Solution of automatic file box/file cover/file printing system
2021-07-23 13:53

      the department of Public Security and Law Department, can't make mistakes and is time-consuming and labor-intensive, which requires extremely high accuracy and clarity of data, and the clerk's manual filing work is extremely heavy.
     The use of MASUNG file printing system instead of manual writing can perfectly standardize the workflow, improve the efficiency of personnel, help judicial workers liberate their manpower from tedious mechanical work and devote more energy to serving the people.

Product introduction
        MASUNG Archives printer thermal transfer printer is equipped with special operating software, which can be skillfully operated without any professional knowledge! After editing and typesetting by computer, it can be output and printed through USB without plate making.the printing speed can reach 6 per minute, realizing high-speed printing, 90-degree paper feeding, and paper output mode after advancing. It adopts carbon ribbon thermal transfer printing, supports carbon ribbon printing of different colors, makes the text clear and scratch-resistant and never fades, and can automatically adjust file boxes with different back widths.
       Archives printer thermal transfer printer is convenient and quick to use, with high reliability, simple operation and maintenance, and is your money-saving printing expert.

Product application value

Application value of automatic file box/file cover/file printing system


Completion method


Checking takes time

Error rate

Degree of neatness

Complaint rate during transmission






Scrawled handwriting varies from person to person, and the recognition is low

Print and paste


No need to check


Easy to fall off

Easy to fall off and increase complaints

System printing


No need to check


Beautiful and neat

Perfect, no complaints

Product application recommendation

Print type

Recommended adaptation models

Model characteristics


file box


Caring for archivists, customizing models for digital transformation enterprises, supporting 9cm and 18cm back national standard file box printing, and customizing more humanized configurations.

standard software Access OA system



The MS-STT430 oversized paper bin is suitable for batch print. The MS-TTR340 model is compact, with small desktop space and large office space.

standard software Industry software

Roll case file


The MS-TTR340 model is compact, with small desktop space and large office space.The MS-STT430 oversized paper bin is suitable for batch print.

standard software Industry software

Chapter of file number


Print the cover number of bound and different thickness documents

standard software Industry software

Print proofs of products

Product advantage
1. carry out secondary printing on the cover of the printed files;
2. The software docking system avoids the problems of slow manual entry and wrong writing;
3. The equipment adopts carbon ribbon thermal transfer technology, and the consumables have no peculiar smell and are green and environmentally friendly;
4. The printed text is clear, colorfast and can be preserved for more than 50 years.

Disadvantages of products: The requirements for printed materials are relatively high, and hard or rough materials cannot be printed.


Q: Multi-language, besides English, how can other multi-languages be realized?
   A: All the languages that can be edited on the software are supported (the final print to the printer is in the form of a picture)
Q: The document is edited by a software. The customer has PDF and Word. Is it imported directly?
   A: Tune and drive printing
Q: The choice of carbon ribbon, the choice of color, the way of packing, and the packing in wooden cases?
   A: The color printed by thermal transfer printing is determined by the ribbon, which is usually printed by red or black carbon ribbon, and the carbon ribbon is packed in cartons.

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