Medical industry

  • The product characteristics and application areas of MASUNG MS-LB401

    China's medical science is constantly progressing, and its continuous development requires strong and effective driving force from various related technological products. Masung has innovatively developed the thermal transfer wristband printer model MS-LB401. Add strength to China’s medical industry. The MASUNG MS-LB401 printer serves as a strong proof of Masung's significant progress in desktop printers. Its main color scheme is black and white, with a light black ribbon compartment embedded in the printer and a few bright blue finishing strokes around it, providing a different visual experience. It feels like walking on a field path embedded with green wheat in the summer, where a cool breeze rolls up and drives clouds in the sky like paper to move with the wind, making people feel relaxed and happy. The Masung MS-LB401 heat transfer printer has the characteristics of convenient printing, clear printing, and free switching between two modes (heat transfer and thermal sensitivity). The editor understands that the focus of buyers is naturally on some basic functions of Masung printers, printing speed, clarity, what kind of consumables are used, and whether the operation is easy. Therefore, in this article, we will also briefly answer these questions for everyone. On the basic function, there is an external carbon belt compartment, which effectively saves space for paper loading and greatly improves the capacity for paper loading. The interior is equipped with high-quality imported print heads (thermal sensitive films), which can print quickly and clearly, and the maximum printing length can even reach 1178mm. The paper compartment is equipped with a movable and automatic rebound paper compartment bracket and a limit switch, which limits the movement position of the bracket. It has been tested that the paper roll between 25mm and 60mm is tightly clamped. At the same time, intelligent detection is integrated, with useful detection capabilities such as print head temperature detection, paper shortage detection, black label detection, and seam control detection. A USB printing interface is installed at the back, directly connected to a PC computer for use. In terms of printing speed and clarity, MS-LB401 has two options, namely 203mm/s (standard), 203DPI (standard), 152mm/s (optional), and 300DPI (optional). Different configurations effectively ensure the quality of printing, and each piece of paper comes out with the printer printing module. The following is an introduction to the consumables required for heat transfer printing and thermal sensitivity. Among them, it is necessary to match high-quality carbon belts and printing media consumables from MASUNG (such as thermal sensitive paper, continuous paper, gap paper, matte silver paper, perforated paper, black label paper, wristband paper, etc.) to ensure that the printed text and patterns have a moderate concentration, and there will be no unclear colors that cannot be seen clearly even when squinting the eyes. After all, they are official consumables (and Masung Deheng, one of our many companies under Masung Group, specializes in heat transfer printing printers and consumables production), and the quality is quite guaranteed. Do we have specialized tutorials and software for the convenience of operation, or are we unable to understand them? That's okay, Masung provides complete after-sales service and related technical support MASUNG has followed the trend of the times and gained strong research and development capabilities from thermal printers, needle printers, and heat transfer printers. It is precisely because of this foundation that Masung has continuously innovated and developed from every user use case that it can become a group company that integrates research and development, production, and sales. MS-LB40I is a printer that can produce different effects according to the different consumable media placed. Placing a wristband is the wristband printer, and placing label paper is the label printer. Therefore, our printer is very suitable for industries that require identification labels, such as healthcare, power, clothing, and jewelry.

  • MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 provides solutions for hospital self-service payment equipment

    Self-service medical equipment is increasingly used in hospitals, providing patients with more convenient services. As an important part of it, self-service payment equipment plays a vital role in hospital management and patient experience. In self-service payment equipment, the 80mm thermal receipt printer has become an indispensable component. MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 is one of the solutions provided for hospital self-service payment equipment. MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 adopts a panel-embedded structure, which is compact and efficient. It features high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability, and high printing quality, providing a more convenient and faster solution for the installation and maintenance of hospital self-service payment equipment. First of all, MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 has the characteristics of high-speed printing. In hospital self-service payment equipment, the printing speed is directly related to the waiting time of patients. MASUNG printer MS-FPT302, with its excellent performance, can achieve high-speed printing, greatly improving the efficiency of self-service payment equipment and shortening the waiting time of patients. Secondly, the MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 has low noise. In a hospital environment, noise is critical to patient comfort and experience. The MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 uses advanced technology to control the noise during operation at a low level, without causing unnecessary interference to patients and medical staff, and provides better convenience for the use of hospital self-service payment equipment. In addition, MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 has the characteristics of strong reliability. In hospital self-service payment equipment, the stability and reliability of printers are particularly important. MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to ensure its stability and reliability during long-term use, effectively reducing equipment failure rates and reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements. Finally, the MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 has excellent print quality. In self-service payment equipment, the printed receipt needs to clearly and accurately display the patient's payment information.MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 adopts advanced printing technology, which can provide high-quality printing results, ensure the readability and authenticity of bills, and provide more reliable data support for hospital management. In short, MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 is a solution specially designed for hospital self-service payment equipment. It has the characteristics of high-speed printing, low noise, strong reliability and high printing quality. Its panel-embedded structure makes installation and maintenance easier and faster. In the field of self-service medical equipment, MASUNG printer MS-FPT302 provides a reliable solution for hospital self-service payment equipment, bringing convenience and comfort to hospital management and patient experience.80mm kiosk thermal receipt panel printer MS-FPT302

  • MASUNG printer GWK80 provides solutions for hospital self-service machines

    Hospital self-service machines have become an indispensable existence in today's society. They can help us quickly register, print reports, check medical records and so on. And behind these self-service kiosks, there is a small but powerful printer silently supporting them—Masung printer GWK80. This printer has a small structure and is very easy to embed in various terminal devices. Whether it is a self-service kiosk hanging on the wall or a device placed on the countertop, GWK80 can easily adapt. Its shape design is simple, does not take up too much space, and fits perfectly into various scenes, which reminds people of the phrase "small and exquisite, beautiful and beautiful". In addition to its small size, GWK80 also has a large paper roll design. It has two mounting holes for the paper shaft, which perfectly fits the needs of the industry. This means that we no longer have to change paper frequently, whether it is printing reports or medical records, we can easily deal with it. Imagine that you are printing an important report on the self-service kiosk, only to run out of paper, this embarrassing situation will never happen again. Moreover, GWK80 also has a surprising design, that is, the print head through channel. This design allows paper to pass through without jamming. The straight-through channel of the print head of GWK80 is like an "unobstructed" highway, allowing paper to pass through smoothly, making our life more convenient. In addition to the above highlights, GWK80 also has multiple black mark sensors. No matter where the black mark is located, it can be detected accurately. This means that we don't have to worry about the position of the black mark. No matter where the black mark is on the paper, GWK80 can easily identify it, making the printing work smoother. Masung printer GWK80 provides a perfect solution for hospital self-service kiosks. Its compact structure, large paper roll design, print head straight-through channel and multiple black mark sensors make our printing work more convenient and efficient. Whether it is a self-service machine in a hospital or other industries, you can choose GWK80 as the first choice. Let us experience the convenience brought by this printer together!80mm Embedded thermal printer GWK80

  • MASUNG Printer MS-E80I provides solutions for hospital kiosks

    Self-service machines have become an indispensable tool in the modern medical field. They can provide convenient services for patients, reduce the stress of hospital staff and increase efficiency. However, an efficient and reliable kiosk needs to be equipped with an excellent printer to meet a variety of printing needs. The Masung printer MS-E80I is the perfect choice to provide a solution for hospital kiosks. MS-E80I is a printer designed for hospital self-service machines. It has a panel embedded structure that can be easily installed on the panel of the kiosk without taking up extra space. In this way, hospital kiosks can be more compact and provide more space for patients to use. This printer has a high-speed printing function that allows you to complete a large number of printing tasks in a short period of time. Whether you are printing medical records, prescription lists or other important documents, the MS-E80I can do it quickly and increase efficiency. It also has an automatic paper cutting function that automatically cuts printed documents to the desired size, eliminating the need for manual cutting. In addition to its high-speed printing and automatic paper cutting functions, the MS-E80I is known for its reliability and high print quality. It uses advanced printing technology to print clear, detailed images and text. Whether printing in black and white or color, it delivers satisfactory results. This is especially important for hospitals, which need to print accurate and clear medical records and prescription orders to ensure the safety and health of their patients. In addition, the MS-E80I features a compact structure. Its small size and light weight make it ideal for installation in hospital self-service machines. It is also easier and faster to maintain. If there is a malfunction or a part needs to be replaced, it can be done with a simple operation and will not affect the normal operation of the hospital too much. The Masung printer MS-E80I is an ideal choice for providing solutions for hospital self-service machines. Its panel embedded structure, high speed printing, automatic paper cutting, high reliability, high print quality and compact structure make it the perfect equipment for hospital self-service machines. Whether providing medical record printing, prescription list printing or other printing needs, the MS-E80I can meet them all and bring higher efficiency and better service quality to hospitals.80mm Panel Thermal Printer MS-E80I

  • Masung printer MS-EP5860-BC provides a solution for test tube automatic labeling machine

    With the rapid development of the biomedical industry in recent years, scientific research and medical laboratories need more and more identification management content. There are a large number of samples in medical laboratories, and the sampling, storage, identification, and sample disposal of samples need to be effectively controlled and scientifically maintained to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data. In the scientific research and medical experiment environment, all kinds of experimental utensils, test tubes, glass slides and other utensils are most commonly used. In order to better distinguish and distinguish various items, many special labels will be used. Masung self-service label printer MS-EP5860- BC can solve this problem very well. MS-EP5860-BC self-service label printer MS-EP5860-BC adopts a standard communication interface, which can use different communication interfaces in different communication situations. It adopts a large gear embedded, strong printing force and fast speed, and the design of the side flip print head , can make jam maintenance easier and more convenient. The printer supports full-cut and half-cut output modes to meet different needs of customers. In addition, it also has a seam sensor function detection, which is suitable for self-adhesive thermal paper with gaps between printing paper tapes. The appearance of the fuselage is small and compact, which is convenient to embed in different terminal devices. At the same time, it supports secondary development and provides development materials. It can be loaded with a paper roll with a diameter of 80mm, and the paper bin bracket can also be adjusted. The advantages of label printers are that they can be managed efficiently, reduce costs, and help consumers trace their origins. When we choose a label printer, we must first determine whether the printing method we need is thermal or thermal transfer; and then refine the selection according to the industry we are in, the daily printing volume, and the requirements for printing accuracy. With the gradual deepening of the intelligent construction of hospitals, the coverage of intelligent technology applied to medical treatment will become wider and wider. Using technical means to assist the daily work of medical treatment can provide patients with efficient, fast and accurate medical services. Maison self-service label printer MS-EP5860-BC can provide patients with better and smarter services, and greatly improve the efficiency of work.label printer MS-EP5860-BC

  • Masung printer MS-D245 helps medical human body electronic scale cases

    Medical height and weight scale is a kind of precise measuring height and weight. It is mainly used in hospitals, medical examination centers, gym and other places. It can allow doctors to more accurately understand the physical condition of patients or customers, so as to formulate more effective treatment or exercise plans Essence With the rapid development of the Internet era, the latest medical human body electronic scale launched in the market is the advanced version of the medical height and weight scale. Not only can it automatically measure height, weight, BMI, heart rate, fat coefficient and blood pressure, but also controlled by micro -computer. Select imported precision sound wave test sensors and accuracy measured sensors to make the measurement faster. At the same time, the customized thermal printer MS-D245 developed through Masung is completely embedded in the medical human body electronic scale. Its cutting knife is more durable and can synchronize digital display, voice broadcast and print measurement results. The general printed measurement results include not only a variety of values such as height and weight, but also barcodes or QR codes. The embedded thermist-sensitive printer MS-D245 printer launched by Masung is a new type of armal 58mm heating printer with a new type of helping medical human body electronic scales. It not only has functions such as automatic paper, automatic paper cutting, and black label detection, but also adds functions such as paper and paper detection. It supports the printing of multiple one -dimensional QR codes. The MS-D245 itself is the stainless iron body. Although the size is small, it is convenient to install, but it supports ultra-large paper rolls and can be used for a long time. When the flow of people who need to queue up in line, it can also easily respond with the advantages of rapid printing and oversized paper rolls. Especially the current living standards have improved, everyone has a higher awareness of health, and small illnesses and small pain. Regular medical examinations have become everyone's daily life. They often need to run to the hospital. The Minin printer has exerted their own strength. Medical human body electronic scale has become one of the indispensable equipment in modern healthy life, and printers embedded in it are also essential. Compared with the traditional weight scale, you only need to simply print high -weight information. The medical human body electronic scale can provide more accurate and detailed data.Users only need to stand on the scale, and then the device will automatically measure height and weight. At the same time, the measurement results are quickly printed through the printer. The role of thermal printer MS-D245 is to print out these data. It is fully presented in front of the user. Auto-in-paper, automatic paper cutting, black label detection, high-speed printing, quickly complete the entire process. MASUNG always insists on creating a high -quality and efficient product solution for customers. The intelligent measurement mode of the medical human body's electronic scale makes people's physical examinations more intelligent and rapid. The combination of these new equipment and Internet technology work together to build human health and medical files.KIOSK Thermal Printer MS-D245

  • The solution of MASUNG printer application in the field of smart medical care

    With the diversification of medical application requirements, the functions and application scenarios of smart medical terminals are constantly being upgraded and expanded. The self-service terminal replaces a large number of steps of seeing a doctor, and the addition of a printer greatly reduces the workload of each link in the hospital. From the check-in machine at the door where you queue up for medical treatment, to the fee receipts printed at the payment office, all of them reflect the important role that printers play in the medical treatment process, especially the professional customized printer manufacturing ,MASUNG, that has been deeply involved in medical self-service terminal services for more than ten years. The manufacturer MASUNG brand has won more and more recognition and favor from all walks of life.MASUNG embedded printer MS-D347 printer adopts Japanese Seiko imported core CAPD347, which is an 80mm automatic paper-cutting thermal printing module combined with the company's self-developed D347 printing control board and sheet metal structure. It is embedded and installed in the lobby, outpatient department, and self-service machines on the floors of each department in the hospital. The function of quickly and continuously printing bills greatly shortens the waiting time for patients to queue up for registration and payment, and is convenient for patients to seek medical treatment; it is equipped with anti-blocking Anti-drag patented technology, high-intensity continuous printing will not jam during the peak period of the hospital; the software and hardware interfaces of the printer are compatible, the design is exquisite, and the performance is stable. It supports customized bracket design for different equipment, and can be embedded in different types of self-service On the service equipment; it has functions such as automatic paper feeding, automatic paper cutting, paper output detection, black mark detection, etc., which improves the installation reliability of the product and makes it easier and smoother for end users to use. The growth of the printer module market, coupled with more self-service terminal equipment, is applied to all walks of life. Since the hospital has installed smart self-service equipment and integrated printers, scanners and other modules, it can realize a series of functions such as self-service card application, code scanning payment, medical card recharge, payment, report query, printing, etc., one-stop process, full self-service Operation is stress-free. The operation of the printer with the self-service terminal equipment can effectively optimize the hospital business process, conduct orderly medical treatment, reduce the chaos of the flow of people, speed up the patient's medical treatment, greatly shorten the waiting time for medical treatment, improve the daily operation efficiency and service quality of the hospital, and improve medical services level, and accelerate the modernization of my country's medical services. thermal receipt printer MS-D347

  • Masung label printer MS-EP5860-BC helps self-service medical check-in machine

    The epidemic has taught all mankind a compulsory life course on health, life and freedom. Only health can be free, life can be continued, and civilization can develop. The new crown epidemic has given all mankind a new definition and understanding of the word "health". With the increasing health awareness of all human beings, sub-health such as fitness and health care has attracted more and more attention, and people feel more and more necessary for the annual physical examination. The medical examination industry will show an increase in the present and even in the future. Trend, which will cause greater cost pressure on human medical resources to the medical industry.With the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence, Internet and Internet + technology, self-service physical examination all-in-one machine can alleviate people's needs for physical examination. Masung printer MS-EP5860-BC helps self-service physical examination all-in-one machine label printing. This one supports 58mm~60mm The thermal label printer is used to print barcode labels on the self-service medical all-in-one machine; it has a built-in large gear, and the paper feeds with force, so the printing speed is fast and the printing is clear; the paper is loaded with a spring button to replace the original one The plastic paper reel increases the reliability and diversity of paper roll installation; the print head adopts a side flip design, which is easier to maintain; the body is small and adaptable to a variety of terminal equipment; the two output modes of full-cut and half-cut are compatible with any industry; It plays an important role in the medical labeling industry such as medical label self-service machines and self-service physical examination all-in-one machines. Masung has always created high-quality products and high-efficiency solutions. Self-service physical examination all-in-one machines innovate health management service models. Physical examinations are becoming more and more self-service and intelligent. People's health status is no longer unknown, but Through the combination of intelligent equipment and technology around you, a private health file is constructed. May all human beings be healthy in body and mind!Heavy New Product | Label Printer MS-EP5860-BClabel printerlabel printer MS-EP5860-BCApplication of medical label sticker printer-Masung label printer

  • Masung printer MS-LP212B provides a solution for automatic labeling machine for blood collection vessels

    With years of research in various industries and the accumulation of a large number of cases, Masung has gradually formed a series of solution sets based on the concept of automated hospitals in the medical industry, helping hospitals to improve the efficiency of medical services, improve the level of hospital operation and maintenance management and improve the efficiency of medical resources in medical institutions through automated construction. Automatic labeling machine for blood collection vessels is an automatic device that automatically pastes the blood collection examination information of patients to blood collection vessels. It is used in blood collection stations such as hospital wards, outpatient clinics, physical examination centers and blood centers, seamlessly interfaces with hospital laboratory information systems and information systems, automatically and accurately pastes test tube labels, automatically obtains patient information and medical orders, automatically selects blood collection vessels of different colors and specifications, and effectively improves blood collection efficiency and patient satisfaction, reduces the occurrence of doctor-patient disputes, and promotes the efficient operation of the whole diagnosis and treatment process. The blood collection management system is seamlessly connected. After the nurse completes the blood collection, the blood collection tube is directly placed in the workbench, and the workbench performs the work of shaking and transmitting the test tube, thus saving the nurse's operation time and improving the blood collection efficiency. Features of automatic labeling machine for blood collection vessels: Feature 1: Add test tubes in batches and work automatically. Feature 2: It also supports long, short, thick and thin blood test tubes. Feature 3: When labeling, accurately set aside the blood drawing scale of the original small label on the test tube. Feature 4: When labeling, it can judge and leave visible space to ensure that nurses can clearly see the position of blood when taking blood. Feature 5: Accurately identify the color of the tube cap, automatically assign and paste the corresponding label, and do not need nurses to manually judge whether the test tube matches the label content. Solve the following problems existing in nurses' hand-sticking test tube barcodes: 1. It is easy to stick the barcode by hand, and it is often difficult to automatically scan the crooked label on the subsequent inspection equipment or the assembly line of the laboratory, which greatly reduces the full automation capability of the laboratory. 2. Nurses need to manually confirm whether the test tube corresponds to the label when labeling, which is inefficient. 3. Misdiagnosis or inability to test due to mislabeling of test items. 4. The labeling is not standard, which affects the subsequent blood collection and inspection. The all-in-one machine for blood sampling, coding and labeling makes the labeling of test tubes reach the prescribed standard by 100%, which provides the foundation for the whole auto production line project, greatly improves the work efficiency, effectively reduces the training and operation costs of hospitals, improves the satisfaction of patients, and focuses on providing refined management equipment for hospitals. Masung is a modern high-tech company, specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech products, and providing leading high-tech products and application solutions for medical, retail and self-service industries. Masung has always adhered to the road of independent innovation, mastered many core design and manufacturing technologies, and formed large-scale production.Recommended product: MS-LP212B Related links: Customized development of automatic labeling products-glass cutting industry

  • Application of Masung Printer in Hospital Self-service Equipment

    With the wide use of medical cartoons, hospitals use self-service printing equipment to improve the efficiency of medical services. Self-service registration, payment and report printer are gaining more and more recognition and favor in hospitals. The printer hardware design of medical self-service equipment mainly adopts the mature printer integrated machine to realize printing function. The following figure shows the application of Masung printer in hospital self-service equipment. Medical institutions are equipped with self-service equipment in various halls and inpatient departments of hospitals, which is convenient to use. Only by inserting cards into machines, patients can pay for registration or print their own inspection reports at any time, which is as convenient as withdrawing money from ATMs (self-service cash machines), and can save waiting time for patients. Self-service printing equipment solves various queuing and payment inquiry schemes for patients in hospitals, and reduces cross-infection and other problems. For clinical medical management, people are the center, medical process processing based on medical knowledge is the basic management unit, and medical staff in hospitals are the service objects, with the aim of improving medical quality and realizing hospital benefits. The use of medical self-service machines not only reduces the waiting time of patients, avoids the disclosure of patients' privacy, but also prevents viruses and bacteria to a certain extent. It changed the past way that everyone blindly got together and piled up at the service desk to collect bills by registration, and effectively solved the crowded and time-consuming phenomenon of centralized bill collection. Medical self-service machines are the right-hand assistants of hospitals, physical examination centers, disease control centers and other units to carry out physical examination. It converts the information obtained from the previous manual physical examination process into full information computer management, which makes the physical examination process smoother, more organized and more convenient for management, thus realizing the automation, informationization and standardization of physical examination business management. With the advent of the localization era, Masung Do not forget your initiative mind has always adhered to the principle that science and technology are the primary productive forces, and independent innovation is the foundation for the survival of enterprises, leading the driving force of innovation in the industry; Strive to keep the research and development concept ahead, face the market paperless office, actively expand other special printing fields, develop corresponding new products, and build Masung brand and personal tailor; Deeply cultivate the special needs of special industries, including but not limited to paperless promotion and application.Related recommendation: Smart medical treatment to realize intelligent medical treatment Medical self-service printing module solution MASUNG provides solutions for intelligent silver doctors

  • Masung label printer solution

    According to the needs of the domestic market, all walks of life are rebuilding the industrial chain. By developing customized printer modules and MASUNG brand, Masung helps the network of major hospitals around the world to reduce costs and improve patient care. Many hospitals now rely on reliable, effective and accurate printers to produce bar code labels, which contain important patient data, such as personal information such as their identities, blood type details of their wards and the surgery they are waiting for. For example, these labels are added to patient records or attached to blood sample tubes. The medical industry takes the localization route, first seeking to replace the existing printers to meet the daily needs of hospitals. MASUNG's multi-functional MS-EP5860 and MS-NP80A printers have been selected and applied in many medical institutions because of its reputation in reliability. Masung printer has won the favor of users because of its higher reliability. Reliability means that the printer runs stably. Moreover, in the medical environment, printer reliability allows doctors and nurses to spend more time doing their work instead of worrying about printer failure. In the medical and health industry where resources and time are scarce, MS-EP5860 series provides a fast, simple and cost-effective printing method. With the highly integrated structure, we can ensure that labels are printed clearly and accurately, and it is very important to label medical wristbands, drug labels and test samples. MS-EP5860 and MS-NP80A label printers provide high-performance printing solutions for medical and health applications at attractive prices. Masung has been providing printer solutions to customers all over the world, whether it is thermal or thermal transfer printers. MASUNG is the preferred brand, providing a wide range of top-level industrial printing solutions, and modernizing business operations in many industries, including logistics, retail, manufacturing, hotels, postal services and office supplies. Masung printer is in a leading position in the self-service equipment industry at home and abroad, focusing on the application and development of thermal labels and thermal transfer labels. If you have the requirement of label printing module, you are welcome to purchase and customize it in Masung.Related products:58mm label self-adhesive printer MS-EP5860 Wristband printer MS-EP5860-WD 80mm label self-adhesive printer MS-NP80A

  • Masung MS-PSD80 takes you to unlock the new posture of brushing your face for medical treatment

    When you go to the hospital to see a doctor, are you still anxious about what documents and materials you want to bring? Today, I will take you to unlock the new posture of brushing your face for medical treatment. It doesn't matter if you forget to carry the medical records, examination data and medical card. You can easily complete the whole process of medical treatment by "brushing your face". Let's take a look at the face-brushing artifact that doctors can treat you without a medical card. That's right. MS-PSD80 integrates AI face recognition, scanning, printing and collecting money. When a patient takes a picture of the face recognition equipment, his information appears in the doctor's computer. Kaihua check list, check list and prescription, these functions are the same as brushing the medical card, except that brushing the face replaces the medical card. After a patient visits a doctor, it can be done by "brushing his face", whether it is the charge office, the clinical laboratory, the one-stop reservation service center, the pharmacy and other departments. The whole process of medical treatment, from treatment to charging, inspection, examination and taking medicine, has the function of brushing face. Many people may have doubts about the function of brushing face. Can you "recognize" me with makeup? Mom and dad are too old to go out. Can you take their photos and brush them? The equipment uses customized 3D camera, financial-grade algorithm and general face recognition database of the Ministry of Public Security to recognize "face", and uses eye print living detection technology, which has very high accuracy and security recognition, so it must be recognized by oneself, and makeup does not affect normal recognition. In recent years, major medical institutions across the country have kept up with the trend of the times and actively promoted the construction of smart medical care by means of "Internet medical health". They have continuously introduced AI intelligent guidance, appointment department in-hospital navigation, online outpatient service, exclusive doctors, digital cloud imaging services, and virtual desktops. A series of intelligent applications make data more "running", let the masses run less errands, and really solve medical problems, including outpatient systems, nurse stations, doctor stations and hospitals.

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