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  • Portable Thermal Transfer Label Printer MS-150 Application

    In our daily life, we can see a lot of labels and tags everywhere. Do you know how these labels are printed? What type of printers are used to print them? What are the differences in the materials and characteristics of their printing? This time, we recommend a portable label printer,MS-150. Yes, you didn’t realize that thermal transfer label printers also have portable types. Not only that, this is also a thermal transfer label printer. Let me briefly introduce it! MS-150 is a thermal transfer printer for identification labels independently developed by MASUNG. As a thermal transfer printer, the identification labels printed by MS-150 can be used for a long time without frequent replacement. Even if it is outdoors, exposed to rain and wind, it can remain colorfast for a long time and has strong anti-scratch ability. Compared with similar portable thermal label printers, the printing effect and storage time of MS-150 are more powerful, and it supports multiple connection methods. MS-150 supports Bluetooth connection to Android and Apple phones/PADs, USB connection to computers,USB connection to Android phones/PADs; and supports NFC-assisted Bluetooth fast pairing and connection; it is fully compatible with various smartphones, PADs, computers and special terminals for connection and printing.MS-150 portable thermal transfer label printer can be used in a wider range of applications than thermal label printers 1. Printing of shelf labels in shopping malls and supermarkets. When shopping malls and supermarkets are open, they will have fixed commodities for sale. These labels do not need to be replaced frequently, but because they are printed with thermal label printers, they are not kept for long. After using MS-150 for thermal transfer printing, the shelf label can be kept for a long time. 2. Jewelry price tags and jewelry labels need to be preserved for a very long time. At the same time, when customers wear and appreciate them, the clarity of the price tags cannot be affected by friction and scratches. The labels printed by MS-150 perfectly meet these needs. 3. Organize personal belongings. Personal belongings need to be classified and organized so that they can be found quickly when needed. At this time, labels are needed to manage them. Ordinary labels will fade quickly after a long time or if they are frequently used, and the text will be blurred. Who can still tell what is being organized? Labels using the MS-150 thermal transfer label printer can be far ahead because they can be stored longer and have stronger scratch and wear resistance. 4. Power label printing: The label of the power box has higher requirements on the preservation time and preservation capacity of the label. Ordinary thermal labels cannot meet the requirements. The portable thermal transfer label printer MS-150 can easily meet the requirements. The long-term preservation capacity of the label and the portable fast printing capacity can easily meet various needs.58mm Thermal transfer label printer

  • The selection of thermal printers and heat transfer printers?

    People often ask me:Why do the handwriting disappear after a few months?Why does my other printer print without fading, and your printer print with fading?Today, I will introduce to you two commonly used printers:The first type of thermal printer. The second type of heat transfer printer.Many people who are not familiar with printing principles are prone to making mistakes in their choices.What is the difference between a heat transfer printer and a thermal printer?1. Technical principlesThermal printer: It prints the desired pattern by heating the print head and contacting chemically treated thermal media paper. Thermal printing does not require the addition of any ink, toner, or ribbon during use, resulting in relatively low usage costs.Heat transfer printer: It is a printing head that heats the carbon strip and transfers the ink on the carbon strip to the paper to form a pattern. Due to the need for carbon tape and higher technical requirements for label paper than thermal sensitivity, there is a significant difference in overall cost for heat transfer printers.2. Printing consumablesThermal printer: intelligent use of thermal paperHeat transfer printer: can print many types of media, such as PVC, PET, PP synthetic paper, and other materials3. Storage timeThermal printer: sensitive to heat, light, chemical solvents, and wear. After long-term storage in daily environments, the pattern will fade over time. The content storage time of ordinary thermal paper printers on the market is usually several months, and the thermal paper sold by MASUNG can be stored for a long time by breaking through technological barriers.Heat transfer printer: It can provide pattern quality and durability that other printing technologies cannot match. Compared to thermal printers, the storage time is longer, usually around 5 years. The specific time is affected by the paper material and carbon tape quality. Masung heat transfer printing consumables have multiple patented technologies, and have resin based, wax based, mixed based carbon tapes to meet the needs of different customers.Usage scenariosThermal printer: suitable for industries that require vouchers such as household, catering, supermarket retail, clothing, logistics, amount, medical, etc.Heat transfer printer: suitable for various industries such as manufacturing, automotive, power communication, medical, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail distribution, transportation and logistics, government agencies, etc.The two printers compared this time are both developed by Masung Interested friends can learn more about them.MS-LB400_Thermal/Thermal Transfer Label Printer

  • MS-T830 archive box printer - a combination of high efficiency and convenience

    In today's office environment, the management of archive documents is increasingly valued by people, and its efficiency and convenience are crucial in archive management. That's why this MS-T830 archive box printer is so popular. It not only provides efficient heat transfer archive box cover printing function, saving labor costs, but also has many other practical features, making it an ideal choice for offices such as archives, public security, law enforcement, hospitals, and educational institutions. Firstly, the MS-T830 archive box printer adopts automated printing operations without the need for plate making, greatly improving printing speed and enabling the completion of a large number of archive box printing tasks in a short period of time. In addition, due to the use of heat transfer printing and dedicated carbon tape, its printing quality has also become very high. Whether it is text or images, they can be printed very clearly, meeting the needs of high-definition and high-quality printing, and can be saved for a long time. In addition to printing speed and quality, the MS-T830 Archive Box printer also has many other practical features. For example, it supports multiple printing media, including file boxes, paper, cards, etc., which makes it very flexible and can meet different printing needs. It also provides users with more choices to choose the appropriate printing method according to their actual needs. It is worth mentioning that the operation of the MS-T830 file box printer is also very simple, even for those without professional knowledge, they can easily get started. It has an intuitive interface and clear operation guide, allowing users to quickly familiarize themselves with the use of the printer. In addition, it also has energy-saving functions, which not only helps to reduce energy consumption but also extends the lifespan of the printer. In terms of security, the MS-T830 archive box printer has also been very thoughtful. It has multiple safety protection measures, such as overheating protection, leakage protection, etc., to ensure the safety of users. Overall, the MS-T830 Archive Box printer is a powerful, easy-to-use, safe and reliable printer. It performs excellently in terms of printing speed, printing quality, practicality, ease of use, and safety, meeting the needs of users for efficiency and convenience. If you are looking for a printer that can meet all printing needs, then the MS-780 Archive Box printer is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice for you to consider.

  • Application of MS-TTR550AC-550mm Heat Transfer Identification Printer

    With the development of social economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the application of signage in daily life is becoming increasingly widespread, such as electric power signage, road guidance, indoor signage, etc. The production efficiency and quality requirements for signage are also constantly improving. Today, let's learn about a 550mm wide label heat transfer printer - MS-TTR550AC, and how it perfectly combines with wide label heat transfer technology to bring new breakthroughs to label production. 一、 Introduction to MS-TTR550AC-550mm Identification Printer The MS-TTR550AC identification printer is a high-performance and high-precision wide format printing device that uses advanced printing technology to achieve high-speed and high-quality printing results. This printer has the following characteristics: 1. Fast printing speed: The MS-TTR550AC identification printer adopts high-temperature heat transfer printing technology, which can print in batches, greatly improving printing efficiency and saving production time. 2. High printing accuracy: This identification printer has a 300dpi high-precision printing head, with clear printing effects and delicate detail processing, ensuring the quality of the production of identification signs. 3. Wide printing range: The MS-TTR550AC identification printer has a printing width of 550mm, which can meet the production needs of various wide width identification signs and automatically cut. 4. Rich color gamut: This identification printer adopts multi-color printing technology, which has a wide color gamut and can achieve rich color expression, making the identification label more attractive. 5. Simple operating system: No driver or installation, one click editing software printing, users can easily get started, and the operation is simple and convenient. 二、 Introduction to Wide Mark Heat Transfer Printing Technology Wide width identification heat transfer printing technology is an advanced identification production technology that uses carbon tape media to transfer onto paper or film through heat sensitive films under pressure. When PVC label self-adhesive paper passes through the printing head and pressure shaft of the printer, the carbon powder on the carbon tape is transferred onto the label, ultimately forming high-quality identification text or patterns that are waterproof, sun proof, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. This technology has the following advantages: 1. High transfer efficiency: The wide width identification heat transfer technology adopts a continuous batch printing method, greatly improving the efficiency of identification production. 2. Good transfer quality: Heat transfer technology can achieve high-precision pattern transfer, with bright colors that are not easily faded, ensuring the long-term use effect of the logo. 3. Strong material applicability: Wide width identification heat transfer printing technology can be transferred to various material surfaces, such as metal, plastic, wood, etc., meeting the needs of different scenarios. 4. Environmental protection and energy conservation: Heat transfer printing technology does not require the use of solvent based ink, reducing environmental pollution and saving resources. 三、 The perfect combination of MS-TTR550AC identification printer and heat transfer printing technology The perfect combination of MS-TTR550AC identification printer and wide width identification heat transfer printing technology has brought unprecedented convenience and efficiency to identification production. Firstly, the MS-TTR550AC identification printer can quickly and accurately print high-quality patterns, providing a good foundation for heat transfer printing; Secondly, heat transfer printing technology can efficiently transfer printed patterns onto various material surfaces, making the identification waterproof, sun proof, and corrosion-resistant. This combination not only improves the efficiency of logo production, but also ensures the quality and service life of the logo. 四、 Application cases of MS-TTR550AC-550mm identification printer in various fields: 1. Power signage: Outdoor power grid power signage is an indispensable safety facility in our daily lives, and its design requirements are eye-catching, easy to understand, and have a strong warning effect. Using the MS-TTR550AC-550mm label printer to create outdoor signage not only ensures its high definition, but also achieves waterproof, sun proof, corrosion resistant and other characteristics, ensuring its long-term use in various harsh environments. 2. Road guidance: Using the MS-TTR550AC marking printer to create road signs not only ensures that they can still be clearly visible at night or under low light conditions, but also improves the accuracy and aesthetics of road guidance. 3. Indoor signage: Medical and health signage plays a crucial role in hospitals and other medical institutions. Using the MS-TTR550AC identification printer to create medical and health signage can quickly identify and understand it, providing necessary information guidance for patients and medical staff. The perfect combination of the MS-TTR550AC-550mm logo printer and wide width logo heat transfer printing technology has brought new breakthroughs to the logo production industry. With the continuous innovation and application of technology, we believe that this combination will play a greater role in more fields, help the development of China's labeling industry, and bring more convenience and security to our lives.thermal transfer printer MS-TTR550AC

  • Application of Masung Wide-Format Signage Printer MS-TTR362AC on Outdoor Utility Poles

    In modern society, the role of signage cannot be overlooked. Whether it's for commercial advertising or public facilities, clear and understandable signs are needed to guide people. The Masung Wide-Format Signage Printer MS-TTR362AC is an ideal choice for applications on outdoor utility poles. Firstly, this printer is capable of printing large-format signs and features an automatic cutting function, making the production of signage more convenient and efficient. There is no need for plate making, simply complete the layout through a computer, and then proceed with printing via the USB interface. The operation is simple and convenient. Secondly, the Masung Wide-Format Signage Printer MS-TTR362AC employs a thermal transfer printing method using carbon ribbons. The text printed is clear, scratch-resistant, and fade-proof. This means that regardless of whether it's exposed to intense sunlight, wind, rain, or other environmental factors, the signage will remain clearly visible, ensuring consistent usability. Furthermore, this printer also supports printing on a wide range of materials such as PVC+ laminated aluminum foil composites and PVC sign stickers. Whether it's for outdoor utility poles or indoor facilities, high-quality signage can be produced using this printer, enhancing the overall image. Overall, the Masung Wide-Format Signage Printer MS-TTR362AC offers numerous advantages when applied to outdoor utility poles, fulfilling user needs from printing quality to operational convenience. Whether for commercial or public facilities, this printer plays a crucial role in providing high-quality solutions for signage in various environments.Thermal transfer printer MS-TTR362AC

  • MASUNG custom parking lot thermal transfer logo solution

    With the explosion of automobile growth, modern large supermarkets no longer lease properties without parking lots to operate, but basically lease large commercial podiums with underground parking lots. Such podiums generally occupy a large area and have many entrances and exits. The internal distribution is complex, so it is very important to effectively guide customers, and the guide sign system has room to play in this scene. For modern large-scale supermarkets, the guide sign system is a complete system from the outside to the inside, and each link has specific functional responsibilities by different thermal transfer label signs. The thermal transfer label identification solution developed by Masung Co., Ltd. can cooperate with customers in every aspect of the parking lot operation. Through the thermal transfer label identification plate, they can get instructions to enter the parking lot, park the car or leave. Two-color logo all-in-one machine, two-color, double-print head, double-carbon wide-format logo thermal transfer printer MS-TTR380DAC is a new product launched by Masung Company, which can print large-format signs and automatically cut them; no need for plate making, after computer typesetting, connect to USB to print , the printing process is convenient and fast; places like parking lots that need to be used for a long time, use carbon ribbon thermal transfer to print thermal transfer label signs, which can make the text clear, scratch-resistant and never fade, waterproof, sunscreen, corrosion-resistant, durable Durable; moreover, the thermal transfer logo printer can support PVC+ laminated aluminum foil composite materials, PVC logo stickers and other conforming materials; it is applied in the notice logo standard logo printing scheme, providing energy saving and emission reduction for logo printing, cost reduction and efficiency improvement solution. Thermal transfer technology enables signage to be produced quickly and economically by printing relevant graphics onto reflective panels. In densely populated places like supermarkets or shopping malls where people move at a high speed, it is necessary to use a large number of signs to guide customers. There are 6 types of parking lot identification signs: entrance and exit signs, parking space pointing signs, ground signs, wall signs, and sidewalk signs. Among them, the wall marking is mainly composed of thermal transfer label marking, which can be permanently used only by printing out the required graphics and pasting on the corresponding wall, to guide and guide pedestrians or vehicles in the parking lot. One-stop solution to the problem of excessive pedestrian and vehicle flow in the supermarket parking lot, helping the supermarket to realize intelligent and efficient operation.Two-color logo all-in-one machine MS-TTR380DAC

  • Innovative thermal transfer case | Automatic printing of medical record bag

    With the continuous development and improvement of equipment in major medical institutions, medical record management has developed to the stage of information management. However, medical record managers generally pay more attention to the connotation of medical records, and do not pay enough attention to the reform and innovation of medical record bags. Medical record bags still use the traditional handwriting method of previous years, which not only leads to the nonstandard appearance of medical record bags, but also makes the medical record management process cumbersome and cannot meet the needs of modern medical record management. Masung thermal transfer printing innovates the scheme of automatic printing of medical record bags, which innovates handwritten medical record bags and improves the efficiency of medical record management. The standard software of Masung thermal transfer printing printer is connected to the medical system to implement single or batch print, the printing system can be imported and edited with one button, fast printing, and thermal transfer carbon tape printing technology, which is energy-saving and emission-reducing, intelligent and efficient, and will not fade after permanent storage. The supporting software function automatically obtains the information needed for printing the medical record bag, and automatically prints it, which successfully liberates the hands of the medical record manager, and transforms the previous handwritten medical record bag into a machine-typed medical record file, which significantly improves the efficiency of medical record management. The printed medical records not only standardize the appearance, but also optimize the workflow, save the cost and improve the efficiency. Masung thermal transfer innovation provides a scheme for automatic printing of medical record bags, which will further enhance the medical record management level. Masung thermal transfer printer helps the function mode of self-service printing and distribution of medical record bags in digital medical record system. Relying on modern information and digitalization and the service platform of digital medical record system, it fundamentally solves the problems of slow waiting and long queue in medical record copying. Relying on the digital medical record system as the platform, the optimization strategy of manual operation of medical record copying process is simplified, the automatic printing function is upgraded and improved, and the intelligent identification and authentication functions are added to meet the authentication requirements of self-service printing, and finally the self-service printing of medical record bags is realized. The realization of the function of self-service printing and distribution of medical record bags has really solved the excessive pressure of staff service guarantee in the medical record window, and achieved remarkable results in improving work efficiency and patient satisfaction.Related recommendationsMasung provides special intelligent printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of SciencesArchives management

  • Thermal transfer case study I Masung printer makes the printing of digital signage easy

    As a leading manufacturer of POS, labels and portable printers, Masung provides customized thermal transfer printing solutions for identification signs, which makes the printing of digital identification signs simple and subverts the traditional printing scheme of identification signs. Masung thermal transfer printer provides a simple and effective method to print digital signage on site. Thermal transfer printing is to print related graphics on the reflective panel, so that identification signs can be produced quickly and economically. Compared with the traditional process of making signs, thermal transfer printing not only solves the problems of long manufacturing cycle, inconvenient installation, easy cracking and fading of signs, but also provides the characteristics of ultraviolet resistance, water resistance, anti-dropping, corrosion resistance and harsh environment resistance, which effectively solves the difficulties and difficulties of identify production and meets the needs of emergency signs. Masung thermal transfer printer is equipped with automatic cutting sign device, which can cut accurately. Touch the color display screen, easy to operate; Patented design of lifting head makes it easy to install and replace carbon belt; Software installation-free, driver-free, one-click printing; Printing speed 2inch/s,300dpi high-precision printing; Support 0.38mm aluminum alloy composite printing, durable. The thermal transfer printer provides the ability of instant startup and extremely simple production of customized logo design, which makes the field operation more efficient and simpler than before. Provide intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and emission-reducing production scheme for thermal transfer printing signs, carbon tape thermal transfer technology, printing without peculiar smell and emission, and green production process. The signage produced by the printer fully meets the standard, and the thermal transfer printer is designed to adapt to the required fonts, symbols, spacing and related information. Anyone can quickly and accurately design and print the logo on the spot, so that we can provide services for the demanders of the logo and bring considerable value to their business. The new scheme of Masung thermal transfer signage printing provides a quick manufacturing scheme for signage printing in institutions such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, petrochemical industry, UHV transmission, etc., improving efficiency and reducing cost.Related recommendations:Masung outdoor thermal transfer mark solution Application of outdoor thermal transfer sign in power transmission lineindustrial thermal transfer barcode label printer Identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printer

  • Masung provides special intelligent printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    In the government report of 2021, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to build a strong public health management system, upgrade the public health service system, promote the reform of disease prevention and control management system, innovate the medical defense coordination system, improve the emergency management and material guarantee mechanism of public health services, and create a stable and sound public health investment mechanism. Let more drugs for chronic diseases and common diseases be included in the centralized procurement, improve the mechanism of guaranteeing supply and stabilizing prices of drugs in short supply, and adopt more and more drugs for chronic sexually transmitted diseases and common diseases and high-value medical consumables to be included in the centralized procurement, so as to further significantly reduce the medical pressure on patients. Masung thermal transfer special printer provides intelligent special printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Masung is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent scanning technology development and intelligent printing equipment production, and is committed to providing the most suitable overall solution for domestic scanning and printing equipment. Masung is deeply involved in the development of the printing industry, not only the printing and scanning customization expert around you, but also the chronic disease management expert around you, providing intelligent printing solutions for the treatment of chronic diseases and common diseases. The special printing function of Masung thermal transfer printing is to print hard drug cardboard with thick material (0.54mm), and the printed contents include basic information such as medication time, drug name, patient name, open doctor, etc., so as to manage compliance, see curative effect and control complications for building a strong public health system. As the leading brand of smart printing and scanning equipment, Masung has a comprehensive and independent core technology and a complete independent intellectual property system, which adds to the positive construction of the localization system and provides intelligent and automated printing and scanning products for the development of various industries. The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years of our country's new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way. Masung actively participated in the process of national modernization and responded to opportunities and challenges with an innovative attitude.Recommended product:thermal transfer printer for all kinds of documents MS-TTR340

  • Application of hot stamping technology

    Hot stamping technology relies on thermal transfer printer for production and processing. Paper objects such as certificates, greeting cards, business cards, gift boxes and desk calendars can be re-processed by hot stamping, and materials can also be processed by hot stamping on other mobile phone cases, textiles and coating objects. Hot stamping is an important processing method for decorating the surface of plastic objects, which is not only used in paper, but also frequently used in electrical and electronic consumer products, such as hot stamping logo names. Electrolyzed aluminum is the main material for hot stamping, which is composed of polyester film substrate and transfer printing layer. Four steps of hot stamping First. the hot stamping foil contacts with the base material; Secondly, the thermal transfer layer subjected to heat energy is fused and transferred to the surface of the substrate by pressure; Third. automatically releasing the pressure after the transfer printing is completed, and automatically peeling the polyester film; Finally. When the hot stamping is completed, the hot stamping foil moves forward automatically, and is replaced with the printing piece to be hot stamped. In addition to considering the base material, hot stamping machine (thermal transfer machine), hot stamping machine fixture and backing plate, the most important thing is the level of cooperation among temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.Advantages of hot stamping technology 1. Even after repeated machine cleaning, the image will not fade, and the edge is still clear. 2. Meet the requirements of green and safe products. 3. The pigment can be firmly fixed on the coating. 4. It's very firm, and it won't be damaged in any way. 5. Hot stamping does not spread, which greatly saves energy and improves picture clarity. 6. Stainless steel tableware, knives, sanitary ware, building ceramics and other industries are favored. Many friends in the printing industry know that there are many hot stamping machines, such as plane hot stamping machine, plateless digital bronzing machine, flat hot stamping machine, ribbon ribbon ribbon hot stamping machine, etc. However, in the process of hot stamping production, according to the principle of thermal transfer technology, the re-production process is transferred by heat energy and pressure to have strong high hardness adhesion, and the hot stamping effect is perfect and clear, with good reduction, strong expressive force and gorgeous colors. Recommended products:Masung hot foil digital printer

  • Masung outdoor thermal transfer mark solution

    With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient management, more and more power stations begin to pay attention to equipment identification. As a pollution-free and emission-free energy-saving technology, thermal transfer plays an important role in the marking industry. At present, the common outdoor signs are more easily worn out in harsh environments such as ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, freezing and other external climatic factors, such as shedding, fading and cracking. The technology of thermal transfer leads the new revolution of logo. The stable chemical properties of thermal transfer include ultraviolet resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, freezing resistance, moisture resistance, no discoloration, no fading, no rust, easy pasting and so on. Therefore, compared with the traditional logo, the thermal transfer logo can stand proudly in harsh environment. The extensive application of thermal transfer marks in transmission lines and substations has effectively solved the troubles brought by many traditional marks to the power grid. The traditional logo has a long production cycle, which can not meet the needs of emergency projects such as cutting and reforming the State Grid, while the thermal transfer logo can. Traditional logo installation is inconvenient and the construction period is long, while thermal transfer logo installation is simple and easy. Traditional signs have a short outdoor use cycle, which usually fades or is damaged in about 2 to 3 years, resulting in unclear identification and harm. However, the use of thermal transfer signs can last for 8 years and does not fade. Since its establishment, Masung has persisted in R&D and innovation, and is committed to becoming a leading expert in system solutions for printer industry. Masung printer products have more than 200 models in three series, providing printer solutions in the industries of finance, medical care, social security, government affairs, transportation, entertainment, lottery, logistics, parking lot, catering, supermarket, advertising, electric power, logo, etc., creating the most complete special printing solution provider in the whole industry. The annual shipments of thermal transfer printers reach more than 300,000 units, which continuously leads in the market share of the identification industry.Related recommendations:industrial thermal transfer barcode label printer

  • Comparison between traditional signage and thermal transfer signage

    The innovation of thermal transfer technology has brought about a revolution in the field of identify production. Traditional enamel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel signs have high cost, long production cycle, short service life, non-reusable and inconsistent materials, which bring great troubles to the sign management of power grid, railway transportation, highway and other industries. Through independent innovation, Masung has brought intelligent, efficient and economical innovative management mode to the identification application field. The following figure is a comparison diagram of the thermal transfer sign replacing the sign made by the traditional process. Traditional identify production production method wastes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources and causes environmental pollution because of its backward production process and relatively complicated production process. At present, the prices of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which are the mainstream materials for making signs, are about 600 yuan to 900 yuan/square meter. The production cycle is generally more than one month, and the average service life cycle is 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the traditional way of identify production in power industry has some problems, such as high cost, long production cycle, short service cycle, non-reuse and non-uniform materials. In addition to the complex process of traditional sign production, its backward technology also causes waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. Moreover, the technology of traditional identify production will not only waste a large amount of non-renewable resources, but also produce a large amount of substances such as sulfuric acid, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the production process of traditional signs, which will cause air pollution in the surrounding environment, and a large amount of pollutants will seriously harm health. Masung's outdoor thermal transfer technology with independent intellectual property rights has fundamentally changed the problems of long production cycle, short service life, high resource consumption and heavy environmental pollution of the traditional logo, embodied the environmental protection and reliability of the logo, and prolonged the service life of the logo.Related articles: identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printerMasung is committed to the innovation and application of outdoor thermal transfer technology in the marking industry

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