scenic spot. Therefore, for young people who have no way to book tickets online and suffer from queuing, self-service ticket vending machines are very necessary. Self-service queuing ticket machine has become an indispensable equipment in many public places. As people's requirements for service experience continue to improve, modern self-service queuing ticket machines are becoming more and more intelligent. And one of the core components of these self-service queuing ticket machines is the printer.MASUNGprinterMS-FPT301provides an efficient and stable printing solution for self-service queuing ticket machines. MasungprinterMS-FPT301adopts thermal printing technology, which can print clear and vivid text and patterns. Utilizing the design of ultra-thin body, it is specially used for highly integrated terminal service equipment, which is divided into bordered and borderless, and borderless is easier to embed in terminal service equipment.MASUNGprinterMS-FPT301also has a series of intelligent features. It supports automatic paper cutting, which can reduce manual operations and improve printing efficiency. In addition, it also supports a variety of interfaces, such as USB, serial port, Ethernet, etc., which can adapt to different application scenarios and has certain compatibility.MasungprinterMS-FPT301also adopts industrial-grade design, which has the characteristics of high strength, high durability and high stability. It can work in harsh environments, such as high temperature, high humidity and other environments, to ensure the stability and life of the printer. In short,MasungprinterMS-FPT301can improve work efficiency very well, because it has the characteristics of high speed, high precision, high stability, multiple interfaces, automatic paper cutting, etc., and It can meet the printing speed and printing quality requirements of the self-service queuing ticket machine, and is an indispensable part of the self-service queuing ticket machine.80mm Panel thermal printer MS-FPT301

  • Masung printer MS-FPT206B provides solutions for unattended self-service equipment

    MS-FPT206B is a 58mm miniature embedded thermal receipt printer launched by Masung. The double panel design covers the applicable fields of most embedded printers on the market. Its panel is not only compatible with the 80mm printer size on the self-service equipment, but also suitable for electronic cash registers, POS machines, channel machines, etc., and perfectly fits the smart cash register equipment that prints 58mm paper width. The MS-FPT206B embedded thermal printer module not only serves some self-service terminal equipment, but also can be found in retail equipment and service equipment in various industries. Embedded printers are designed to be easily integrated into terminals such as self-service terminals, lockers, express cabinets, robots, face recognition, and ticket machines. As a 58mm miniature thermal panel printer, the advent of MS-FPT206B has great impact on these industries. Relationship. Taxis, gas stations, ticket vending machines, self-service stations, factories, medical care, laboratories, etc., are all applicable occasions for the MS-FPT206B printer. Generally speaking, embedded printers have a wide range of applications. As a supplementary receipt printer, embedded printers are often used in many occasions as a supplement to other machines, so the small shape can make it embedded in more different places without being obtrusive, and the user experience is better. Therefore, the target users of Meisong are many and extensive. They can be manufacturers of self-service equipment such as self-service machines, radios, POS machines, and channel machine equipment, or they can be C-end customers who use these equipment, such as hospitals, retail stores, Taxi groups, restaurant chains, etc. The front frame of this miniature printer is compatible with the size of 80mm printer, the paper compartment has a large space, and can hold paper rolls with a diameter of 60mm; it has a cash drawer interface, and the compatibility of the cash register system is good; Meet the different needs of micro printer . The MS-FPT206B printer is an embedded micro-printer, which is different from POS printers that can be carried around. The embedded micro-printer only needs simple installation to realize the printing function of the printing module. It can be embedded in different terminal equipment, such as stations, restaurant cashiers Micro thermal printer is an ideal printing partner for self-service terminal equipment in retail, catering, entertainment, medical, logistics and other industries.58mm panel printer MS-FPT206

  • The application case of Masung printer in the medical touch query all-in-one system

    In order to better serve the masses and share the burden of large passenger flow, self-service inquiry all-in-one machines are more and more widely used. Favorable window, realize unmanned and contactless service, effectively improve work efficiency, and be more conducive to epidemic prevention and control. Masung is a supplier and service provider of printing and scanning equipment, specializing in self-service printers and scanners for medical, retail and other industries. Masung printer MS-N58VII is commonly used in supermarket storage cabinets, book cabinet returns, parking lots and other industries. The following picture shows the application case of MS-N58VII in the medical touch and query all-in-one system. This compact and easy-to-install thermal receipt printer is not only small in appearance, but also light in weight, fast in printing, structured design, easy to install, embedded in the inquiry machine, making printing receipts and receipts more convenient , meet the standard USB and serial ports, can adjust automatic paper cutting, semi-automatic paper cutting, semi-automatic paper cutting will leave a little in the middle, just pull it gently, no need to manually tear the paper, so as to avoid paper jams; very suitable for Self-service terminal equipment with limited space functions, and can print stably, supports secondary development, provides secondary development SDK, demo, instruction set and related technical support, and cooperates with related windows, linux and other system development engineering technologies; The equipment creates high benefits, relieves the pressure of artificial windows, saves the consumption of manpower and material resources, and greatly improves the experience of the masses. Since 2006, the Masung brand has been deeply involved in the industry and has continuously provided industry solutions for customers. It has accumulated a large number of industry solutions and practical solutions in self-service industries such as medical care, retail, medical care, transportation, and government affairs, and constantly creates value for customers. ,Achieve win-win.MASUNG brand - a printing and scanning solution provider who understands your equipment better!58mm imported thermal printer MS-N58VII

  • Masung printer MS-E80I assists the queuing machine

    With the gradual spread of the "run at most once" reform, at present, whether it is in public places or enterprises and institutions, the efficiency and service level of the people have been comprehensively improved, and the satisfaction of the people in handling affairs has been greatly increased. Careful friends will also find that in recent years, when going to public places to do errands, there are no longer long and crowded queues, but all sit quietly in the hall, holding a sign in front of them. People's queuing number, waiting for the display screen and voice prompts to queue up to do things, and all the things in line are handed over to a machine called a queuing number machine. It is widely used in places such as government affairs offices, banks, etc., which greatly improves the work efficiency and order of public places. Today, let's talk about the printer that prints the queuing list from the queuing machine. This is an embedded thermal printer. The thermal printer has the following high-quality features. Thermal printing has no noise and fast printing; usually prints 58mm/ 80mm two widths; automatic paper cutting, optional paper outlet sensor to return control commands to the host; can customize and independently edit and print LOGO logos of various enterprises and industries, and can also configure the black mark function to print black mark paper. Masung embedded thermal printer MS-E80I is an 80mm panel cover type printer, front maintenance, with electronic lock to open the cover, complete cover, minimalist design, embedded in the terminal equipment to show a high-end atmosphere; the paper bin supports paper The roll diameter is 80 mm and the paper width is 80 mm, which solves the trouble of frequent paper changes; one-button open the cover to load paper and change paper, press the electronic cover open lock, the face cover is automatically opened, and the paper can be loaded and changed easily without opening the cabinet. , simple and convenient; MS-E80I adopts the original Seiko industrial-grade print head, the print head is wear-resistant, realizes high-speed and stable printing, and easily meets the printing needs of medical self-service terminals. Masung is a professional manufacturer of embedded thermal printers. It not only has strong research and development technology, the accumulation of thousands of printer models, but also the accumulation and experience of a large number of thermal printers and self-service terminal equipment cases. The first printer solution supplier; patent software and other certification certificates, obtained the national high-tech enterprise certification; not only has the domestic market, but also forms a domestic and international dual development model, and exports to foreign trade safely. It is a company integrating R&D, sales, production, technology, Suppliers and service providers of after-sales printing and scanning products. MASUNG brand - a printing and scanning solution provider who understands your equipment better!80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-E80Iapplication cases of Masung printer MS-E80II in the national power grid self-service aircraftMasung printer MS-E80I provides solutions for contactless service equipmentMasung printer MS-E80I provides fast service in medical institutionsOEM 2 Inch Compact Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • application cases of Masung printer MS-E80II in the national power grid self-service aircraft

    In the era of rapid development of contemporary times, electricity is a product that people can't do in life. In the Internet era, digital age, and low -carbon era, electricity is a powerful, indispensable new energy source, and the power of electricity is the power of electricity. Demand is getting bigger and bigger, and electricity plays an increasingly important role in the development of human history.In order to facilitate users to handle the payment business, the self -service power payment service terminal meets the user's 24 -hour all -weather service, and realizes the user's self -service payment, printing and identity authentication. Winning the market for quality, integrity casting the brand! To create a self -service power payment machine with its own brand, it needs to cooperate with high -quality suppliers. Masung is a supplier and service of a self -service levied module and the code scanning collection module. business. The picture below is the application case of Masung printer MS-E80II at the national power grid self-service power payment machine. This MS-E80II is a manual wrench unlocking. It can be easily changed and maintained at a light press, with a built-in high-quality print head, high printing quality, supporting 12V and 24V power supply, supporting interfaces such as parallel, USB, configured black and white, white and white Color options, with self -service electricity payment, this self -service payment machine supports multiple payment methods. Whether it is cash, UnionPay card or mobile payment payment, it provides payment of payment, invoice printing, safe operation, convenient and fast, relieve the counter, alleviate the counter The pressure on handling effectively improves the efficiency of user payment. This kind of self -service service equipment is widely used in the diversion of the payment window of various industries. The self -service area and the 24 -hour self -service business hall project construction in the field of telecommunications operators, power supply bureau, PetroChina Petrochemical, medical and other fields. Since the establishment of the self -service unmanned embedded printer in 2006, Masung has successfully provided a solution for printing and scanning modules for self -service service terminals in various industries. For the pursuit of self -service machines that are pursuing ultra -thin and limited space, Metong provides customized services to meet your various printing functions and different printing size printers.Masung printer MS-E80I provides solutions for contactless service equipmentMasung printer ms-t80h boosts power self-service payment terminaIntelligent printer MS-E80I based on Internet of Things80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • Masung printer MS-FPT302 in the self-service queuing number pick-up machine application case application case

    As people have entered the era of "Internet+", people's lifestyles become more intelligent and simple. The "Internet+" strategy means that more and more traditional industries will be combined with the Internet, showing a new marketing service model. The rapid development of Internet technology has produced new demand for self -service equipment, and its impact will span multiple fields or industries. Among them are the self -service queuing machine.details make a difference. What is indispensable for a high -quality self -service equipment is to support strong printing equipment to meet the diverse printing needs and efficiency of customers. Masung specializes in providing self-service printers for self-service equipment, and has accumulated a large number of printing and scan application cases in the self-service industry. It is continuously optimized and iterated in the problems of printing equipment in the self-service industry. Tailor -tailored for the self -service queuing machine. In order to provide better services, shorten the customer queue waiting time, and simplify the tedious labor services, many areas have invested in the use of self -service queuing machines. MS-FPT302 is a special product of the Masung Facial Plate Prin. The new independent innovation research and development capabilities and the accumulation of cases are specialized in order to provide a new printing solution for the self-service equipment industry. The two colors of black and white are available. In addition, the two appearance and shape options of right -angle and rounded corners can be provided. The rounded shape can be applied to the self -service equipment of glass materials to meet the user's needs for different materials. In order to shorten the waiting time for customers to queue up, MS-FPT302 configures a high-quality print head to meet the industry needs of high-speed printing, and the quality of printing is stable; MS-FPT302 has a small structure, simple and convenient installation, strong reliability, printing, printing High quality and other characteristics make installation and maintenance more convenient and fast. Easy -to -paper, sliding automatic paper cutting; with a paper block detection state; multiple places black label sensors, multiple interface selection: support a variety of printing methods. The application of self -service queuing machines in the self -service industry is very wide. It is used in government affairs halls, banks, hospitals and other agencies and units. It not only improves the order of queuing in public places, but also further optimizes the work function of the window of enterprises and institutions. The Masung printer MS-FPT302 provides a stable and efficient printing function in the self-service queuing machine application system.MS-FPT302 helps convenience service centers to realize a new mode of intelligent operation and management auto cutter 80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-FPT302Masung printer helps artificial intelligence AI robot application scenariosThe application of MS-FPT302 in self-service payment terminal of gas station

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