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  • Innovative thermal transfer case | Automatic printing of medical record bag

    With the continuous development and improvement of equipment in major medical institutions, medical record management has developed to the stage of information management. However, medical record managers generally pay more attention to the connotation of medical records, and do not pay enough attention to the reform and innovation of medical record bags. Medical record bags still use the traditional handwriting method of previous years, which not only leads to the nonstandard appearance of medical record bags, but also makes the medical record management process cumbersome and cannot meet the needs of modern medical record management. Masung thermal transfer printing innovates the scheme of automatic printing of medical record bags, which innovates handwritten medical record bags and improves the efficiency of medical record management. The standard software of Masung thermal transfer printing printer is connected to the medical system to implement single or batch print, the printing system can be imported and edited with one button, fast printing, and thermal transfer carbon tape printing technology, which is energy-saving and emission-reducing, intelligent and efficient, and will not fade after permanent storage. The supporting software function automatically obtains the information needed for printing the medical record bag, and automatically prints it, which successfully liberates the hands of the medical record manager, and transforms the previous handwritten medical record bag into a machine-typed medical record file, which significantly improves the efficiency of medical record management. The printed medical records not only standardize the appearance, but also optimize the workflow, save the cost and improve the efficiency. Masung thermal transfer innovation provides a scheme for automatic printing of medical record bags, which will further enhance the medical record management level. Masung thermal transfer printer helps the function mode of self-service printing and distribution of medical record bags in digital medical record system. Relying on modern information and digitalization and the service platform of digital medical record system, it fundamentally solves the problems of slow waiting and long queue in medical record copying. Relying on the digital medical record system as the platform, the optimization strategy of manual operation of medical record copying process is simplified, the automatic printing function is upgraded and improved, and the intelligent identification and authentication functions are added to meet the authentication requirements of self-service printing, and finally the self-service printing of medical record bags is realized. The realization of the function of self-service printing and distribution of medical record bags has really solved the excessive pressure of staff service guarantee in the medical record window, and achieved remarkable results in improving work efficiency and patient satisfaction.Related recommendationsMasung provides special intelligent printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of SciencesArchives management

  • Thermal transfer case study I Masung printer makes the printing of digital signage easy

    As a leading manufacturer of POS, labels and portable printers, Masung provides customized thermal transfer printing solutions for identification signs, which makes the printing of digital identification signs simple and subverts the traditional printing scheme of identification signs. Masung thermal transfer printer provides a simple and effective method to print digital signage on site. Thermal transfer printing is to print related graphics on the reflective panel, so that identification signs can be produced quickly and economically. Compared with the traditional process of making signs, thermal transfer printing not only solves the problems of long manufacturing cycle, inconvenient installation, easy cracking and fading of signs, but also provides the characteristics of ultraviolet resistance, water resistance, anti-dropping, corrosion resistance and harsh environment resistance, which effectively solves the difficulties and difficulties of identify production and meets the needs of emergency signs. Masung thermal transfer printer is equipped with automatic cutting sign device, which can cut accurately. Touch the color display screen, easy to operate; Patented design of lifting head makes it easy to install and replace carbon belt; Software installation-free, driver-free, one-click printing; Printing speed 2inch/s,300dpi high-precision printing; Support 0.38mm aluminum alloy composite printing, durable. The thermal transfer printer provides the ability of instant startup and extremely simple production of customized logo design, which makes the field operation more efficient and simpler than before. Provide intelligent, efficient, energy-saving and emission-reducing production scheme for thermal transfer printing signs, carbon tape thermal transfer technology, printing without peculiar smell and emission, and green production process. The signage produced by the printer fully meets the standard, and the thermal transfer printer is designed to adapt to the required fonts, symbols, spacing and related information. Anyone can quickly and accurately design and print the logo on the spot, so that we can provide services for the demanders of the logo and bring considerable value to their business. The new scheme of Masung thermal transfer signage printing provides a quick manufacturing scheme for signage printing in institutions such as State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, petrochemical industry, UHV transmission, etc., improving efficiency and reducing cost.Related recommendations:Masung outdoor thermal transfer mark solution Application of outdoor thermal transfer sign in power transmission lineindustrial thermal transfer barcode label printer Identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printer

  • Masung provides special intelligent printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    In the government report of 2021, Premier Li Keqiang proposed to build a strong public health management system, upgrade the public health service system, promote the reform of disease prevention and control management system, innovate the medical defense coordination system, improve the emergency management and material guarantee mechanism of public health services, and create a stable and sound public health investment mechanism. Let more drugs for chronic diseases and common diseases be included in the centralized procurement, improve the mechanism of guaranteeing supply and stabilizing prices of drugs in short supply, and adopt more and more drugs for chronic sexually transmitted diseases and common diseases and high-value medical consumables to be included in the centralized procurement, so as to further significantly reduce the medical pressure on patients. Masung thermal transfer special printer provides intelligent special printing solutions for the national low-cost and healthy "Haiyun Project" of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Masung is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent scanning technology development and intelligent printing equipment production, and is committed to providing the most suitable overall solution for domestic scanning and printing equipment. Masung is deeply involved in the development of the printing industry, not only the printing and scanning customization expert around you, but also the chronic disease management expert around you, providing intelligent printing solutions for the treatment of chronic diseases and common diseases. The special printing function of Masung thermal transfer printing is to print hard drug cardboard with thick material (0.54mm), and the printed contents include basic information such as medication time, drug name, patient name, open doctor, etc., so as to manage compliance, see curative effect and control complications for building a strong public health system. As the leading brand of smart printing and scanning equipment, Masung has a comprehensive and independent core technology and a complete independent intellectual property system, which adds to the positive construction of the localization system and provides intelligent and automated printing and scanning products for the development of various industries. The "14th Five-Year Plan" period is the first five years of our country's new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way. Masung actively participated in the process of national modernization and responded to opportunities and challenges with an innovative attitude.Recommended product:thermal transfer printer for all kinds of documents MS-TTR340

  • Application of hot stamping technology

    Hot stamping technology relies on thermal transfer printer for production and processing. Paper objects such as certificates, greeting cards, business cards, gift boxes and desk calendars can be re-processed by hot stamping, and materials can also be processed by hot stamping on other mobile phone cases, textiles and coating objects. Hot stamping is an important processing method for decorating the surface of plastic objects, which is not only used in paper, but also frequently used in electrical and electronic consumer products, such as hot stamping logo names. Electrolyzed aluminum is the main material for hot stamping, which is composed of polyester film substrate and transfer printing layer. Four steps of hot stamping First. the hot stamping foil contacts with the base material; Secondly, the thermal transfer layer subjected to heat energy is fused and transferred to the surface of the substrate by pressure; Third. automatically releasing the pressure after the transfer printing is completed, and automatically peeling the polyester film; Finally. When the hot stamping is completed, the hot stamping foil moves forward automatically, and is replaced with the printing piece to be hot stamped. In addition to considering the base material, hot stamping machine (thermal transfer machine), hot stamping machine fixture and backing plate, the most important thing is the level of cooperation among temperature, pressure and hot stamping time.Advantages of hot stamping technology 1. Even after repeated machine cleaning, the image will not fade, and the edge is still clear. 2. Meet the requirements of green and safe products. 3. The pigment can be firmly fixed on the coating. 4. It's very firm, and it won't be damaged in any way. 5. Hot stamping does not spread, which greatly saves energy and improves picture clarity. 6. Stainless steel tableware, knives, sanitary ware, building ceramics and other industries are favored. Many friends in the printing industry know that there are many hot stamping machines, such as plane hot stamping machine, plateless digital bronzing machine, flat hot stamping machine, ribbon ribbon ribbon hot stamping machine, etc. However, in the process of hot stamping production, according to the principle of thermal transfer technology, the re-production process is transferred by heat energy and pressure to have strong high hardness adhesion, and the hot stamping effect is perfect and clear, with good reduction, strong expressive force and gorgeous colors. Recommended products:Masung hot foil digital printer

  • Masung outdoor thermal transfer mark solution

    With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation, environmental protection and efficient management, more and more power stations begin to pay attention to equipment identification. As a pollution-free and emission-free energy-saving technology, thermal transfer plays an important role in the marking industry. At present, the common outdoor signs are more easily worn out in harsh environments such as ultraviolet radiation, acid rain, freezing and other external climatic factors, such as shedding, fading and cracking. The technology of thermal transfer leads the new revolution of logo. The stable chemical properties of thermal transfer include ultraviolet resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, cold resistance, freezing resistance, moisture resistance, no discoloration, no fading, no rust, easy pasting and so on. Therefore, compared with the traditional logo, the thermal transfer logo can stand proudly in harsh environment. The extensive application of thermal transfer marks in transmission lines and substations has effectively solved the troubles brought by many traditional marks to the power grid. The traditional logo has a long production cycle, which can not meet the needs of emergency projects such as cutting and reforming the State Grid, while the thermal transfer logo can. Traditional logo installation is inconvenient and the construction period is long, while thermal transfer logo installation is simple and easy. Traditional signs have a short outdoor use cycle, which usually fades or is damaged in about 2 to 3 years, resulting in unclear identification and harm. However, the use of thermal transfer signs can last for 8 years and does not fade. Since its establishment, Masung has persisted in R&D and innovation, and is committed to becoming a leading expert in system solutions for printer industry. Masung printer products have more than 200 models in three series, providing printer solutions in the industries of finance, medical care, social security, government affairs, transportation, entertainment, lottery, logistics, parking lot, catering, supermarket, advertising, electric power, logo, etc., creating the most complete special printing solution provider in the whole industry. The annual shipments of thermal transfer printers reach more than 300,000 units, which continuously leads in the market share of the identification industry.Related recommendations:industrial thermal transfer barcode label printer

  • Comparison between traditional signage and thermal transfer signage

    The innovation of thermal transfer technology has brought about a revolution in the field of identify production. Traditional enamel, aluminum alloy and stainless steel signs have high cost, long production cycle, short service life, non-reusable and inconsistent materials, which bring great troubles to the sign management of power grid, railway transportation, highway and other industries. Through independent innovation, Masung has brought intelligent, efficient and economical innovative management mode to the identification application field. The following figure is a comparison diagram of the thermal transfer sign replacing the sign made by the traditional process. Traditional identify production production method wastes a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources and causes environmental pollution because of its backward production process and relatively complicated production process. At present, the prices of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, which are the mainstream materials for making signs, are about 600 yuan to 900 yuan/square meter. The production cycle is generally more than one month, and the average service life cycle is 2 to 3 years. Therefore, the traditional way of identify production in power industry has some problems, such as high cost, long production cycle, short service cycle, non-reuse and non-uniform materials. In addition to the complex process of traditional sign production, its backward technology also causes waste of energy resources and environmental pollution. Moreover, the technology of traditional identify production will not only waste a large amount of non-renewable resources, but also produce a large amount of substances such as sulfuric acid, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides in the production process of traditional signs, which will cause air pollution in the surrounding environment, and a large amount of pollutants will seriously harm health. Masung's outdoor thermal transfer technology with independent intellectual property rights has fundamentally changed the problems of long production cycle, short service life, high resource consumption and heavy environmental pollution of the traditional logo, embodied the environmental protection and reliability of the logo, and prolonged the service life of the logo.Related articles: identify production's new scheme-thermal transfer printerMasung is committed to the innovation and application of outdoor thermal transfer technology in the marking industry

  • Application of outdoor thermal transfer sign in power transmission line

    With the basic characteristics of energy saving, emission reduction and low carbon of thermal transfer products, the market of outdoor thermal transfer equipment has become one of the promoters in the field of identification. The following figure shows the market application of thermal transfer identification in outdoor thermal transfer signage in transmission line scenes. Compared with the traditional process logo production, Masung thermal transfer logo has: 1. Green manufacturing technology with low carbon and environmental protection, "0" pollution and "0" emission; 2. The service life is long. The thermal transfer logo printing technology uses resin carbon tape and UV-resistant polymer base film, which is colorfast, warping, delamination, deformation, oxidation resistance, wear resistance and acid and alkali resistance. The outdoor service life is up to 8 years. The average service life of the logo made by traditional technology is about 2 to 3 years; 3. identify production is not only low in cost, but also fast, and can be printed with one click after computer typesetting. According to the quantitative evaluation of energy saving by Beijing Energy Saving Technology Testing Institute, compared with the traditional production technology, Masung thermal transfer printer can save coal, water and steel by 100%, and save electricity by 80%; 4. The standardization level is high, and the thermal transfer mark is green and ecological in the whole cycle from production to application. After the standardization of material purchase, production, sales, use, recycling and treatment, we strive to minimize the resource loss and greatly reduce the generation and emission of pollutants in the whole life cycle of the product. Different from the traditional identify production technology, outdoor thermal transfer technology has super features such as "green environmental protection, high production efficiency, strong weather resistance and intelligent interconnection". Traditional identify production programs such as enamel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and screen printing have been gradually replaced, and thermal transfer technology has become a new cross-era outdoor identification technology recognized by more industry customers. In the rapid development, Masung has continuously strengthened itself, which has been fully recognized by the government and all walks of life. Since its inception, Masung has adhered to the people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation as the forerunner, quality as the cornerstone, low-carbon environmental protection as its own responsibility, and assumed the social responsibility of "saving energy and reducing emissions and living in a low-carbon life" to realize the sustainable development of society and enterprises.

  • Continue to lead industrial innovation and upgrading with new development concepts

    Masung has persisted in research and development and innovation since its inception, and has created industry-leading system solutions, covering R&D-type production enterprises of hot stamping, thermal sensing and thermal transfer micro bills and special printers. At present, Masung's products have more than 200 models in three series, which promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promotes the integration and development of industrial manufacturing and Internet technology, and promotes the high-end, automation, green and service-oriented manufacturing industry. Establish a green and intelligent manufacturing management system, continuously promote the green and recyclable management method of the whole product life cycle, continuously upgrade the industrial product structure, comprehensively improve the technical level of products, strengthen the energy-saving and environmental protection standards, and provide green, efficient, weather-resistant and intelligent heat transfer solutions for the innovation and upgrading of power engineering, chemical plants, building materials plants, steel equipment, nonferrous plates, petroleum and petrochemical industries. (The picture below is a case of outdoor thermal transfer transmission line scene identification) Outdoor thermal transfer mark product description Heat transfer mark is a new type of outdoor high weather resistance mark which transfers the ink on the special polymer carbon tape to the substrate through the high temperature and pressure of the thermal print head. Widely used in electric power, transportation, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries, it is a new type of green environmental protection logo. Characteristics of outdoor thermal transfer mark products 1. polymer nano materials, with non-toxic and harmless substances to human body and environment. 2. Excellent outdoor weather resistance, ultraviolet resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, scratch resistance, and no fading after 8 years of outdoor use. At present, Masung thermal transfer products have been called the pioneer of new generation logo application and the leader of logo industry by many people. At the same time, Masung is also the only company in the world that has R&D and production of 550mm wide outdoor thermal transfer equipment; An enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of equipment and consumables, and focuses on products and services of thermal transfer marks.

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