Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future_MASUNG2018 annual ceremony
2019-01-16 16:22

      The wind can't stop the spring, and 2018 has waved goodbye!
      Ice and snow can't stop the enthusiasm of youth, and 2019 is coming!

     On January 14th, 2019, all MASUNG people gathered at Longquan Hotel in Shenzhen. We gather together to open the MASUNG2019 New Year's Chapter! "Easy Printing and Perfect Service" MASUNG2018 Annual Grand Ceremony and 2019 Spring Festival Gala consists of three parts: performance articles, awards articles and dinner lottery articles.

     The new year has brought us closer to growth. The new year has dyed our happy life red!

      In the venue of the 2018 annual grand ceremony, the memory of MASUNG's enterprise development in recent years is scrolled on the big screen, and the elegant demeanor of MASUNG with different people is fully displayed! ? Call for the team! ? Let's be excited and lament the growth of MASUNG, and feel proud to be MASUNG!

      After the ceremony officially started, Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a wonderful and sincere opening speech for the annual ceremony, which led us to look back on the achievements of the past year, highly affirmed the dedication and achievements of each MASUNG, and put forward the future development ideas and development plans of the company in 2019.

      There are many models wearing bikinis these days! It's not rare ... But the men's Romeo show staged by the Quality Department leaked out, and colleagues at the scene saw nosebleeds flowing ... MASUNG was a terrible person, shouting wheat and skewers for enlargement! There are crosstalk, skits and dances, and even Director Li of the Finance Department can't help applauding! The "TB Show" and "The Next Life" brought by the Administration Department were so enchanting that they surprised the audience! The technical service department's "Tomorrow Will Be Better" sends the warmest and best wishes to everyone.

       After the performance, all the actors took a group photo to witness their extraordinary self and their achievements! I believe that in 2019, under the leadership of Chairman Chen, MASUNG will work harder, forge ahead and become stronger and stronger! Create more glory!
       With the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet information market is changing rapidly, and changes happen every day. For us MASUNG people, first of all, we should be a qualified MASUNG person! We must constantly seek innovation and break through ourselves! Just as our director Zhou of IT Men's R&D Department is constantly changing, show your skill.

        Next is the second awarding session. We will witness the achievements of MASUNG people together! Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the board of directors, personally awarded the award for outstanding employees of the year, best progress and outstanding contribution, Peng Sheng, Shibo Chen, Chen Jinfei, Zhang Yuxiu, Xiao Guiyun and Du Yunxia presented awards one by one. They all used their loyalty, diligence and strength to perfectly explain that work needs to be done with life and youth. They are conscientious, dare to break through, innovate and challenge themselves, and constantly improve themselves for tomorrow. They create extraordinary lives in ordinary posts, and they interpret MASUNG's "professional innovation and honest service" with their actions. Here, give warm applause!

      It is precisely because all MASUNG people have them as role models that we know what hard work, hard work and persistence are for; ? It is precisely because of their presence that we know that ideals never depend only on imagination, but on action, and no one can succeed casually!

Dinner sweepstakes:
      The exciting lottery session detonated the scene, and the climax continued. From the chairman of the board to the heads of various departments, red envelopes were sent to everyone personally! Excited and excited cheers and shouts broke out in the crowd. Mr Yan Xinjun, the general manager of Dongguan Lipai Hardware Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Beitai Meitong Co., Ltd., was also infected by the atmosphere on the spot, and sponsored the increase of lottery places on the spot to distribute benefits to everyone.

       The singing of "Good Brothers" by eight handsome executives at the final dinner brought a successful conclusion to this wonderful, cool and warm-hearted annual grand ceremony!
        The gathering time is always short, but we will continue to forge ahead, Do not forget your initiative mind! It is precisely because of everyone's active dedication, with such MASUNG people who dare to fight and win together, our big family MASUNG will be extraordinary! I firmly believe that MASUNG will be more brilliant in 2019!

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