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  • Label Printing Solution for Tea Retail Stores

    The Masung brand has provided its MS-MD58I desktop label printer to tea retail stores, enabling tea retail store owners to easily and quickly print labels for different types and years of tea. , minimizing resource and time costs. Masung Brand MS-MD58I Desktop Label Printer Makes Classical Tea Retail Store Sort Labeling Simple, Masung Brand, a leading manufacturer of POS, label and portable printers, offers retail tea stores its latest MS-MD58I Desktop Label Printer, Based on its reputation for developing printers that combine reliable performance and ease of use, after working with retail tea shop owners to ensure their needs were well understood, the Masung brand recommended the MS-MD58I desktop label printer to retail tea shop owners, The 2-inch wide label contains information such as a description of the tea sample, such as the name and year, and can also print information such as bar code prices. Not only that, retail store labels require wireless connection to mobile phone printing, MS-MD58I desktop label printer is equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connection modules for customers to choose, and it is easy to print labels on mobile phones. The MS-MD58I desktop label printer can be extended to print labels such as milk tea labels, price barcode labels, bulk snack labels, etc. The Masung brand maintains a leading position in the label printing industry and meets the information technology requirements of different industries for label solutions, whether it is medical label self-adhesive solution or industrial labeling and cutting industry, or thermal transfer ribbon label self-adhesive Solutions, Masung brand provides multi-category label solutions. Masung label printers operate in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner in various industries, allowing users to easily print labels of all types.Customized development of automatic labeling products-glass cutting industryMasung printer MS-LP212B provides a solution for automatic labeling machine for blood collection vesselsMasung label printer solutionMasung thermal transfer portable barcode label printer label printerlabel printer MS-EP5860-BCatm bluetooth medical label printer MS-MD58I

  • Masung provides the integration solution of movement and control board for jewelry industry.

    Custom Jewelry is a hot topic in the industry. And the innovation of Internet and operation mode has promoted the rhythm of innovation in design and manufacturing industry, and sounded the horn of the change of offline stores. Jewelry, a field with a long history, is showing a brand-new model. In order to give customers a better experience, we are now offering a jewelry try-on service. When customers try-on, they print the main information of jewelry and visualize the information of jewelry try-on. As shown in the figure below, Masung provides the integrated printing scheme of LTP01-245-11 movement and MS-GW1245 control board for jewelry industry, and the printed contents include important information such as number, net weight and selling price. With the advent of O2O era, jewelry service providers pay more attention to customers' online and offline experience, provide professional jewelry customization services with modern style, and provide personalized services to customers by using Internet, 3D virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). The store decoration is simple and atmospheric, and 4K HD and 3D augmented reality are very modern and eye-catching. The growth rate of traditional jewelry industry slows down, the profit of offline stores declines, and the sales market continues to be weak. Besides being affected by the overall economic development environment, the overcapacity of jewelry industry and the lack of innovation in products and services are the main reasons for the present situation. With the development of the times, the jewelry industry has reached the stage of reshuffle. "Innovation" is the only way out, and we should reflect on our core business. After all, providing customers with the ultimate products and services is always the key to business success. Personalized design and customization are the mainstream business of the jewelry industry in the future, with broad development space. Supply-side reform, O2O, mobile internet, Industry 4.0 and "Internet" are the best footnotes for personalized customization of jewelry. Standardized, professional and meticulous service processes make customers feel more happy and trustworthy. Custom-made products are displayed at the front counter, so that customers can know the technological level and experience the sample texture. When customers choose and try on their favorite or favorite jewelry products, they can print out the jewelry information they try on in time, and display the jewelry data visually, saving time and effort for customers and salespeople. After 15 years of research and development and innovation, Masung specializes in providing scanning and printing integration or whole machine equipment solutions. If you have the demand of printing and scanning equipment, please consult Masung. Your demand is the direction of our continuous innovation. New Retail Printing Solution The application of MS-FPT301K unmanned self-service cash register in retail industry

  • Masung printer helps digital hotel to stay without contact

    With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, self-service face recognition devices, as the entrance of intelligent society, have ushered in an explosive period of growth. Self-service device configuration face recognition has been widely used in scenes of various industries. For example, bank account opening, pension receiving, pre-test certification, communication operators, entertainment places, kindergarten pick-up, sentry check, military restricted zone access and other identity verification, and application occasions with various industry requirements, accuracy requirements and confidentiality requirements such as access control and attendance management. However, it is still not widely used in the hotel industry. At present, domestic hotels, homestays and hotels are generally face-to-face contact management mode. This extensive hotel management mode brings great hidden dangers to hotel safety under the normal epidemic situation. Now, customers use the self-service machine to obtain the "room card" to enter the door, which realizes the contactless card-issuing check-in, and avoids the hidden trouble for the safety of the hotel. Users can self-check in in real-name registration system according to their certificates. If users forget to bring their certificates, they only need to click "No ID" on the touch screen of the self-service machine, and then manually enter the ID number. The screen can also check the face through the camera to complete the check-in in in real-name registration system. There is no need to contact with people in the whole process, and no contact can be made during the epidemic. Masung thermal printers MS-FPT201 and MS-HZ80 play a printing function in hotel self-service check-in. they are small in size and easily embedded in various self-service devices. they are configured with button opening and key opening. they are designed with front maintenance, and can be selected with three colors of black, white and silver to meet various self-service device scenarios. For China's hotel industry, a large amount of manpower management investment and regular training cost is a huge sum of money. The advancement of technology makes the hotel self-check-in service more intelligent. The hotel self-service machine passes the double real-name authentication of certificate and face recognition, so that users can brush their faces to check in the hotel and enter and leave the scenic spot, which directly improves the customer experience of the tourism and accommodation industry. Self-service equipment can solve customer safety problems for the hotel and avoid the hotel from appearing in the headlines due to safety problems. The following is the evaluation of users who have experienced self-check-in hotels. Whether staying with friends, couples, staying alone, business, etc., they all express satisfaction with self-check-in service. Digital hotels have created a new model by preventing and controlling epidemics and improving user experience.

  • Masung helps new retail enterprises to build brand products and provide complete printing solutions

    In the era of rapid transformation, "Reshaping Growth" is the key word of every enterprise in the retail industry. But no matter how it evolves, it is essentially two development trends: one is to improve efficiency, and the other is to reduce costs. The new retail industry is no exception, which means that consumers can buy more abundant goods at more favorable prices, better experiences and more convenient ways. Masung helps new retail enterprises to build brand products and provide complete printing solutions. The products with scientific and technological appearance and smart interactive experience in the following atlas have attracted the attention of the industry. Masung actively responds to the changes in the retail format driven by technology, focusing on consumers and helping new retail enterprises to do the following four things: First, good commodity circulation. The process of goods from production, circulation to sales is optimized and upgraded, which promotes the restructuring of retail formats and builds an ecological circle. The products that consumers can choose are not only abundant, but also of high quality, and there are no fake and shoddy products. This is the advantage of the new retail. With the help of RFID technology, the products can be traced back to the source, and the fake and shoddy products can be completely prevented from entering the market. Through digitalization of suppliers, warehousing, goods, sales, logistics and big data analysis, thousands of stores have been realized, and the products are abundant and the types of products are constantly being adjusted. Second, reduce costs. Mainly operating costs, logistics costs, warehousing costs, management costs, etc., all efforts have achieved low commodity prices, and new retail is based on the intelligence of the entire supply chain. Third, the interactive experience is good. Good experience is manifested in many aspects, integrating online and offline retail service experience to meet the consumption upgrading needs of consumers. For example, the environment is better, giving people a very healthy and comfortable feeling; For example, providing more intimate services through big data analysis, and so on. Fourth, high efficiency. High efficiency mainly refers to the time for consumers to choose shops, choose goods, pay and receive goods, etc., so as to reduce time and improve efficiency in all aspects of shopping. Facing the ever-changing market environment, we can only pay attention to the commercial nature of new retail, really pay attention to the needs of consumers, improve the efficiency of the whole supply chain, reduce the overall cost, upgrade the shopping experience and provide better services for consumers. As a leading enterprise that has been deeply involved in the printing industry for several years, Masung is accelerating its transformation, and always adheres to the attitude of innovation and opening up, and always adheres to the concept of creating a win-win situation. With product empowerment, technology empowerment and service empowerment, Masung will work with outstanding partners and distributors to create a bright future for smart retail.

  • Application of Masung Printer in Smart Shopping Mall Robot Scene

    With the rapid upgrade of artificial intelligence, people's lives have been greatly affected. From intelligent parking to unmanned driving, from intelligent sorting of logistics to dispatching of high-speed rail aircraft, from building China Space Station to deep-sea dragon entering the sea, artificial intelligence can be seen almost everywhere, which substantially promotes the faster development of China's intellectual creation. The above picture shows the application scenario of Masung Printer (MS-T80) to help the robot retail industry in smart shopping malls, providing customers with services such as shopping guide, product recommendation, product introduction and location guidance, and tapping the potential consumption power according to customer consumption data, realizing smart marketing and creating a new retail format. At present, the technological progress and industrial development of artificial intelligence have been highly valued by the country and even the international community, and have risen to a global strategy, forming a development pattern in which a hundred schools of thought contend and a hundred flowers bloom, and building the whole industrial chain. Masung actively provides customized printing and scanning products and competitive industry solutions for artificial intelligence robots in various industries. Focus on the transportation industry: assume the role of airport service ambassador, interface with airport flight display and ticketing systems, and provide passengers with services such as flight inquiry, ticket booking, boarding reminder, check-in process inquiry, location guidance, airport facilities inquiry, etc., so as to comprehensively improve the intelligence of airport services. Focus on the financial industry: assume the roles of lobby manager, welcome reception, etc., quickly identify VIP customers and ordinary customers, and provide targeted services such as financial product recommendation, business diversion, business consultation, and intelligent number queuing to improve customer satisfaction with financial services. Focus on the medical industry: provide patients with services such as guiding diagnosis, pre-diagnosis, location guidance, medical consultation, intelligent number retrieval, etc., carry out patient triage, provide doctors with pre-diagnosis reference suggestions, and assist doctors in diagnosis decision-making. Focus on the government affairs industry: provide services such as intelligent number acquisition, government affairs handling and government affairs consultation for the masses, provide desktop intelligent assistant services for staff, and quickly give answers or recommend speech skills according to user questions to help improve work efficiency. Focus on the education industry: it is applied to smart classrooms and laboratories, and carries out knowledge popularization, distance classes, auxiliary lectures, etc., so as to improve the interest of classroom interaction and students' practical ability. Artificial intelligence empowers robot interactive screen, and integrates AI capabilities such as virtual characters, voice, dialogue, vision, etc., and goes deep into application scenarios, making people's lives more comfortable, convenient and beautiful.

  • New Retail Printing Solution

    New retail is a new retail model that relies on the Internet + the Internet of Things, uses big data, artificial intelligence and other technological means to improve the process of commodity production, circulation and sales, and deeply integrates online services, offline experience and modern logistics.Here are three industry solutions for new retail printing. First, commercial excess silver collection 1.The consumption list is printed Accurate and safe checkout is one of the factors that affect the revenue and customer satisfaction of most supermarkets. Providing consumers with concise and clear consumption details is the key to checkout efficiency. Shenzhen Masung launched a series of thermal bill printing products, which can meet the needs of customers. The 58mm embedded thermal bill printer is suitable for the self-service settlement machine of small and medium-sized supermarkets. Users can settle by themselves, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The 80mm embedded thermal bill printer is suitable for the self-service settlement machine of large commercial supermarkets. It can quickly print. It has accumulated cases of use in retail, catering and other industries. With its strength, it can create a printer with the characteristics of simple operation, stable and durable, and rich functions, which is favored by users. 2.Shopping invoice printing Masung has launched a needle type bill printer with easy paper design, which is easy to use, easy to use and durable. Just press the cover opening button, then put in the roll paper, and finally cover the machine cover to complete the paper loading operation. The paper changing steps of the cashier are fast and simple, and the work efficiency is improved. 3.Transaction receipt printing Masung has launched a thermal bill printer for the application demand of non cash settlement. While printing fast and safely, the printer has the advantages of easy maintenance, strong reliability and large paper bin design, so that users will no longer be troubled by problems such as slow printing speed of integrated POS machine leading to poor settlement, and businesses will not be troubled by problems such as frequent paper change. Second, Product information label printing Commodity price labels provide commodity price information for buyers and are also important signs of seller's Commodity Management. The product label printed by the label printer includes information such as name, price, origin, specification, and anti-counterfeiting bar code. Salesmen only need to hand-held wireless or wired terminals to check and scan products, which can easily complete commodity inventory and management. Masung provides thermal transfer barcode label printer MS-TS101 for commodity price label printing. This series of products adopt high quality thermal sheet, rich sensors make its printing clearer, positioning more accurate, easier to maintain, fast printing speed, low noise, large paper storage capacity, the adjustable paper limit makes it easier for end users to use. It can print thermal roll paper, coated paper, tag, synthetic paper and other label, which can adapt to fast printing in large quantities. Third, Farmers fresh weighing price tag printing Electronic scale is an important measuring equipment for bulk sales in farmers' fresh food market. It not only measures accurately, but also prints out the information of commodity weight and price, which is convenient for checking out. The self-adhesive label printer also realizes the function of substrate recycling while printing, which perfectly provides the application requirements of ready-made stickers. Masung launched label printer MS-LP212 series and MS-MLP212 series products to provide printer solutions for electronic scales. Masung printers are widely used in POS terminals, automatic ticket machine, Bill label printing, instrumentation, game consoles, medical equipment, ticketer and other fields. Masung not only provides printing services, it also supports customized development of printing and scanning modules.

  • Solution of cashier equipment in catering industry

    Printing Solution for Front Desk/Back Kitchen in Physical Store [Printing Requirements] :Print the list of kitchen dishes, the queuing order, and the checkout list and invoice. [Current Problems]: Some brand bill printers have inadequate after-sales service, low printer stability and high consumables and maintenance costs. Shenzhen MASUNG provides solutions for the catering industry to print the cashier list/invoice at the front desk, the menu list at the back kitchen and the queuing call list, helping the catering industry users to ease the operational pressure. MASUNG printer product advantages: 1. Efficiency: Improve the cash register speed and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises; 2. Exquisite: exquisite design, compact structure, suitable for a variety of placement methods; 3. Three defenses: waterproof, oil-proof and foreign body-proof design to adapt to harsh environment; 4. Reliable: long printing life, long cutter life, light response to mass printing; 5. Simple: equipped with automatic paper cutting function, simplifying the work of staff and reducing misoperation.Cash register and food delivery solution in take-out industry [Application Requirements] Print the list of take-away dishes, and print the delivery receipts (including information such as ordering user information, address and ordered dishes) [Current problem] Some brand bill printers have low stability and are easy to lose orders, which causes ordering users to wait for a long time and reduces customer satisfaction MASUNG in Shenzhen provides a printing solution for the take-away food list for the users in the take-away catering industry, which helps the restaurant to improve the workflow of the meal preparation process. And provide an efficient and stable meal delivery receipt printing scheme for the take-out ordering platform. MASUNG printer product advantages: 1. Efficient: fast printing speed, improving the workflow of restaurant preparation; 2. Stability: Fine protection of metal components, effectively avoiding the loss of orders caused by electromagnetic interference; 3. Monitoring: It can track the printer's work records, thus effectively solving the problem of losing orders; 4. Durability: The print head has a long service life, and can easily cope with the high-load printing volume in the take-away industry. Self-service ordering industry printing solution [Application Requirements] The development of the catering industry cannot be separated from the management of restaurants such as member management, inventory management and cash register management. Therefore, the self-service ordering machine is a self-service equipment for comprehensive management of restaurants. [Current Problems] During the peak dining period (lunch and dinner), the number of people in the shop is limited, and it is inevitable that there will be a situation of losing one side and being overwhelmed. Shenzhen MASUNG is a printing solution for the self-service ordering industry. The self-service ordering machine has simple operation and strong functions. It can order food and place orders only by moving hands on the screen of the self-service ordering machine, thus reducing the labor cost. MASUNG self-service printer product advantages: 1. Convenient: front maintenance type cover opening, paper exchange and maintenance can be realized without disassembling terminal equipment; 2. Safety: Equipped with a key lock to open the lid, the self-service ordering machine is safe and reliable; 3. Simple: equipped with automatic full and half cutting paper, simplifying work and improving efficiency.

  • Intelligent printer MS-E80I based on Internet of Things

    With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent products and embedded printers, intelligent products bear the main part of the whole system. At present, there is nothing that Shenzhen MASUNG smart printing products can't do, only unexpected ones. China has the largest market of consumer electronic products in the world. With the improvement of economic level and the change of consumption structure, people have higher and higher requirements for consumer electronic products, especially the flexibility, controllability, durability and high cost performance of smart printing products, which can be realized through reasonable and effective embedded design, solutions and optimization. In addition, in modern medical, measurement and control instruments and new retail products, the reliability and real-time requirements of intelligent printing schemes are higher, and special printing software is needed to support them. These requirements have greatly stimulated the development and industrialization of embedded intelligent printers. With the popularity of embedded smart printers, the key is the cooperative printing of software and hardware. (the following figure: 80mm panel printer MS-E80I). Although the embedded smart printer has an incomparably broad market demand and development prospect, there are three main indicators to measure the printer's quality: printing resolution, printing speed and noise. With the rapid development of today's technology, people pay more and more attention to the use safety of printers, and timely substituting the Internet of Things technology into printers can also reasonably control the printing process of printers anytime and anywhere. An embedded intelligent printer based on the Internet of Things, Shenzhen MASUNG intelligent printer is your first. Through the design concept of ALL-IN-ONE, the control board and the movement are completely integrated into one, which greatly saves the space of the module, and has the product functions of electronic cover opening, easy paper loading, sliding automatic paper cutting, etc., realizing new product experience, thus expanding the audience. It is widely used in human electronic scales, hand-held bar code printers, gate AIDS and lottery tickets. Shenzhen MASUNG smart printer is equipped with USB, serial port and cashbox interface, which can access different ports, such as WeChat WeChat official account, applet and APP, and print directly through the ports.

  • The application of MS-FPT301K unmanned self-service cash register in retail industry

    Since 2017, the voices of smart retailing and new retailing have been heard all the time. On the one hand, unmanned convenience stores and unmanned shelves have flourished; on the other hand, shopping malls and supermarkets have been integrated into collective catering and self-service cash register. In the past two years, unmanned self-service cash register equipment has been introduced from supermarkets to department stores in major shopping malls such as over the rainbow Supermarket, Wanda Department Store, Suibao Department Store, Paris Spring, Jiahua Plaza and CR Vanguard. From the demand point of view, department stores have more passengers, more goods, and more cashiers. The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster. It is an urgent demand to speed up the cashier and reduce the pressure on cashiers. Supermarket and catering are combined online and offline. Recently, when Baijiahua Field Plaza was grandly opened,the MS-FPT301K self-service cash register built by MASUNG enterprises also settled in the floors of shopping malls and supermarkets. With unmanned self-service cash register equipment, consumers only need to point the two-dimensional code of the goods at the scanning area of the self-service cash register, and then they can hear a beep. The information of the goods (including the information of type, quantity, discount, etc.) is displayed on the screen. After scanning the barcodes of all the goods one after another, they can scan the codes/swipe their cards/brush their faces/pay by Alipay/WeChat, settle and print the tickets and leave. It can realize "zero-waiting" shopping payment in a few minutes, with simple process and convenient operation, which has set an amazing speed. In this scenario, in fact, consumers themselves act as cashiers, and since self-service cash registers basically do not need to queue up, most people generally choose self-service cash registers. The whole process of humanized interface design, voice prompt guidance and unattended convenient mode. According to the needs of different scenes, the unmanned cash register mode in supermarkets presents a multi-format and diversified development direction. In the final analysis, the purpose of introducing unmanned cash register in supermarket department stores is to improve the cash register speed, reduce the queue time and optimize the customer's consumption experience. In the future, more and more scenes will introduce no cashier or become the mainstream of payment in supermarket department store retail, and MASUNG enterprises will keep pace with the times, continue to lead fashion and create a beautiful and intelligent life!

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