Application value of intelligent printing system of Masung archives files printer
2021-08-06 13:56

       The localization process has accelerated the promotion and application of self-service intellectual property products in various government departments. Masung products have been selected as short-listed brands and designated products in various government agencies, especially in the fields of archives management and political and legal systems. Masung printers have been ranked nationwide, realizing the real industry leader, and opening new standards for the use of archives industry, and the utilization rate of the industry has doubled.

     "Intelligent cover printing system" has files, roll covers, file covers and file boxes in batch print kraft paper system. It is suitable for government departments such as the Public Security and Law Department to print the archived file cover information, which is used to solve the problems of low efficiency, easy error, illegible handwriting and so on caused by manual writing of the cover information; The system can also provide seamless connection between printing application software and government OA system or enterprise ERP system data, so as to realize more efficient cover output.


Application value of intelligent cover printing system



Before use (manual writing)

After use

 (machine printing)

Effect after use

File printing

VS Handwriting of dossier

Handwriting time

5 minutes/serving

6 seconds/copy

Working hours are increased by 50 times

Check the time after handwriting

30 seconds/copy

No need to check

Improve efficiency and save time

Handwriting neatness

The handwriting is lacquered and irregular

The handwriting is neat and standard

Beautiful and neat

Handwriting accuracy rate

It is prone to mistakes and difficult to predict

Transfer system data printing, The accuracy rate is 100%

Exactly correct, no need to check

Regular filing situation

Complaint situation

It varies from person to person, and the handwriting is difficult to recognize

The handwriting is neat

Standardized and neat

Satisfaction level

Mistakes and omissions, dissatisfaction

No mistakes and omissions, satisfaction

The specification is clear and error-free, and it is very satisfactory

Product characteristics
1. can print files, rolls, file covers, file boxes and other kraft paper texture materials
2. The thermal transfer printing method is truly maintenance-free
3. The printing noise is low and the speed is fast
4. Consumables are environmentally friendly, free of peculiar smell, low in cost, and can be stored permanently
5. Can dock OA system and ERP system, enhance efficiency and reduce manual input errors

software function
1. the establishment and management of new templates
2. Selective printing of single or batch data
3.Excel database import and batch print
4.API database docking
5.ERP software system docking
6. Software customization with special needs of users

Application scenario
1. The Public Security and Law Department transmits files and archives files
2. Archives management filing
3. The approval documents of the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau belong to
4. Filing of real estate center documents
5. Filing of documents and personnel of major educational institutions

         Masung products can be deployed in courts, procuratorates, government affairs examination and approval centers, hospitals, colleges and universities, archives bureaus and other places that have a great demand for file sorting, so as to print the cover of files, standardize the office image and improve the work efficiency.

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