Hunan Meiyin Electronics Participates in 2023 Changsha Global Smart City Conference
2023-11-07 14:01

I. Changsha Global Smart City Conference

      On November 2, the "2023 Global Smart City Congress - Changsha", which was guided by the Changsha Municipal People's Government and co-sponsored by the Global Smart City Congress and Changsha Data Resource Management Bureau, was successfully concluded.

      Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the world's largest exhibition focusing on the smart development and transformation of cities and society. With the theme of "Building and Sharing a Universal City", the Congress brings together experts and scholars in the fields of urban planning, digital governance, financial technology, heads of government and public administration, enterprises and R&D centers, and other relevant representatives to focus on the "people-centered and universal city construction", combining "people-centered and universal city construction" with "people-centered and universal city construction". Focusing on "people-centered, inclusive and shared city construction" and combining the "online + offline" format, the conference will discuss smart technology and innovative solutions, and offer advice and suggestions for future urban development.

2、Hunan Meiyin participated in the "Intelligent Life Real-time Brain Challenge"

      Hunan Meiyin was honored to be invited by Shenzhen Retail Association to participate in the "Smart Life Real-time Brain Challenge"! The team members of MEPA participated in this challenge actively and enthusiastically!

      Intelligent life real-time challenge, in 2023.10.31 10:00 a.m. on time in the central square opened, the guests, hosts, professors, one by one on stage. Among these guests were well-known Chinese industry leaders, like Huawei and China Mobile, who came to the scene. The scene was full of science and technology, taking turns to stage the global CITY SHOW, fully demonstrating the construction of digital infrastructure and the application of digital intelligent scenes, a live interpretation of the diverse possibilities of the future city, a vivid interpretation of how modern technology empowers the construction of the city.

3、Before the Competition

      At the beginning of the competition, Dr. Yan Qiming of the Retail Association gave us a wonderful speech, explaining in detail the rules and precautions of the competition, including the key words in the title: SMEs, AI, and access to business opportunities. Our team needed to help companies gain business opportunities using artificial intelligence based on pain points in their lives within a day. In the morning, we carried out the first task - empathy writing - to sort out the target customers and unmet needs for the specific situation of SMEs, and analyze the long-term development space and business value. What are the challenges and pain points facing our business? What are our business opportunities? What are his target customers? Are there any unmet needs now? Does he have long-term development space and business value?

4、 the competition officially started

      After Dr. Yan Qiming's detailed introduction, the participating teams started to think and discuss in a tight schedule. Our team's topic is to help manufacturing enterprises solve the pain points of finance and sales, with the development of electronic invoicing, most of the companies don't open paper invoices, however, our domestic financial accounts will still ask for invoices to be printed, and this time, we will encounter a variety of problems in printing invoices. This time we will encounter a variety of printing invoice problems. For example, we live in the hotel on business invoices, we encountered the front desk is an older aunt, will not develop invoices, said later to you, we are in a hurry because of the trip, we have no choice but to add microblogging, waiting for aunts to slowly send to the company, which not only wastes time and also requires more expenses, the two sides do not have a good sense of experience. There is also a gas station invoicing is also very slow, gas station refueling traffic, vehicles need to flow quickly, sometimes invoicing a lot of people need time to slowly queue up invoices, and at the same time outside the car horns screaming all the time, to give people a sense of experience is not very good. In addition to go to the supermarket shopping, hospital reimbursement invoicing, financial companies need to print electronic invoices, these are the existence of printing invoices in our lives the inconvenience and pain points.

5、 Competition in progress

      The afternoon is referred to as the "closed-door meeting", we need to discuss solutions to the pain points listed in the morning, and our mentor will also give us some cases for reference. Based on the pain points in the morning, we need to show the solution through the canvas, including the specific business value, costing, and feasibility of the program! Finally, a member of our team was assigned to explain and present the solution on the canvas. The presentation was unique - a closed-door session where each team performed live and the mentor asked questions and we answered them. For example, the mentor asked: Why should I buy your product as a hotel? At this time, our team members from the customer experience and labor saving point of view, detailed to the judges to do the elaboration.

6、Hunan Meiyin won the "Best Problem Solving Team Award"

      In the final evaluation, we are honored that our Hunan Printronix team won the Best Problem Solving Team Award for successfully completing our program under the full accompaniment and on-site guidance of an international master teacher! In the process, we not only understood the application prospect of AI, but also more deeply recognized the needs and opportunities of SMEs. This competition made us realize the importance of AI to SMEs, and we hope that we can all apply AI to our own work and create more value for enterprises!

7、 Conclusion

      Finally, thanks again to the organizer of this event and the mentor team! Thanks to Shenzhen Retail Association who invited our company to participate in this brain activity! Thanks also to all our colleagues who participated in the activity! Finally, I wish this activity a complete success!

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