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  • Application of MASUNG Fixed Barcode QR Code Information Recognizer MS-4200

    With the development and progress of social technology, barcode technology is becoming more and more popular in various fields of life. Barcode scanners provide efficient data collection and transmission for the industry, doubling their work efficiency. This also makes them play an increasingly important role in various industries. The booming development of barcode technology has driven the practical application of barcode scanning module solutions. It is not difficult to find in daily life, especially in the application of highly integrated QR code recognizers, which have extended a series of self-service terminals with scanning functions. Together, they work together to complete self-help operations, which are efficient and convenient.Product features: The Masung MS-4200 fixed barcode scanner is equipped with the core technology independently developed by the company, and has independently completed the design and production. This scanner integrates multiple technologies such as optical systems, optoelectronic coupling systems, image digitization, encoding and decoding, image processing, and embedded systems. It can read all international standard one-dimensional barcodes with excellent reading performance, reaching the international advanced level. Meanwhile, through the application package we provide, it can also read various user-defined one-dimensional barcodes.Product highlights: The MASUNG MS-4200 fixed barcode scanning module is designed specifically for OEM product applications. This scanning module uses a CCD recognition engine, which can be easily embedded into various devices such as display cabinets, ticket machines, PDAs, etc., and used as a barcode recognition component. It integrates multiple technologies such as optical systems, optoelectronic coupling systems, image digitization, encoding and decoding, image processing, embedded systems, etc. It can read all international standard one-dimensional barcodes, and its reading performance has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, it can also read various user-defined one-dimensional barcodes through the application package we provide.1. Fast input speed:Compared to keyboard input, barcode input is 5 times faster and can achieve real-time data input.2. High accuracy:The error rate of keyboard input data is one in three hundred, the error rate using optical character recognition technology is one in ten thousand, and the error rate using barcode technology is less than one in a million.3. Collecting a large amount of information is convenient and fast: Traditional one-dimensional barcodes can collect information of dozens of characters at once, while two-dimensional barcodes can carry information of thousands of characters and have certain automatic error correction capabilities.4. Flexibility and practicality:Barcode identification can be used as a separate identification method, or can be integrated with relevant identification equipment to achieve automated identification. It can also be connected with other control devices to achieve automated management. The fixed one-dimensional QR code information recognizer MS-4200N independently developed by MASUNG adopts self-developed decoding technology and industrial level circuit security protection, with OCR information recognition and multiple types of interfaces to choose from.mini auto-sensing fixed mount Barcode scanners module MS-4200N

  • Features of Masung QR Code Barcode Multifunctional Scanner MS-7160

    Here is a recommendation for an embedded multifunctional QR code barcode scanner MS-7160 independently developed by MASUNG. Why recommend this scanner? It is because this embedded scanner is far ahead of other scanning products on the market, with multiple categories of scanners and insufficient functionality. Masung MS-7160 embedded scanner is the masterpiece of scanners. Everyone will want to know what kind of help this small scanning device will have in our lives. For example, in terms of data collection, the first point is that it can quickly and accurately read data from tags or sensors, which are also within the research and development scope of Masung. Therefore, the data collection aspect has become an ecological standard for intelligent data collection. The second point is in the era of automated identification. During the mask era, the company's electronic sentinel section, M, is also involved in automatic identification of items, personnel, or other targets to improve work efficiency and accuracy, and prevent unauthorized entry and exit of miscellaneous personnel or dangerous goods. The third point is for asset management, and in this regard, Masung also has relevant asset management tags to use, combined with a barcode scanner, to achieve unexpected and excellent results in tracking, managing, and inventorying assets. The fourth point is about logistics management. During the transportation process of express delivery and the process of reaching customers, every time the courier scans the delivery label, they will track the location, status, and other information of the goods in real time during the logistics process, so that customers can understand the direction of the express delivery. The above and so on are all applications of barcode scanners in the industry. On the other hand, people are also interested in the scanning ability of barcode scanners. They always don't want to buy a barcode scanner and can't even scan it, which is pure waste. On the other hand, the MS-7160 barcode scanner from Masung has dual triggering of infrared line and self sensing, using infrared direct triggering and automatic trigger sensing of the lens. Compared with other light sources, infrared is less affected, and with these two modes of protection, there is no need to be afraid of not being able to scan in dark environments. Of course, in bright environments, that is a piece of cake. Of course, in life, I hate the dumb code scanner that doesn't report "Alipay/WeChat paid xxx yuan" or doesn't ring after scanning the code. It always makes me feel like I haven't paid my boss. The Masung MS-7160 embedded QR code reader scanner is equipped with beeper prompt function and feedback of reading window light. After scanning the code, it can easily prompt the message of successful code scanning. The diffuse reflection light compensation function of MS-7160 can more clearly identify the barcode while the light is soft and won't hurt your eyes. It can let people clearly know that the money was paid and the recognition was successful. I didn't see the MASUNG code scanner Is the sound and light of successful code scanning? Okay, pick up the goods and leave. The small size of the barcode scanner is also easy to install into various self-service devices, without taking up too much space. Otherwise, it is too large and requires more space, making it difficult to install other functions. It is uncomfortable, and its efficiency is also commendable. It can quickly and accurately read data, improve work efficiency, without the need to slowly and leisurely beep for a few seconds, making people feel restless. At the same time, the MS-7160 has strong adaptability and can adapt to different working environments and conditions, such as the use of self-service machines in the catering industry, autonomous visitor machines, and other industries. Even in crowded places like this, it can test the speed, precision, and accuracy of the Masung QR code scanner the most.QR code scanner MS-7160

  • Application of MASUNG Desktop Large Window Barcode Scanner MS-3200 in the Field of Self service New Retail

    Nowadays, technology is developing rapidly, bringing more convenience to people while also changing the traditional retail industry. Self service new retail has become a major new trend in the retail industry. In order to meet the needs of consumers for a convenient and efficient shopping experience, various self-service devices are constantly emerging. Among them, the MASUNG desktop large window barcode scanner MS-3200, as a high-performance barcode scanner, is gradually being widely used in the new retail field. The Masung desktop large window barcode scanner MS-3200 adopts advanced optical technology and high-speed image sensors, which can quickly and accurately read barcode information. Its unique large window design allows for a wider scanning range and the ability to simultaneously scan multiple product barcodes, greatly improving scanning efficiency. Moreover, the scanner supports recognition of multiple barcode types, including one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc., suitable for scanning various types of goods. In the self-service new retail scenario, the MS-3200 desktop barcode scanner with a large window plays an important role. Firstly, it can be applied in self-service checkout systems to help consumers quickly complete checkout. Consumers only need to place the product above the large window of the scanner to automatically scan the product barcode. The system will automatically calculate the product price and generate a bill, greatly improving checkout efficiency and reducing labor costs. Secondly, the MASUNG desktop large window barcode scanner MS-3200 can also be applied in self-service shopping systems. Consumers can scan the product barcode through a scanner, and the system will automatically add the product to their shopping cart, making it convenient for consumers to view the selected product and total price at any time. This self-service shopping system not only provides a convenient shopping method, but also reduces the waiting time of personnel queuing and improves shopping efficiency. In addition, the Masung desktop large window barcode scanner MS-3200 has good adaptability. Whether it's a small retail store or a large supermarket, this scanner can adapt to different environments and needs. Its large window design makes the scanning process more convenient, without the need for excessive adjustment and alignment. Finally, the Masung desktop large window barcode scanner MS-3200 has excellent durability and stability. Its shell is made of high-strength materials, which can resist collisions and friction in daily use. Meanwhile, its internal structure has been carefully designed to maintain stable performance over long periods of use. This makes the MS-3200 a reliable choice for self-service devices in the new retail field.The MS-3200 desktop large window barcode scanner is a high-performance scanning device suitable for self-service new retail environments. It has the following characteristics and applications:1. Large window scanning: The MS-3200 adopts a large window design, which can scan more barcodes at once, improving scanning speed and efficiency. This is very useful in self-service new retail environments, as it can reduce customer waiting time and improve the shopping experience.2. High performance scanning engine: This scanner adopts a high-performance scanning engine, which can quickly and accurately scan various types of barcodes, including one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. Regardless of whether the product barcode is damaged, blurry, or reflective, MS-3200 can accurately identify it, ensuring the efficiency and accuracy of checkout.3. Anti interference ability: In the self-service new retail environment, barcode scanning may be subject to various interferences, such as light, dust, etc. MS-3200 has strong anti-interference ability and can maintain stable scanning performance in complex environments.4. Easy to integrate: The MS-3200 desktop large window barcode scanner from MASUNG provides a commonly used USB interface, making it easy to integrate with self-service checkout machines, cash register systems, and other devices. In addition, it also supports multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc., which can meet the needs of different scenarios.5. Security: MS-3200 adopts encryption technology to protect the information security of customers and merchants, and prevent barcode data leakage. In summary, the MS-3200 desktop barcode scanner with large windows is a high-performance desktop scanning device widely used in various self-service scanning and settlement devices. Its fast and accurate scanning ability and applicability to various application scenarios make it an important tool for improving efficiency and convenience in the retail industry. With the continuous development of self-service devices, it is believed that the MS-3200 desktop barcode scanner with large windows will play a more important role and bring consumers a more convenient and efficient shopping experience.2d Barcode Scanner Scanning Platform MS-3200

  • The application fields of the MASUNG MS-6100 barcode scanner

    The MS-6100 barcode scanner is a scanning tool independently developed by Masung. With the increasingly widespread application of barcodes and QR codes, the scanner has become an essential scanning tool in various industries. We, Masung, have launched various types of scanning devices according to customer needs, aiming to bring a more efficient and convenient experience to your work scene, free up labor, and help you achieve twice the result with half the effort! And this MS-6100 scanning gun adopts advanced scanning technology, which can quickly and accurately read various types of identifiers such as barcodes and QR codes. Whether it's product inventory management, logistics distribution, or production process tracking, it can be easily handled, helping you save a lot of time and labor costs.No matter what industry you are in, our MS-6100 scanning gun can provide you with convenience. The following are several typical application scenarios:1. Retail industry: In the retail industry, scanning guns can help employees quickly scan product barcodes, accurately record inventory information, simplify the checkout process, and improve service efficiency.2. Logistics and warehousing: In the logistics industry, scanning guns are indispensable tools. It can help staff track the flow of goods, quickly enter and exit the warehouse, reduce the risk of incorrect shipments, and improve warehousing efficiency.3. Healthcare: In the healthcare field, scanning guns can be used to track the flow of medical equipment and drugs, manage inventory of medical supplies, and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of medical services.4. Production and manufacturing: During the production and manufacturing process, the scanning gun can be used to track the production process of products, scan component barcodes, and ensure product quality and production progress.5. Library management: In library management, scanning guns can help staff quickly retrieve book information, accurately return borrowed books, and improve library service levels. Our scanning gun design is simple and easy to operate, even employees without professional training can easily get started. Users only need to simply align the scanning gun with the barcode or QR code to complete the scanning, without the need for cumbersome operation steps, greatly improving work efficiency. Adopting high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, it has excellent durability and stability. Whether in harsh environmental conditions or long-term continuous use, it can maintain excellent performance and safeguard your work. The MS-6100 barcode scanner is widely used in various industries, providing you with an efficient and convenient work experience. It can not only improve work efficiency and reduce costs, but also reduce human errors and improve service quality. The MS-6100 also supports the functions of scanning invoices and mobile screen payment codes, making it easy to handle cash registers.Wired Handheld 1d 2d Barcode Scanner MS-6100

  • Application of MS-DCS20 Meisong Desktop QR Code Scanning Box

    With the continuous development of technology, QR codes have become an indispensable part of modern life. With the popularity and wide application of QR codes (such as transportation, catering and retail, personal identity authentication, etc.), QR code scanning equipment has become more and more important in various application scenarios. MASUNG Group has combined the market demand and launched a multifunctional desktop QR code scanning box MS-DCS20. The MS-DCS20 desktop multifunctional scanning device has dual characteristics of desktop use and embedded installation. This means that it can be used as an independent desktop scanning device or integrated into other devices or systems, such as self-service terminals, information kiosks, or POS machines. The MS-DCS20 also features multiple advanced features, including support for wireless Bluetooth connection, NFC card swiping function, and the ability to read ID card and passport information. This multifunctional scanning device has a wide range of applications in multiple fields.The MS-DCS20, independently developed by Masung, is a multifunctional desktop QR code scanning device with a wide range of application scenarios: 1. Point of sale (POS): In retail point of sale systems, MS-DCS20 can be used to read customer payment information, such as mobile NFC payments, mobile screen codes such as payment codes, and can quickly scan product one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes for quick checkout. 2. Access control: In some situations where identity verification is required for secure access, such as companies, hotels, etc., scanners can verify identity by reading ID or passport information. Combined with NFC card swiping function, it greatly improves security and easily knows the movement of personnel in and out. 3. Health care: In the medical system, MS-DCS20 can quickly read patient identity information, and OCR recognition can recognize social security cards and ID cards. Combined with Bluetooth transmission function, it can record and manage patient information more safely and quickly. 4. Library: The MS-DCS20 scanning device can be used in the library to read paper codes and OCR recognition functions, enabling quick borrowing and returning of books, reading barcode and ID information, and achieving convenient self-service management. 5. Government services: Government departments can directly use it to read and record identity card and passport information in a citizen service style. Such as registered residence management, immigration, etc 6. Event management: In concerts, sports events, and other activities, MS-DCS20 can directly read personnel information through OCR function and NFC card swiping to quickly achieve ticket inspection and identity verification. 7. Personal finance: In personal financial management applications, MS-DCS20 can be used to read NFC enabled cards issued by banks, personal payment codes, etc., for quick mobile payments or other financial transactions. 8. Embedded systems: For situations where the scanning function needs to be embedded in other devices, MS-DCS20 has the characteristics of small size, wireless Bluetooth connection, and multiple interfaces such as USB, Type-C, RS232, etc. It has better compatibility and stability when embedded in self-service terminal boxes, information kiosks, and other devices to meet the needs of different scenarios. In short, since MS-DCS20 supports both desktop and embedded usage, its design requirements allow it to be flexibly integrated and used according to different application scenarios. Its versatility makes it suitable for use in Point of sale (POS) retail point-of-sale systems, Access control, Health care, libraries, Government services, Personal finance, and Embedded systems self-service terminals. have a wide range of applications. If you need a powerful desktop QR code scanning device or a multi-functional scanning device embedded in an integrated device, you may wish to choose the MS-DCS20 QR code scanning box from MASUNG Group, which can meet the needs of your diverse needs.QR code scanner of NFC mobile wireless data terminal MS-DCS20

  • MASUNG handheld portable scanner MS-6400 is used in express delivery/logistics/warehouse and other fields

    With the rapid development of e-commerce, the demand in the express delivery, logistics and warehouse industries is also growing. In order to improve work efficiency and accuracy, Masung has launched a new handheld portable scanner MS-6400. This product is compact and lightweight, and is ergonomically designed to provide users with a more comfortable use experience. As a high-performance scanner, MASUNG MS-6400 can quickly and accurately scan one-dimensional, two-dimensional paper and mobile phone codes. Whether it is a barcode or a QR code, it can be scanned and converted into digital information in an instant, greatly improving work efficiency. In addition, the scanner also supports offline storage of 10,000+ barcodes, allowing users to easily scan and record even without a network connection. MASUNG MS-6400 uses Bluetooth and 2.4G dual-mode communication technology to achieve long-distance transmission. Whether inside the warehouse or outdoors, users can move freely without worrying about signal interruptions. In addition, the scanner also has excellent battery life and can scan codes continuously for 8 hours, greatly improving work efficiency. Moreover, Masung MS-6400 also supports charging at any time. Users can charge the scanner at any time when needed without worrying about insufficient power. MASUNG MS-6400 has a wide range of applications. In the express delivery industry, couriers can quickly scan barcodes or QR codes on packages through this scanner to achieve rapid sorting and tracking. In the logistics industry, warehouse managers can use this scanner to quickly scan goods in and out of the warehouse, improving the accuracy and efficiency of logistics. In terms of warehouse management, this scanner can help administrators quickly inventory inventory and reduce the error rate of manual operations. In short, the MASUNG handheld portable scanner MS-6400 is a powerful, convenient and practical tool suitable for express delivery, logistics, warehouses and other fields. Its compact and lightweight design, fast and accurate scanning capabilities, offline storage capabilities, and support for Bluetooth and 2.4G dual-mode communication technologies make it an indispensable tool in the industry. Whether it is improving work efficiency or reducing error rates, masung MS-6400 can bring great convenience and help to users.Wireless collector barcode scanner MS-6400

  • MASUNG embedded scanning module MS-7710 is used in bank QR code verification equipment

    With the popularity of mobile payment, QR code payment has become one of the indispensable payment methods in modern society. In banks and other financial institutions, the use of QR code verification equipment has become increasingly important. In order to meet this demand, MASUNG has launched the embedded scanning module MS-7710, which has the characteristics of wide-angle design, ultra-thin design, rich interfaces, wide voltage design, etc., and has strong capabilities for high-density, low-contrast,Color barcodes have strong analytical capabilities. MASUNG embedded scanning module MS-7710 adopts a wide-angle design, which can achieve a larger scanning range. This means that users do not need to align the QR code with the center of the scanning head, but can scan within a larger range, improving the convenience and efficiency of use. Whether it is a small QR code or a larger QR code, MS-7710 can easily identify it and meet the needs of different scenarios. In addition, the MS-7710 also adopts an ultra-thin design, allowing it to take up less space when integrated into bank QR code verification equipment. This is important for financial institutions as they often need to integrate multiple devices into a smaller space to provide more efficient services. The ultra-thin design of MS-7710 can help financial institutions make better use of space resources and improve work efficiency. Rich interfaces are another feature of the masung embedded scanning module MS-7710. It supports USB, RS232, TTL and other interfaces, and can be easily connected to different types of devices. Whether connected to computers, POS machines or other devices, MS-7710 can provide stable and reliable data transmission to ensure accurate identification and verification of QR codes. In addition, MS-7710 also has a wide voltage design and can adapt to different power supply environments. In financial institutions such as banks, the stability of the power supply is very important, and any voltage fluctuations may cause the equipment to not work properly. The wide voltage design of MS-7710 can effectively cope with voltage fluctuations and ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment. Finally, the MASUNG embedded scanning module MS-7710 has strong parsing capabilities for high-density, low-contrast, and color barcodes. In practical applications, the quality of QR codes may be affected by various factors, such as printing quality, ambient lighting, etc. Through optimized algorithms and high-performance image sensors, MS-7710 can effectively parse high-density, low-contrast, and color barcodes, improving the accuracy and efficiency of write-offs. In short, the Masung embedded scanning module MS-7710 is a high-performance scanning module widely used in bank QR code verification equipment. Its wide-angle design, ultra-thin design, rich interfaces, wide-voltage design, and powerful parsing capabilities for high-density, low-contrast, and color barcodes make it an indispensable part of financial institutions. With the continuous development of mobile payment, it is believed that MS-7710 will play an increasingly important role in the financial industry.Embedded scanning module

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