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  • MASUNG 118mm thermal transfer label printer MS-LB400 is used in express transportation field

    With the rapid development of e-commerce, the express transportation business has also grown rapidly. In this highly competitive industry, how to improve work efficiency and reduce error rates has become an urgent problem for express delivery companies. The emergence of Masung's 4-inch 118mm desktop thermal transfer label printer MS-LB400 has brought an efficient and reliable solution to the express transportation field. As a high-speed barcode printer, MASUNG MS-LB400 has two printing methods: thermal and thermal transfer, with optional printing resolutions of 203DPI and 300DPI. This enables it to meet the needs of different industries, whether it is printing product labels, clothing tags or other printing scenarios, it can easily handle it. At the same time, it also provides two optional configurations with and without a cutter, making the printing effect more flexible and diverse. In the field of express transportation, MASUNG MS-LB400 is widely used. First of all, it can quickly print out clear and accurate shipping labels, including the sending and receiving address, weight, transportation method and other information of the goods, effectively improving the work efficiency of couriers. Secondly, it can also print out barcodes and QR codes, which facilitates express delivery companies to track and manage goods, reducing the risk of lost and mis-delivered goods. In addition, Masung MS-LB400 also supports USB connection, which facilitates connection with the management system of express delivery companies to achieve rapid transmission and processing of information. Finally, MASUNG MS-LB400 has multiple sets of sensors, including gap detection, black mark detection, print head temperature detection, cover opening detection, and ribbon detection. It can clearly know the paper feeding status of the printer, which is convenient for customers. Better use and maintain MS-LB400, a 4-inch desktop thermal transfer printer. In addition to its application in express transportation, masung MS-LB400 is also suitable for catering, retail and other fields. In the catering industry, it can be used to print menus, orders and other labels to improve ordering efficiency; in the retail industry, it can be used to print product labels to facilitate customers to understand product information. No matter which industry it is in, MASUNG MS-LB400 can bring higher work efficiency and better user experience to enterprises. In short, the application of MASUNG 4-inch 118mm desktop thermal transfer label printer MS-LB400 in the field of express transportation is of great significance. Its high-speed printing, versatility and reliability enable express delivery companies to increase work efficiency, reduce error rates and provide better service to customers. With the continuous development of e-commerce, I believe that Masung MS-LB400 will play an increasingly important role in the field of express transportation.MS-LB400 MS-LB400_Thermal/Thermal Transfer Label Printer

  • MASUNG printer MS-FPT301K provides solutions for self-service kiosks in gas stations

    With the continuous development of technology, self-service devices play an increasingly important role in our lives. As a highly integrated terminal service device, the gas station self-service kiosk requires a special printer to meet its unique needs. Masung printer MS-FPT301K is the solution designed for this purpose. First of all, the MASUNG printer MS-FPT301K adopts an ultra-thin body design, so that it can easily adapt to various compact terminal devices. Whether in a self-service payment terminal at a gas station or other self-service devices, this printer fits perfectly. Its compact design not only saves space, but also provides a more convenient operation experience. Secondly, the MASUNG printer MS-FPT301K has the design of maximizing the paper bin, which can accommodate 80*80 large paper rolls. This means users do not need to change paper frequently, saving time and effort. Not only that, this design also ensures the long-lasting use of the printer and reduces maintenance costs. Third, the opening methods of the Masung printer MS-FPT301K are diversified. Users can select a button, key or electronic lock to open the cover. This flexibility allows printers to be secured in a variety of different scenarios. This feature effectively prevents unnecessary damage and abuse, whether in a crowded gas station or other public places. Fourth, the Masung printer MS-FPT301K adopts a front-maintenance design, and users can change paper without opening the cabinet. This design greatly simplifies the maintenance process, saving time and effort. Whether it is the staff of the gas station or the operators of other terminal equipment, they can easily carry out maintenance work and improve work efficiency. Lastly, the Masung printer MS-FPT301K offers both bordered and borderless options. The framed design increases the stability and durability of the printer and is suitable for high-intensity use scenarios. The borderless design is more concise and stylish, and is suitable for occasions that focus on the appearance. Regardless of the choice, MASUNG printers can meet the different needs of users. MASUNG printer MS-FPT301K is a solution specially designed for self-service kiosks in gas stations. Its ultra-thin body design, maximized paper compartment design, diversified opening methods, front maintenance design, and two options of framed and frameless make it an ideal choice for self-service kiosks at gas stations. Whether in terms of functionality or appearance, Masung printers can meet the needs of users and provide efficient and convenient services for self-service kiosks at gas stations.80mm Panel Printer MS-FPT301K

  • Masung printer MS-TS102 provides a solution for self-service gate equipment on high speed

    According to statistics, this year's Spring Festival travel is the earliest in the past five years. Compared with previous years, the Spring Festival travel situation in 2023 is more complicated, and the freeway policy for small passenger cars will continue to be implemented during the Spring Festival holiday. Such a large passenger flow has brought a lot of pressure to the management of the expressway. With the smart device of self-service ticket collection and passing through the gate, the driver can directly operate the scanning code to pay by himself, and the printer can quickly print the expressway toll invoice. The whole process is convenient and fast , saving a lot of time. The following is the application case of Masung printer MS-TS102 printing invoices on the self-service gate equipment on the expressway. Self-service gate machine equipment can also be called self-service toll payment machine. It is a terminal device that integrates three modules: self-service toll collection system, vehicle identification system and remote video mutual assistance system. Its main purpose is to guide drivers to pay high-speed fees and print invoices. The overall structure of Masung printer MS-TS102 is not only convenient to be embedded in the self-service payment machine, but also has ultra-fast printing speed and large warehouse capacity. The printing width of 104mm can be adjusted, and the operation is simple and convenient. In the past, the driver scanned the QR code to complete the self-service payment of the toll, and selected to print, and the Masung printer can quickly issue the ticket. After setting it to the half-cut mode, the invoice can be taken away completely by tearing it lightly. With the continuous deepening of the concept of "Internet +", new high-speed toll modes such as ETC payment and self-service toll payment are becoming more and more popular at the entrance of high-speed toll stations. Relying on the mast equipment of the main line of the expressway, the free flow equipment of the ramp, the self-service equipment of the toll station and the wireless toll terminal, the vehicle payment realizes the digital and intelligent transformation from "manned" to "unmanned". The 3-inch thermal transfer label printer MS-TS102 independently developed by Masung not only helps the intelligent management of expressways, but also provides a one-stop printing invoice solution for self-service toll payment machines. The invoices printed by it are accurately and clearly positioned and can be stored for a long time. Black mark detection sensors, seam detection sensors and carbon ribbon near-end sensors are installed inside, which can print quickly and continuously at the same time, which greatly improves the safety of the vehicle. The traffic efficiency accurately meets the needs of the people for a better travel.label sticker printer MS-TS102

  • The application case of Masung printer MS-FPT301K in station ticket vending machine

    With the advancement of modern technology, many stations are now using multi-functional self-service terminals. The embedded printer can directly print out the ticket. People do not need to queue up at the manual service window, and directly use their ID cards to purchase tickets on the self-service terminal. , which greatly saves the time of waiting in line. The all-in-one self-service ticketing terminal at the station integrates printers, scanners, and card readers, which can realize a series of functions such as self-service inquiry of train number information, ticket purchase, payment by scanning code, and printing of tickets. pressure. Among them, the panel-type thermal printer MS-FPT301K provided by the Masung brand has an ultra-thin body design and is dedicated to highly integrated terminal service equipment; the paper warehouse is designed to maximize the design for the peak period of the station, 80*80 large paper It can avoid frequent paper changes; various ways to open the cover, namely buttons, keys and electronic locks, make the printer easy to install and maintain, and you don’t need to open the self-service machine cabinet for paper changes. In addition to these diversified functions, Masung printers also rely on their excellent reputation to vigorously develop and innovate in the self-service terminal equipment industry. As we all know, there are many holidays in our country, and the number of passengers traveling together on holidays will only increase. If there is no epidemic situation, the number of passengers received by the station will increase year by year. In the face of this situation, it is very important for the station to deal with the large number of tickets for passengers and whether the printer can solve the problems of fast ticket issuance and continuous work. MS-FPT301K panel printer not only supports the printing of QR codes and various barcodes, but also has the function of black mark detection and the most accurate paper near-end detection. The paper width of 80mm can be set to full/half cut mode to quickly print, and the staff can query at any time The status of the printer is convenient for users to understand the working status of the module. There are multiple serial ports RS232/TTL and USB interfaces to choose from, and comprehensive software instructions and simple drivers are provided. It can be said that this printer minimizes the time and cost of station staff to collect tickets, accelerates the flow of station personnel, helps passengers reduce queuing to collect tickets and stay time at the station, and improves the overall operating efficiency of the station. The development of Masung brand printers in the self-service industry not only has self-service ticket machines that connect the banking system with the ticket information system, but also realizes the whole process of self-service for the masses through self-service terminal equipment and thermal printer modules, as well as theaters, medical The application of self-service terminal printing equipment modules in industries such as government affairs, retail, catering, etc., is easy to operate, quick to issue tickets, convenient and fast, and saves worry and effort.

  • Panel printer MS-FPT201K in France minibus printing receipt case

    In the early days, the printers used in the bus taxi are generally needle printers. Needle printers have slow printing speed, loud noise, expensive supplies and so on. Now, a large number of them have been replaced by thermal printers, which not only have faster printing speed, zero noise, cheap supplies and more convenient. MS-FPT201K, a 58mm panel thermal ticket printer with key launched by Matson Printers, has been well received and praised by customers in the foreign intelligent transportation industry by virtue of its small embedded structure and easy maintenance of the front open-cover paperboard. In the case that there are passengers in peak periods every day and only the driver is driving the minibus, how to successfully print multiple tickets every day and the driver can accurately tear off each ticket is the pain point that the customer proposed to solve. The first is a simple panel embedded structure, plastic material shell, the body weight is light, equipped with zinc alloy key cover, to meet different needs of the application, only need simple installation can realize the printing function of the printing module, even the co-pilot's storage box is no exception, as long as the driver easily reach out, can tear off the printed receipt, convenient and quick; Secondly, in the peak of passenger flow, the crowded situation often occurs. The high-speed printing of the printer and the design of the large paper warehouse, the paper loading and paper changing can be realized easily without opening the cabinet, which can well cope with this situation, avoid the frequent paper changing operation of the driver, save the time for passengers to get on and off the bus, and improve the efficiency of bus passenger reception. Finally, due to the particularity of bus drivers similar to taxi drivers, it is impossible to say that the bus can stop the bus to print everyone's receipt, which highlights the advantages of semi-automatic paper cutting of the printer. The printer is set as semi-automatic paper cutting in advance. When using the printer, the semi-automatic paper cutting will leave a little bit in the middle after the cutting, which can be gently pulled without manual force tearing. Cause paper jam. The above is the solution of panel thermal note printer MS-FPT201K in the intelligent transportation industry provided by Matson based on the needs of customers. Nowadays, the printer has gradually become an important tool for people to travel and ride the traffic operation management. It can not only greatly improve the operation efficiency of public transport, but also provide convenience for people to travel quickly and intelligently.

  • The QR code scanning module scanner is integrated into the gate of the high-speed rail ticket gate

    Embed and integrate the scanning module of the QR code scanner into the gate of the security check gate of the high-speed rail station, and scan it directly to pass through the customs quickly and efficiently. It is widely used in ticket gates in first-tier cities such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai, and second-tier cities such as Changsha, Nanchang, Tianjin, Qingdao, and Xiamen. Like the subway gate inspection machines in all cities, it can be passed by swiping the QR code of the mobile phone or the QR code of the ticket. At the moment when advocating "paperless" environmentally friendly travel, this QR code scanner is your best choice. The fast way of scanning the QR code on the mobile phone is more and more favored by high-speed rail and airport passengers. As we all know, when the Chinese New Year's Spring Festival is approaching, the pressure of the rising number of tourists is extremely high. It turns out that manual ticket checking methods and management levels are backward, and congestion at ticket gates is common. With this QR code scanner MASUNG MS-7740, it is easy to travel and clear customs. Use the QR code scanning module to scan the code and the artifact MASUNG MS-7740, the high-speed rail ticket check-in goes smoothly: By using the two-dimensional code scanning module, the fixed scanning module MS-7740 is installed and embedded in the ticket gate to give full play to its two-dimensional code collection, decoding and data transmission performance, and communicate with the two-dimensional code ticketing system through the USB port or RS232 serial port butt. It only takes a few seconds to scan the code at the ticket gate to pass the gate, which not only simplifies the complex ticket check process, but also speeds up the circulation of passengers, saving valuable time for passengers and avoiding the inconvenience caused by the limited waiting time at high-speed rail stops. It is difficult for passengers to get on the bus, and it also avoids mistakes in manual ticket checking and management, and realizes an intelligent, green and convenient travel mode. This is also the technological trend of QR code recognition technology based on the big data era of the Internet of Things.Products Recommended: MS-7740 QR Code Scanner Features: Industrial-grade red fill light, high-density ultra-long reflective barcode reading, wide voltage 3.6-6V, support voltage reset, support 2M/S code reading in motion, built-in RS232 and USB interface and buzzer, support sunlight and complete darkness Environmental literacy.

  • Application of Masung Printer in Self-service Ticket Sales and Collection at Bus Terminal

    In the past, it took a lot of time to queue up at the ticket window to collect tickets, whether buying or inquiring bus tickets. Now, with the self-service ticket-collecting machine, it is convenient and quick to directly collect tickets by ID card or password at the self-service ticket-collecting machine. The following picture shows the application of Masung printer in self-service ticketing and ticket collection at bus terminal. Self-service ticket collection is the same as window ticket collection. After purchasing tickets through Internet or electronic ticket machine, passengers can travel by car with valid ID or password, thus realizing contactless ride. In the early years, when taking a long trip by car, you should go to the station to buy tickets at least 1 to 3 days in advance. If you catch the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and Spring Festival holidays, you should not only buy tickets in advance, but also queue up. Even after the implementation of online ticketing, it is convenient to book tickets online and pick up paper tickets at the station self-service ticket machine. Having a self-service ticket collecting and selling machine not only brings convenience to passengers, but also saves costs for passenger stations. With the application of self-service ticket vending machine, the window ticketing has reduced a lot of pressure, and there are fewer ticket sellers than before. The contactless entry and exit mode has become an important measure to help prevent and control the epidemic.Here is how to pick up tickets at the bus station self-service ticket pick-up machine. (1) password ticket collection: you can collect tickets only by entering the id number and password of ticket collection. (2) ID card ticket collection: First click on the ID card to collect tickets, and then place the ID card in the reading position. After reading the ID card, your ticket information will be displayed on the screen. Please carefully check whether there is any error. If it is correct, click to issue the ticket. After clicking the ticket issue, a confirmation window will pop up, and you can confirm it. The system will prompt that if there are more than one ticket to print, the system will finish printing one ticket, issue one, and then lay the next one. After the tickets come out, they will be picked up at the ticket pick-up port below, and the ticket pick-up is completed. Since the implementation of online ticketing, the Department of Transportation has implemented another convenient travel measure, i.e. online ticketing and self-service ticketing machine. The differences in information level of transportation and passenger transport have been reduced, and people's sense of travel gain and happiness have been effectively enhanced. Recommended: self-service receipt printer GWK80 Embedded thermal printer MS-NP80A Masung printer helps Beijing Daxing International Airport become a super-large intelligent airport

  • Masung printer helps Beijing Daxing International Airport become a super-large intelligent airport

    Beijing Daxing International Airport, which not only has a huge area of 1.4 million square meters, but also is extremely intelligent and green, is called the new seven wonders of the world. In the check-in hall, more than 400 self-service and self-service devices provide convenient and fast service for passengers. When passengers no longer need to go through a series of tedious procedures, they only need to put their ID cards on the electronic display screen to complete flight self-service inquiry and baggage self-service consignment, which reduces the airport operating costs and relieves the working pressure of the staff, helping Beijing Daxing International Airport not only become a super-large intelligent airport, but also a benchmark for global airports. With the rapid development of business, the airport infrastructure and support resources are becoming increasingly tense, actively responding to the ever-expanding demand of the domestic aviation market, and actively constructing a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other. It is increasingly necessary to improve operation efficiency and service quality through the perfect combination of new technology, new equipment and business. The self-service equipment coverage rate of Daxing Airport reaches 86%, and passengers go from entering the terminal building to the boarding gate, in which intelligent and information technologies, such as AI face authentication, are used in the security inspection channel, which realizes the whole process of self-help and paperless traffic, greatly improving the traffic efficiency. With the vision of "building the best digital experience airport", and in accordance with the principle of "unified planning, unified construction and step-by-step implementation", the airport insists on building a four-type airport with "safety, green, wisdom and humanity" as its core, and strives to build an intelligent airport. Self-help mode can not only reduce the large-scale centralized waiting in line, effectively relieve the working pressure of airport ground service, but also reduce the face-to-face contact opportunities of personnel, effectively help the airport epidemic prevention work, and ensure the airport operation during travel. The following picture shows the application of Masung printer MS-NP80A in passenger integrated service terminal equipment. The blue paper outlet of the printer is matched with distinct lighting effects, which enriches the overall visual experience of the product and perfectly combines with the integrated service terminal. It is 58/80mm wide and flexible to use; The high-frequency usage scenario ensures stable usage, and the airport integrated service terminal equipment is newly launched, which can realize the switching between manual and self-service modes, enrich the intelligent mode of the airport, and greatly enhance the comfort of passengers' travel experience. Masung's products are constantly updated, upgraded and transformed, contributing our sincerity to building an intelligent airport. Under the general environment that the industry is gradually warming up, Masung will definitely move forward. Do not forget your initiative mind is deeply devoted to product innovation and research and development, paying attention to new market demands and doing its best to meet customer needs. In daily work, actively organize employees to learn and communicate, update technical knowledge, consolidate internal strength, and make full preparations for more prosperous business needs in the future.

  • Application of embedded bar code identifier MS-7120 in bus code scanning

    The MS-7120 embedded bar code recognizer introduced by Masung has been recognized and supported by the intelligent transportation industry with its excellent 1D/2D bar code reading performance, and has won high praise from domestic and foreign intelligent equipment R&D manufacturers and integrator customers, bringing new scientific and technological strength to the innovation and reform of the traditional terminal industry! As an important tool for bus operation and management, the bus code scanning integrated machine is always faced with large-flow passengers' code scanning charges. The embedded two-dimensional barcode readerMS-7120 can be easily integrated and embedded into the bus code scanning POS machine, which can not only play a role of diversion, but also greatly improve the efficiency of bus operation, and at the same time meet the living habits of modern people who travel intelligently! The bus code scanning POS machine is mainly used to solve the schemes of real-time settlement of bus fare system, passenger flow big data analysis and vehicle dispatching operation management. As an intelligent transportation industry, the bus code scanning POS machine can provide efficient, fast and safe mobile phone code scanning payment for passengers and also provide intelligent solutions for bus operation management. The MS-7120 embedded barcode recognizer realizes this function by using payment code recognition and data acquisition technology, that is, the part of the "code scanning port" you see on the bus code scanning equipment. It supports bar code reading without backlight screen. Even without LED white light assistance, its object self-induction and large viewing angle image sensor can recognize bar code. It has large scanning window, integrated structure design, piano baking process, high motion tolerance and supports reading under the sun. Its core two-dimensional code scanning hardware has both screen and paper bar code scanning. If you have the requirements of embedded barcode recognizer or 2D barcode scanning module and related barcode scanning application schemes, such as access control, parking lot charging, medical self-service, self-service counter, mobile payment, bus ride, subway gate and other self-service terminals, please contact Masung.

  • MASUNG helps the overall solution of AI smart airport digitalization and intelligent upgrade

    With the gradual control of the epidemic situation in China and the steady recovery of the production and living order, the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of New Consumption with New Modes and Modes put forward to establish and improve "Internet services", deeply integrate online and offline, innovate contactless consumption patterns, and explore the development of new retail formats such as smart supermarkets, smart shops and smart restaurants. Accelerate the construction of smart radio and television ecosystem, cultivate new high-tech video formats with higher technology format, updated application scenarios and more beautiful audio-visual experience under 5G conditions, and form a diversified business model. Under the new development pattern proposed by the CPC Central Committee, which takes the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other, the airport, as a transportation hub, faces the problem of increasing passenger traffic and doing a good job in safety prevention and control. The MS series product solutions of MASUNG products help AI smart airport, which can not only empower the safety prevention and control measures such as airport epidemic case tracing and large-flow temperature measurement warning, but also provide solutions for improving non-aviation revenue, accurate retail, intelligent parking and digital operation, and reduce the operation of the airport. AI Smart Airport realizes the digital infrastructure of the airport, promotes the intelligent upgrade, empowers the airport to bring more convenient, comfortable and personalized intelligent travel experience to passengers, and provides an overall solution for the development and upgrading of the smart airport industry in the future. MASUNG has independently researched and developed for fifteen years, focusing on developing intelligent products that adapt to market development, and providing customized and personalized overall solutions for the future Internet smart industry.

  • MASUNG helps Xinjiang airport travel intelligently

    【Market demand】 In order to solve the endless information problems in the airport, such as ground passenger service, quick security check, maintenance and so on, the airport needs to constantly adopt new technologies and new means to transform its all-round system. In this global arena connected by 4G, do you have any products and services that the government and industry customers like to see and hear? 【Solution】 Recently, MASUNG helped Xinjiang Airport's fourth-generation self-service security inspection and verification equipment successfully land, and made every effort to create a "smart airport" trip, which was not only visible but also clear:1. Characteristic appearance White and blue are the main design colors, which are effectively integrated with blue sky and white clouds, and the design is integrated into the characteristics of Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang;2. Efficient scanning Passengers scan and verify with valid documents, and the average traffic efficiency increases by 30%, that is, the number of passengers per minute reaches 6-8;3, trouble-free printing The Masung star printer MS-FPT301K is installed in the passage, which is inconspicuous but radiant. After passengers pass the security check, they automatically print the security check slip, which is efficient and fast;4. Clear guidelines Red, blue and green status lights are convenient for guiding passengers to pass, and it is also convenient for airport personnel to check faults in time; Whether it is structural design, electrical structure, system construction and other multi-dimensional research and development results, it shows the aesthetic feeling of science and technology, and effectively guarantees traffic safety and real-time data sharing, thus reducing the operating burden of the airport itself, improving efficiency and increasing income.

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