Self-service equipment

  • Masung printer MS-E80I provides solutions for contactless service equipment

    Affected by the new crown epidemic, in order to prevent cross-infection, various industries have launched "contactless services". Create a fair, reasonable, comfortable and harmonious waiting environment. Why is it an intelligent queuing number calling machine? Because the number fetching is based on the time the user arrives, and the user's valid ID is required to queuing the number. There is no possibility of replacing the queuing number in advance. The principle of the correct operation process of the queuing machine is very simple. Click on the queuing machine to get the number (mostly through the ID card or other valid documents), select the type of business you want to handle, and a small ticket will pop up, recording the queuing serial number , how many people are still waiting in line, the ticket collection time, and other content. The simple queuing machine basically only has the function of taking numbers, so it is easy to operate. Masung thermal printer MS-E80I records the queuing serial number on the intelligent queuing number calling machine, allowing users to wait with peace of mind, improving the efficiency of business processing and saving the time of maintaining the order. MS-E80I is an 80mm thermal printer with black and white color options, equipped with USB and serial ports, and can hold a maximum of 80*80mm paper rolls. The thermal printer uses electronic unlocking, and the panel structure is very simple and luxurious , which is widely used in intelligent queuing machines. The intelligent queuing number calling machine is a device with intelligent touch and scanning and printing. It is a part of the queuing and calling number management system. It combines network technology, computer technology, multimedia communication technology, etc. to realize intelligent electronic queuing without manual queuing and manual calling. It is widely used in banks, hospitals, government service centers, business halls, transportation, industry and commerce and other places. Masung thermal printers help intelligent number calling machines to be smarter and more efficient!80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80IMasung printer MS-E80I provides fast service in medical institutionsIntelligent printer MS-E80I based on Internet of Things

  • The application of MS-FPT302 in self-service payment terminal of gas station

    Masung Specialty provides a wide range of self-service terminal printers, including remote industry, commerce, medical care and mobile applications, especially self-service printers, retail printers, label printers, bar codes, POS printers and other mini-printers, including thermal transfer printers and thermal sensitive printers. MS-FPT302 adopts the front cover for easy installation and maintenance, electronic button for opening paper bin saves space, and the right-angle design shows the atmosphere. This solution requires as little maintenance as possible. Masung not only provides customers with the speed and durability of printers, but also provides other key functions, such as automatic paper cutting and control of various sensors. Gas station employees don't always need the skills to maintain printers specially. A customer once told Masung that when other suppliers' printers are cheaper, we will continue to use Masung printers because the fixed value it provides can easily offset any short-term savings by providing long-term efficiency. For example, we have introduced Masung's front-end output printer into the self-service and new retail industries. With fast and efficient on-site printing, Masung printer helps self-service payment terminals of self-service gas stations to provide efficient and feasible solutions. Masung MS-FPT302 meets the demand of powerful and fast printing in gas station development system. This improves customer service and minimizes the maintenance workload.Masung printer ms-t80h boosts power self-service payment terminaMasung printer provides fast service at gas stationauto cutter 80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-FPT302

  • Masung printer MS-E80I provides fast service in medical institutions

    In order to make it easier for people to seek medical treatment in hospitals and improve their medical experience, Masung provides a "fast and efficient on-site printing" solution for medical institutions, which can not only print queue numbers in time but also provide intelligent reporting services. The service department is looking for a robust and fast printer that can not only improve the customer service quality but also minimize the maintenance of other staff-MS-E80i meets the expectation of intelligent printing by queuing machine. Masung printer MS-E80I is an intelligent system printer with full functions, and its speed, ease of use and printing quality have been improved. The MS-E80I has a maximum speed of 200mm/s, a durable high-resolution thermal print head, and various specific functions, including automatic printing adjustment, which is an ideal choice for self-service queuing reporters. The printer provided by Masung is not only fast and durable, but also has core functions such as various sensors to assist control. Printer solutions require as little maintenance as possible. Medical queuing reporting machine is equipped with intelligent display screen, printer, etc. Its main function is to provide intelligent and efficient medical treatment experience and reduce hospital operating costs. Self-service reporting machine helps patients queue up in turn and wait for the doctor's call sign. Reporting method supports two ways of reporting by swiping the card or manually entering the card number of the doctor, which provides a quick service for the doctor. Masung provides customized printing and scanning equipment for the whole industry both at home and abroad. Masung provides a wide range of printers, including self-service, retail, new retail, industrial, commercial and mobile applications, especially labels, bar codes, POS and mobile printers. If you need to print and scan, please consult us!MS-FPT302 helps convenience service centers to realize a new mode of intelligent operation and managementMasung printer MS-LP212B provides a solution for automatic labeling machine for blood collection vessels80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • MS-EP5860 makes self-service medicine purchase easier

    Masung printer provides customized printing module for self-service drug vending machine, which enables self-service drug vending machine to print drug purchase information and amount simply and quickly. Therefore, the daily OTC drug purchase process has made great progress, and reduced the resource and time cost to the maximum extent. As shown in the figure below, drugs can be taken out by self-selection of required drugs on the self-service drug purchasing machine, online payment and printing of payment slip, thus realizing the contactless drug purchasing process. Masung is a printer manufacturer based on embedded bill printer. After 15 years of independent research and development, it has become a manufacturer of multi-system intelligent devices such as thermal bill printing, thermal transfer printer, stylus printer, inkjet printer and two-dimensional code products, and a leading manufacturer of POS, label and portable printer. It provides customized and diversified printing and scanning modules for self-service industry, which not only reduces costs and improves efficiency, but also helps self-service industry to realize the operation and management mode of the Internet. After the development of reliable and easy-to-use printers by Masung to fully understand the application requirements of several chain self-service drug vending machines, MS-EP5860 series products provided a good solution and were recognized. The 58mm wide receipt printing purchase payment information and label printing product name and price information can be satisfied. Besides, this product is compact, highly integrated, diverse in structure and performance, and easy to use and maintain. This product is used in many industries. Masung has always maintained a leading position in the competition, providing printing and scanning module solutions for all walks of life, striving for perfection of products, thus providing customers with a simpler and more cost-effective way to operate products.Masung label printer solutionApplication of medical label sticker printer-Masung label printer

  • MS-FPT302 helps convenience service centers to realize a new mode of intelligent operation and management

    In the era of intelligent operation, the operation mode represented by intelligent system is constantly replacing the traditional operation mode. Masung insists that intelligent operation must be based on application and provide intelligent operation solutions for users with the concepts of intelligence, high efficiency, simplicity and humanization. Masung printer helped the convenience service center of Grand View Garden Sub-district Office to officially go online. This device adheres to the service concept of "digital intelligence, improving efficiency" of the service center, realizes a new mode of combining intelligent operation with community volunteer service, and provides convenient and high-quality life services for surrounding residents (as shown in the figure below). MS-FPT302 unattended embedded thermal printer has the characteristics of high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability, high printing quality, large paper cutting thickness and compact structure, which makes installation and maintenance more convenient and quick. Easy paper loading, sliding automatic paper cutting and other functions are widely used in government service self-service terminals. Masung helps smart government service self-service terminals to realize a new mode of intelligent operation and management, and provides printing modules for building convenience service center equipment! Self-service terminals for government affairs are deployed in public areas, including government halls, public corridors, office areas, etc., to assist government affairs centers to improve digital government affairs operation and management, integrate government affairs information resources through public broadcasting, information release system, LED display system, paperless conference system and other systems, optimize government affairs business processes, realize orderly interconnection and effective sharing, and improve government affairs management efficiency. Smart government solution utilizes technologies such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, data mining, knowledge management, etc., improves the intelligence level of office, supervision, service and decision-making, forms a new type of government with high efficiency, agility and convenience, and realizes the transformation from "e-government" to "smart government".Related connections auto cutter 80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-FPT302 MS-D245 kiosk printer module won bidding of thailand post queue kiosksSelf-service ticket purchasing and printing terminal

  • Masung printer ms-t80h boosts power self-service payment termina

    When we are using electricity, we often need to go to the power business hall to handle business, but because our free time is on holidays, many people go to handle business during this time period, and there are often queues in the manual service. For example, some simple business handling of recharge and payment can be completed through the power self-service payment terminal in the power business hall, The figure below shows the ms-t80h power assisted self-service payment terminal of Masung printer.Characteristics of power self-service payment terminal: 1. Wide coverage: the system terminal equipment relies on the Internet network infrastructure, so that the terminal can be placed at any location covered by the network to realize wireless access and wired access. Therefore, it is very flexible and can be freely placed in business halls, shopping malls, communities, supermarkets, etc., so as to serve users more pertinently and effectively. 2. Powerful functions: the system integrates payment, card recharge, printing, information query, business acceptance application and other functional modules. 3. Safe and reliable: the system adopts software and hardware encryption, and the confidentiality performance is the same as that of the automatic teller machine, so as to ensure that the user information can be completely and confidentially transmitted to the server after encryption. 4. Simple operation: the system adopts touch operation, friendly interface and simple operation, which is suitable for all kinds of payment user groups. Users can quickly and efficiently complete various information query and payment functions without special training or guidance. 5. Strong expansibility: the system can implement real-time monitoring, management and data update of each terminal through remote monitoring, so that it has strong expansibility of carrying new services. Masung is a company specializing in providing customized and diversified product services of printing equipment for self-service terminals. The self-service industry is spread across self-service terminals such as medical self-service, retail self-service, government affairs terminal, queuing machine, reporting machine and automation equipment, so as to alleviate labor costs and improve work efficiency. If you need self-service equipment for printing and scanning, welcome to Masung. We will provide you with customized products and integrated services to help you improve the efficiency of this. Self-service printerSelf-service equipment

  • Masung printer provides fast service at gas station

    Masung Printer Group provides a fast and efficient on-site printing method, which helps retail solution provider ICS (Smart Cash System) win new business. Masung's customized printer series meets the needs of the system designed by ICS for gas stations for powerful and fast printing. The system improves the service to customers and keeps the maintenance of busy employees at the lowest level. Since the fuel receipt is provided quickly at the gas station, it is necessary to provide a high-speed printing solution at the gas station and create an automated process to avoid letting customers get off, enter the store, pay, take the receipt, and then go back to the car and drive away; Instead, the customer fills the car, the system processes the payment, and prints the receipt on site on the terminal equipment of the gas station. As for the printer integrated into the terminal, Masung provides a high-quality and high-speed self-service printer. Masung self-service printers are a series of full-function, multi-structure and embedded printers. Self-service printers have advantages in speed, printing quality and customized structure. The printing speed of Masung self-service printer series is as high as 200 mm/s, and the high resolution comes from the tough and long-lived thermal printer head, which integrates many special functions, including automatic telescopic cutter, which is one of the many factors that make it an ideal choice for integrated circuits. After solving the problem of efficient receipt printing, I began to consider the maintenance cost of the printer. Masung not only provides the speed and durability of the printer, but also provides other key functions, such as the retractable cutter. People who work in gas stations may not have the skills to maintain printers, so we need to provide machines that can work for a long time, and the possibility of problems is very small. Telescopic cutter is a good example; In case of paper jam, the paper cutter will quickly and easily release the paper so as to resume normal operation. Masung is a very good partner, not only providing excellent printers, but also providing excellent technical support. This is because high-quality printers are more efficient than low-end printers, which means that the printers provided by Masung can obtain better performance, higher reliability and customized services. From occupying the Chinese market to selling well all over the world, Masung provides a wide range of thermal printers and thermal transfer printers, label and barcode printers, portable and stylus printers, mini and POS printers, and file and medical record printers. The vitality of Masung comes from the vitality of its products. Masung products are strong in quality and rich in value, with thousands of product types and all-round customization ability. Today, Masung is an encyclopedia of customized products, which are sold to various markets such as industry, retail, medical, government affairs and transportation applications.Product recommendation: Masung Self-service printer Masung printer EP5860I solution in gas station

  • Medical self-service printing module solution

    Masung printing solution ensures patient safety, prevents medical errors, and helps medical personnel track important patient information during the whole patient journey.Masung knows how important patients are. Our printers can help you improve the efficiency of your operations and customer service, so you won't waste time, effort or cost. The most important thing is to ensure that patients are happy and well cared for. Masung Group has many years of experience and is famous for Masung printers. In addition, MASUNG's expertise extends to two-dimensional code scanning solutions, such as medical equipment with self-service query and registration payment queuing function. Since its establishment, Masung has insisted on independent research and development and innovation, and has been providing customers with various embedded, mobile and POS printing solutions. Masung printer is very important in supporting medical staff to provide high-quality patient care and safety. Accurate printing of medical receipts can help prevent human errors in handwriting and save time. Masung's printer is very reliable, allowing medical staff to spend their time where it really matters. Masung printers provide printing solutions for patients in every stage of treatment. Self-service medical equipment improves customer satisfaction by improving printing speed and functions, and reduces printing and maintenance costs. Drug distribution is an extremely important part of complying with patient care and safety standards. Masung printer also helps to improve the efficiency of accurate dispensing, so as to ensure the smooth and safe operation of your pharmacy. The pharmacy should strengthen the drug management from the stock to the local and accurate dispensing. The appearance of Masung printer simplifies the workflow, abandons the manual process, adopts barcode management, and saves time and cost by eliminating extra paperwork and procedures. The improved operating procedure minimizes errors by replacing handwritten labels with printed text and bar codes. Masung provides a complete set of printing solutions designed to meet the printing module requirements of medical environment and smart medical industry. Our printing solution improves the daily operation of the hospital by improving productivity and best practices. Please allow us to provide you with the required safety and efficiency during the whole patient visit.Recommended products:self-service equipment receipt printer MS-FPT302 Self-service label printer MS-EP5860. Self-service device scanning moduleRelated:Label printer

  • Masung printer helps subway self-service terminal

    With the gradual improvement and maturity of intelligent technologies such as Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence technology, self-service devices are widely distributed in major supermarkets, government affairs halls, medical institutions, subway stations and other public places and areas with a large number of stable people flow. Subway self-service terminal has covered many subway stations in China, which can provide one-stop service for travelers to realize safe, convenient and personalized self-service and electronic payment services. In the face of subway travel with huge traffic and traffic, daily travel statistics are essential, and how to accurately and comprehensively count the total traffic of offline payment and online payment is particularly important. Masung printer is mainly used in the daily settlement small ticket printing module in the subway self-service terminal, which often needs to print the ticket sales record, consumption list, recharge payment list and other functions of the subway ticket vending machine to meet the needs of daily life scene small ticket printing. The function of subway self-service terminal continues to be upgraded and improved, which greatly improves the experience of citizens' travel. Subway self-service terminal can effectively alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional subway ticketing mode, make up for the shortage of original ticketing time, avoid the troubles of customers waiting in line for ticket purchase or recharge business, and make customers feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service. The subway self-service terminal and manual service complement and run through each other. Self-service equipment can save manpower cost, reduce operation cost and operate without errors. Subway self-service terminal is a self-service device that allows passengers to operate by themselves, without waiting in long queues to waste time and without the assistance of salespersons or waiters, and can complete procedures such as ticket purchase and card collection, which brings great convenience to passengers' travel. payment, telephone broadband payment, mobile phone recharge payment, transportation card recharge, train ticket purchase, lottery self-purchase, ticket self-purchase, ATM machines of financial institutions, game point card purchase, insurance purchase payment, transfer and balance inquiry, credit card repayment, credit card charity fundraising, coupon printing, business travel service ordering, public.[Related recommendations]:Application of embedded bar code identifier MS-7120 in bus code scanning[Product recommendation]:laptop 80mm vending machine Kiosk Thermal Printer MS-MD80I

  • Masung printer helps artificial intelligence AI robot application scenarios

    In recent years, unmanned hotels, supermarkets, restaurants and other unmanned facilities have been developed, that is, no one can operate in the whole process, and only one robot serves on the side. This indicates that artificial intelligence is really coming. The picture below shows the AI robot in the application scenario of artificial intelligence assisted by Masung printer. With artificial intelligence empowering AI robots with highly intelligent services such as navigation, voice and photo-taking, artificial intelligence is bringing revolutionary changes to all walks of life. At the Baidu AI robot developer conference, AI robots can make a cute response in time. For example, if someone asks Baidu to send you money, the robot can reply to the dialogue of "Baidu charges me free of charge", making the robot become a real five-star service person who "understands what you think and answers what you ask". Artificial intelligence, known as the fourth industrial revolution, is gradually penetrating into various fields of daily life, such as intelligent manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart medical care, smart devices and so on. Continuously improve the integration ability of artificial intelligence products, continuously expand the application of technology, gradually enrich the mode of "artificial intelligence products and services", accelerate the formation of positive development trend, further increase the driving role, and reach the application scenarios of artificial intelligence. With the gradual improvement of the infrastructure for the development of global artificial intelligence industry, the construction scope of intelligent basic network measures and platforms has been expanded, and the supporting capacity has been continuously enhanced. Artificial intelligence is forming a chain breakthrough, accelerating the leap from digitalization and networking to intelligence in various industries and fields, and leading profound changes in the economy and society. Masung is committed to helping artificial intelligence print and scan products and services, providing one-stop customized services in smart manufacturing, smart city, smart medical care, smart office and other industries, and providing intelligent product solutions for accelerating the localization process and transforming digitalization into intelligence.

  • MASUNG Printers-Reduce costs and improve efficiency for cinemas

    Culture is the blood of the nation, and theaters are the important positions of socialist cultural construction. Some reports show that the total number of cinema screens in China ranks first in the world. MASUNG Printer provides a reliable, efficient and economical ticket printing solution for cinemas and theatres. The MS-FPT301 series printers are replacing the existing low-cost alternatives of cinemas, thus improving the profitability of venues all over the country. In movie theaters, in order to prevent delays and customer dissatisfaction, it is very important that tickets should be made quickly without mistakes or machine failures.MASUNG Printers have achieved this again and again, providing a powerful way for cinemas to improve customer satisfaction, brand value and profitability. In recent years, cinemas have been using the MS-FPT301K printer to print movie tickets and gift certificates. Although other ticket printers are used in the movie city, the MS-FPT301K printer with low maintenance and easy use has been cited as one of the cashiers who have long been loved by the audience in the movie city. The compact and multifunctional design of this 80mm thermal bill printer MS-FPT301 means that it is convenient to install in the self-service equipment environment, and its color and appearance can be customized. It can be used for unattended receipt or bill printing with optional black label function, key opening, electronic opening and mechanical opening, front paper loading and front paper output design, and combined with embedded two-dimensional code scanning module, it provides unparalleled for remote receipt, online order, bill and label printing using standard receipt printer. Theaters are places that provide cultural services for audiences. MASUNG provides diversified online and offline operation modes for theaters and builds a profit system with low cost and high service.

  • Application of Printer in Gas Station

    MASUNG has been always endeavoring to develop ourselves into a modernized corporation with the aim to being leading in the fields of Kiosk Printer. Our printers has been widely used in many fields.This kind of Self-service gas station。oil disdensing machine has a high value and low investment,fully meet all fueling requirement.Fuel dispenser is the essential dispenser for service station,benefits to both service station owners and driver,user-friendly and safe best partner that provide greatest fulfillment for all.Built-in MS-FPT301K panel printer with high safety can provide the bills or receipts for customers. Our Thermal printer with highest accuracy,quality,durability and realiability that always provide utmost satisfaction for all.Customers and users first is the top priority in MASUNG design and manufacturing.Welcome to cooperate with us.

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