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  • MASUNG QR Code Scanner MS-7160N provides solution for self-service car wash payment machine

    The popularity of Masung 2D self-service car wash provides people with a more convenient and economical way to clean their cars. With the continuous advancement of technology, QR code payment has become an indispensable part of modern life. In order to meet the market demand, Masung launched the new 2D code scanner MS-7160N, which provides an efficient and reliable solution for self-service car wash payment machines. The panel embedded structure is one of the highlights of Masung's QR code scanner MS-7160N. Its compact design can be easily embedded in the panel of self-service car wash payment machine, which is not only beautiful and elegant, but also space-saving. The adoption of this structure makes the scanner more coherent with the overall appearance of the car wash, providing a better user experience. Fast scanning is another outstanding feature of the MS-7160N. Equipped with a high-performance scanning engine, the scanner is capable of scanning 2D codes in an instant. Whether the QR code is on paper or electronic screen, the MS-7160N can easily identify and parse it, providing users with a fast and accurate payment experience. High reliability is one of the important features of Masung's QR Code Scanner MS-7160. It adopts advanced optical technology and stable hardware design to work stably in various environments. Whether in high temperature, low temperature or high humidity, the MS-7160N maintains excellent performance to ensure a smooth payment process for users. Perfect compatibility with paper and electronic screens is another major advantage of the MS-7160N. The widespread use of QR code payment methods allows users to make payments through electronic devices such as cell phones and tablets. MS-7160N can not only accurately scan QR codes on paper, but also easily recognize QR codes on electronic screens, providing users with a more convenient payment option. Easy and fast installation and maintenance is the final highlight of the Masung QR Code Scanner MS-7160N. Its simple structure design makes the installation process easy and fast, without complicated debugging steps. The MS-7160N is also less costly to maintain and easier to replace parts. These features greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the car wash and improve the reliability and stability of the equipment. Masung's QR code scanner MS-7160N provides a reliable solution for self-service car wash bill payers. Its panel embedded structure, fast scanning, high reliability, perfect compatibility with paper and electronic screens and easy and quick installation and maintenance highlights make MS-7160N an ideal choice for self-service car wash payment machines. Both car owners and car wash operators can get a better usage experience and economic benefits from it.Embedded Scan Module MS-7160N

  • MASUNG Scanner MS-7740 provides solutions for the self-service industry

    With the increasing maturity of today's barcode technology, its application in the cinema industry is becoming more and more widespread, especially during the period combined with the QR code scanning equipment, non-contact intelligent scanning application with the cinema self-service terminal can effectively reduce the risk of contact contamination, provide auxiliary intelligent scanning solutions for code pickup, payment settlement, and provide users with safe and secure, convenient and efficient cinema real-time services. Masung scanner MS-7740 has barcode reader and embedded module, can support customization also can quickly read or automatically scan, using a global exposure lens, with fast grasping technology, can achieve rapid reading in the process of movement. Read in all environments, can read barcodes quickly in both sunlight and total darkness. In addition, it can be used in multi-industry fields such as: retail, medical, DMV, government, pharmaceutical vending cabinets, etc. MASUNG Group is a high-tech enterprise based on diversified, intelligent and customized one-stop solutions with ticket printers as the leading and innovative direction around the theme of scanning and printing. MASUNG always adheres to science and technology is the first productive force, independent innovation is the root of enterprise survival, from ticket printing, thermal transfer printing, image recognition key pieces of core technology breakthroughs to special printing, scanning, the development of the whole machine, and then to multi-technology integration and product development, we continue to extend the industrial chain, professional, innovation, integrity, service, comprehensive improvement of intelligent manufacturing level and the whole machine delivery capacity, more create value. In short, with the continuous development of science and technology, the application scenario of embedded barcode scanner will continue to expand. This "barcode identification module" can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy, reduce the workload of personnel, but also simple and portable operation, which brings a lot of convenience to people's daily life. I believe that in the near future, embedded barcode scanner will be promising!Bar code readerMS-7740

  • Masung printer MS-7710 provides a solution for cash register

    With the popularity of scanning code payment, mobile payment has become the preferred payment method for more and more consumers when shopping. For merchants, barcode scanners seem to have become an indispensable "payment method" for offline supermarkets and convenience stores. Customers only need to use their mobile phone Alipay or WeChat payment QR code to align with the scanner of the self-service cash register, and they can quickly complete the transaction of goods. Masung (Meisong is the brand name of a professional printer manufacturer and supplier)printer MS-7710 can quickly identify paper and screen barcodes, has a highly compatible transmission interface, and can adapt to more devices, so data transmission is safer and more reliable. The interface is very rich, built-in RS232, USB, TTL5V, TTL3. 3V. With high integration and 21mm thick small body, it is very convenient for highly integrated application environment. MASUNG(Meisong is the brand name of a professional printer manufacturer and supplier) printer MS-7710 can have both one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes; paper and mobile phone code scanning, diffuse reflection fill light is softer, integrated buzzer, fill light, terminal interface on one board, more stable, With 3.6-6V wide voltage design and ESD protection circuit, it also has OCR ID card reading (optional). In addition to the powerful scanning function, Masung printer MS-7710 can accurately identify and support various types of codes, such as folding codes, irregular codes, screen codes, fuzzy codes, color codes, and reflective codes. A variety of scene applications support supermarkets, logistics, airports, hospitals, etc., which is convenient for thousands of users. MASUNG(Meisong is the brand name of a professional printer manufacturer and supplier) printer MS-7710 provides users with a new scanning experience, with powerful scanning functions, and provides users with a more convenient solution. If you are looking for a powerful scanner, you may wish to consider Mason Printer MS-7710, I believe it will bring you unexpected surprises.Embedded scanning module

  • Application case of MASUNG QR code helping smart retail terminal code scanning equipment

    As the offline store format is facing the pressure of rising manpower and land rent costs, smart retail terminal equipment has become a new dividend growth point. These devices are simple, flexible, and occupy a small area. They can lay the smallest units in as many suitable scenarios and users as possible in the fields of catering, fresh food, and fast food, so as to efficiently obtain traffic and improve efficiency.The rapid popularization of smart terminals is inseparable from the addition of QR code scanners, especially in this era of comprehensive development of mobile payment, traditional cash payment seems to have become a thing of the past, and people have become accustomed to going out without cash. In order to meet the needs of consumers for cashless payment, smart retail terminals realize mobile scanning payment by embedding QR code scanning devices, providing consumers with more convenience. As a barcode scanner equipment manufacturer, MASUNG has launched a series of QR code scanning equipment suitable for smart retail terminals.MS-3102 is a fast barcode reader QR code scanning module, which adopts the self-developed leading decoding core technology, integrated design of image collector and decoding board, high integration, fast response; high motion tolerance Function, using a megapixel global exposure lens, with fast capture technology, to achieve fast reading during motion; with an expandable speaker, after recognizing the barcode, there will be a "beep", crisp and clear, reminding the user that the scan has been scanned; available USB, USB COM, and RS232 communication interfaces to meet more interface requirements; It is specially optimized for the retail scene of supermarkets, while the product code is quickly read and read, the payment code is also easy to handle; optimized algorithm and fill light structure, for high density, Incomplete and reflective barcodes are easy to read; with an ultra-wide field of view, it can read large-screen codes on mobile phones at a wider angle; it also supports rapid development and customization needs, and cooperates with customers to provide one-stop solutions for scanning codes. When using a smart retail terminal embedded with a QR code scanning device, consumers can directly purchase the products they need, align the bar code of the product with the scanner window for recognition, and then open the Alipay payment code on the mobile phone and scan. It against the QR code Payment can be made at the window, and the checkout process of the intelligent payment channel is very fast, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources and time. As a professional barcode equipment manufacturer, MASUNG has 17 years of industry experience and has great advantages in quality and service. If you have any needs in this regard, welcome to consult!cinema usb scanning platform for pc MS-72CJ-HPS

  • Masung Toka 2D scanner realizes self-service ticket collection

    The emergence of the mobile Internet has brought about the arrival of the digital age, making people's lives more and more convenient, and mobile digital payment is the core element of the digital age. system, financial services, etc. From the perspective of consumption habits, mobile digital payment has penetrated into all aspects of daily life, such as eating, drinking, traveling, paying medical bills, and doing government affairs. Today, let’s talk about going to the cinema to watch movies. The way of buying and booking tickets is no longer so simple and limited. Among them, in the cinema, there are one self-service ticket machine set up in the self-service ticket collection area. Simple and fast, follow the prompts displayed on the screen to click until the last online payment link, just open the corresponding QR code of the mobile app and scan the scanning window to complete the ticket collection process, and the ticket can be collected in a short time. Watching a movie. Are you still worried that you will not be able to reach the tickets in line for half an hour to watch a movie? Now major cinemas will be equipped with several such self-service ticket machines. How can it achieve such a smart ticket purchase? Unexpectedly, such self-service terminals need to be embedded with two-dimensional scanner devices in order to realize the quick function of self-service mobile payment. For this kind of self-service terminal, the 2D scanning module can not only be embedded in the cinema self-service ticket machine for scanning code to collect tickets, but also embedded in the self-service vending machine for mobile phone barcode payment function and conference check-in terminal for scanning code check-in, etc. Wait. The application range is very wide! Masung Toka QR code scanner requires extraordinary security reliability and excellent scanning and identification technical support in scanning, identification, secure payment and other technologies. When movie theaters were queuing up at manual ticket booths for their many fans, QR code scanners turned to leading secure scanning payment solutions to enable self-service ticket collection for movie theaters. QR code scanning moduleApplication of QR code scanning in lifeThe MS-2104 of Masung is a self-help development scheme in European Healthy Green Co

  • Face recognition temperature measurement scanner all-in-one solution to promote new trends in epidemic prevention applications

    Affected by the epidemic, Shenzhen's epidemic prevention work is severe, and people are both distant and connected. Normalized epidemic prevention and control has gradually penetrated into all aspects of life, and each of us needs to be treated correctly. The face recognition and temperature measurement integrated machine project is the infrastructure of the urban epidemic prevention intelligent system. It manages temperature measurement, health code, itinerary and accounting detection information in an information-based manner to achieve daily intelligent verification and implement integrated management of epidemic prevention work. Improve the management and control ability of epidemic prevention work. As a manufacturer of QR code scanners, Masung Toka is an all-in-one solution for face recognition and temperature measurement scanners. MS-7710 series code scanners meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control scanning codes, and have been successfully applied in Shenzhen. Property management of a community in Longhua.The advantages of MS-7710 series products are as follows:1. Ultra-thin body, small size, more convenient to integrate into the face machine;2. Optimize for mobile phone codes, especially for low-contrast barcodes such as green codes;3. In view of the core pain points, the code reading under the sun is optimized, and the normal reading of the barcode on the mobile phone can also be guaranteed in the direct sunlight mode;4. The interface is rich and the SDK is perfect, which is convenient for customized development. Face recognition temperature measurement Masung Toka scanner all-in-one solution meets the market demand for face recognition temperature measurement scanners. By swiping face, ID card or scanning health code, multiple verifications can be quickly completed, which is conducive to the realization of access personnel Information monitoring and management facilitates timely elimination of potential risks and promotes new trends in epidemic prevention applications. related suggestion code bar scanner bar code scanner MS-7710N"Internet QR code intelligent access control" to open the door by brushing the phone Application of Mobile Phone QR Code Access Control in Smart CommunityEmbedded scanning module

  • "Internet QR code intelligent access control" to open the door by brushing the phone

    With the help of the Internet, the two-dimensional code access control device can open the door by brushing the mobile phone, realize the real-time registration and tracking of the entry and exit information of the community personnel, solve the potential safety hazards of the traditional access card, such as being difficult to carry and easy to lose, prevent various unsafe factors, and help the community safety management. Needless to say, the safety of community access control is the top priority for every owner. With the development of urbanization, the access control system in many residential areas often fails and cannot be closed in time, which leads to potential safety hazards for non-residential personnel to enter and exit at will. Science and technology make life smarter. Shenzhen MASUNG has launched an application scheme of intelligent access control automatic identification system combining Internet of Things and two-dimensional code, upgrading traditional access control equipment through two-dimensional code scanning head, and realizing digital control of access personnel by property department in combination with Internet two-dimensional code access control system. This scheme of "Internet two-dimensional code intelligent access control" requires users to upload ID number, mobile phone number and other information for real-name authentication when installing access control APP software, and all the information needs to be verified to ensure the accuracy of the information. When the user enters and exits the community, the dynamic QR code generated on the mobile phone software app is close to the scanning window of the smart door lock, and the identity confirmation will automatically open the door. In addition, the two-dimensional code access control also has the function of "visitor authorization". When relatives and friends visit, the owner can transmit the visitor's time-sensitive access control two-dimensional code through online remote authorization information, and open the door for temporary visitors' access control authorization. Two-dimensional code access control brush is more intelligent than traditional access control mode! This scheme has been widely recognized by the community. Many communities have introduced the upgrading scheme of "Internet two-dimensional code intelligent access control", and residents can generate dynamic access control two-dimensional code on their mobile phones to realize one-code access. Shenzhen Masung specializes in providing access control two-dimensional code module, barcode scanner and two-dimensional code access control scanning scheme. Welcome to consult Masung official website customer service and contact us.

  • 2D code access control promotes "Internet waste product recycling"

    With the popularization and application of the 2D code access control, it is stated in "Supply and Marketing Headquarters: Promoting the Integration of Urban and Rural Sanitation" that online recycling and other new recycling methods are carried out by using technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, so as to broaden recycling channels, promote "Internet waste recycling" and build an online and offline integrated environmental service system. Through the two-dimensional code access control, the information management of "Internet waste product recycling" is promoted, and all links of garbage classification are intelligently managed from garbage classification publicity, garbage classification delivery, garbage classification collection and garbage transportation. At present, in China, garbage disposal methods are different in different cities. According to the comprehensive situation of each place, it is set according to local conditions. For example, a company in Shanghai adopts the system of rewarding garbage classification points or returning red envelopes, encouraging residents to classify garbage, installing two-dimensional code access control on garbage recycling equipment, and docking with intelligent garbage classification system, so that residents can scan code to put garbage and collect red envelopes. However, in life, we see more intelligent garbage sorting and recycling machines, that is, the garbage is put in by scanning the code through the QR code or swiping the card out of the box. The system will calculate the amount according to the nature of the recycled products, and the funds will be deposited in the resident classification card. Residents can apply to withdraw the money from their accounts, and can also exchange points for daily necessities online. MASUNG QR code scanning module MS-7740 is suitable for "Internet waste product recycling" equipment. It is small in size and easy to install in highly integrated environment. It has industrial-grade red fill light, supports reading in the sun and completely dark environment, supports voltage reset with wide voltage of 3.6-6V, supports code reading in motion at 2M/S, and recognizes at ultra-high speed. It has built-in RS232 and USB interfaces and buzzer. Shenzhen MASUNG is a professional supplier and manufacturer of OEM and ODM two-dimensional code access control scanning heads, two-dimensional code scanning modules, two-dimensional code scanners and access control scanning modules, providing solutions for the global two-dimensional code access control to realize "Internet waste goods recycling".

  • Application of Mobile Phone QR Code Access Control in Smart Community

    In contemporary society, it is not difficult to find in smart residential areas, high-end office buildings and other scenes that intelligent two-dimensional code access control gradually replaces traditional access cards, and the combination of embedded two-dimensional code scanning equipment and access control controller achieves the deep integration of "Internet" and property management. 2D code access control is based on mobile phones. First, let's take a look at the advantages of mobile phone two-dimensional code access control. (1) Security: Users only need to rely on one person and one yard assigned by the property or access control APP, and the scan code passes, and the two-dimensional code is invalid when it is used up. The two-dimensional code contains user identity information, which perfectly solves the problem of potential safety hazards. Therefore, the two-dimensional code access control solves the pain point of "forgetting to carry, being easy to lose, being certified by real-name registration system and being easy to be copied or cracked" of traditional access cards, and at the same time promotes the intelligent management and card-free passage of smart communities. (2) Efficiency: Users can enter and exit by scanning the scanning window of QR code access control with their mobile phone QR code. If they are visitors, they need to apply for "temporary QR code for visitors", and then they can pass the scanning code after verification. The identity information of users or visitors will be uploaded to the property management terminal of two-dimensional code access control in time, so as to realize real-time monitoring of users or visitors entering and leaving, and ensure that the property management terminal can timely and accurately grasp the information data of people entering and leaving. (3) Good experience: In the new era of the combination of Internet technology and two-dimensional code reading technology, the mobile phone two-dimensional code access control has been successfully promoted to a new access control in the smart community, and the mobile phone is an "access card" that combines security, efficiency and good experience. 1D/2D code embedded scanning head is the core bar code scanning and identification accessory for mobile phone two-dimensional code access control, and its function in access control is obvious. How to choose the appropriate embedded scanning head in smart community mobile phone QR code access control? At present, the MS-20 series of MASUNG embedded scanning head has been successfully recognized by users. The MS-20 embedded 2D code module specializes in reading 1D/2D/paper/mobile phone code scanning, diffuse reflection lighting, integrated buzzer, 3.6-6V wide voltage design, ESD protection circuit and OCR ID card reading (optional). The following figure shows the application case sharing of MS-20 in entrance guard. As a manufacturer and service provider of bar code scanning and printing equipment, MASUNG specializes in providing customers with overall solutions for scanning and printing equipment. Masung can not only provide sample testing and technical services for various bar code scanning and printing equipment, but also provide OEM customized development services to meet the market needs of two-dimensional code products. We look forward to cooperating with you, and your satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit.

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