• Sing a harmonious new movement and draw a great future together

    Warmly celebrate the success of the 2020 Annual Grand Ceremony of Masung Group. When the law returns to Chunhui, Vientiane begins to renew. Looking back on Guqiu and looking forward to the future! On March 13th, 2021, the annual grand ceremony of MASUNG Group was held in China Insurance International Hotel. Say goodbye to 2020, and welcome the hopeful 2021.First of all, Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, took the stage to give an opening speech, reviewed the mental journey of Masung in 2020, and affirmed the brilliant achievements made by Masung in 2020. Masung made a new height step by step. And put forward higher requirements for 2021. In 2021, we must grasp talents with one hand and grasp the whole with one hand; Grasp talents with one hand and safety with one hand; Grasp performance with one hand and development with one hand; In 2021, we must learn the spirit of the Three Bulls, be down-to-earth, work hard, be strong and be loyal to our duties; In 2021, we will speak with achievements, speak with data, do things with attitude, be a man with quality, and build Masung brand, Masung culture and Masung products into more fields in the future! In order to carry forward the spirit of unity, mutual assistance and mutual love between the United States and Matsu, gather the loving power of the United States and Matsu, and solve problems for the people in difficulty. Just today, the Masung One Foundation was officially launched. At the launching ceremony, Ms. Li Xiaoyu, Ambassador of the Fund, accepted the authorization and made a speech. First of all, she thanked Chen Dong for his great love and selflessness, and used his actions to spread this love. The establishment of the Masung One Foundation is the first step to practice love for Masung people. The future has just begun, and it will definitely fulfill its mission. Give full play to the role of the One Foundation, and use the One Foundation for all charitable projects such as helping employees in poverty, advancing major diseases, and helping poor families within the group. I believe that the Masung One Foundation can help people in real need and make Masung people really feel beautiful."Healthy life and happy work" is our consistent aim. Under the leadership of the leadership team headed by Chen Dong, all my colleagues uphold a hot and sincere heart, take the opportunity of the foundation establishment, and take a highly responsible attitude towards the cause, future, employees and society, and further promote the development of the company's Masung cause in an orderly manner, providing a strong guarantee for all Masung people.The grand ceremony kicked off in the wonderful and true theme song "My Dream" by the general manager of the subsidiaries of the group company. Self-directed performances from different departments, which are beautiful, interesting, passionate, or unique, have brought a shocking visual feast to everyone. A romantic "Beautiful Myth", the administrative department performed and translated an ancient love with beautiful dance; The humorous R&D essay "Picking Wallet" and the "Partner", which sells a copy, show the noble character of Masung people incisively and vividly; Ignite "dont know what to do" with youth, and show the enthusiasm, positive and upward of the production department with "disco for All"; The more touching materials department "The Most Beautiful Retrograde" really reviewed the actions of our Masung Group in early 2020, highlighting the responsibility, responsibility and obligation of Masung people; The funny and interesting "Little People" skewer dance in the marketing department turns the scene into a sea of laughter; Dynamic music stirs your heartstrings, assembling a "t-stage show" to show the style of beautiful women and handsome men with pace, and showing Masung first, pioneering and innovating with the company's new products; The wonderful "Gesture Dance" and "Light Hand Shadow Dance" use new thinking, new dreams and new leaps to imprint the Masung LOGO chrome in their hearts ... Each department shows its magical powers and is versatile, and every wonderful performance makes tonight even brighter. During the dinner party, everyone toasted and celebrated, wishing Masung a better tomorrow! The lottery session pushed the atmosphere to a climax again.I would like to thank all the distinguished guests for their visit and great love, and for their great support to the Masung One Foundation.Looking back at 2020, we work together, work hard and gain together; Looking forward to 2021, we have the same goal, full of confidence, and look forward to a more brilliant future for Masung.

  • New product release of 2021MASUNG thermal printer

    In 2021, smelling the breath of spring, MASUNG released a new development product of 80mm embedded thermal printer and a new product of small bill printing POS on March 12th of Arbor Day. MASUNG has been researching and developing for fifteen years, accumulating the core technology of embedded printer development, developing 58/80mm embedded thermal printer, and providing complete services of technical consultation, new product development, new product proofing, mass production and sales, and after-sales technical support and maintenance. This newly released embedded printer is an 80mm micro thermal printer, model MS-E80II, which has excellent paper blocking function and reduces the inconvenience caused by paper blocking during use; Different from the past, this miniature printer is equipped with the detection function of no paper alarm. If there is no paper in the paper bin, the buzzer will give an alarm, prompting the staff to load paper in time. Paper loading can be realized only by toggling an open wrench at the front end of the equipment, without opening the cabinet to load paper. Embedded printer has low cost of consumables. Embedded printer is the printing equipment of self-service equipment such as self-service cash register, self-service payment machine, self-service ticket pick-up machine and queuing machine in financial, retail, tax control, medical and transportation industries, which provides convenience for self-service in supermarkets, stations, banks, hospitals and other places. MASUNG keeps innovating, and the new desktop printer with small bills is more perfect. Bluetooth and cashbox interfaces are added. Bluetooth is a short-distance wireless communication technology, which can realize short-distance data exchange between fixed devices, mobile devices and personal area networks of buildings. Challenge to search Bluetooth, and perform Bluetooth pairing to realize connection. It not only facilitates the application of individual merchants, but also reflects MASUNG's investment in the printer industry, from the development of embedded printers to the development of functional modules of the whole machine, and constantly provides customers with better and better printing equipment solutions. These two newly released desktop small ticket printers, one of which is 80mm thermal small ticket printer, meet the installation modes of desktop and wall-hanging, have diversified paper output design and are equipped with Bluetooth cashbox interface, which is a good choice for new retail and catering industries. The other is a 58mm thermal receipt printer, which has the functions of black label and seam detection sensor. It is suitable for a variety of printing paper (ordinary thermal paper, black label thermal paper and thermal paper with gap self-adhesive label). It is a good product for cash register and label printing. MASUNG's innovation does not stop there. in 2021, we will pursue our dreams.

  • New products released in October 2020

    The Covid-19 epidemic has swept the world, which not only has an important impact on the global economy, but also changes people's daily life style to a certain extent. Under the pressure of economic downturn, enterprises need to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and pay more attention to cost control. With the arrival of the post-epidemic era, the popularization of unmanned services has reduced the risks caused by crowd gathering and face-to-face contact with the scientific epidemic prevention work. With the development of ICT technology and the popularization of cloud services, MASUNG enterprises developed and designed a new generation of 58mm thermal printer MS-FPT206 in response to market demand, which was successfully released and launched in October. Advance the intelligent printing process through advanced high-speed and high-quality printing and diversified application functions, and meet the different requirements of intelligence and cloud platform of all industries through various customized solutions of "Easy Printing, Intelligent Printing and cloud print" that can be standard. "Easy printing", MS-FPT206 is compatible with the size of 80mm panel printer, which is convenient for replacing different bills of the same size model. "Smart printing", the machine has a cashbox interface, which has good compatibility with the split cash register system; The fuselage comes with an oversized paper bin, which can adapt to the paper roll with a maximum diameter of 60mm in a small volume to meet the printing requirements of higher intensity; Humanized design, comfortable and intimate operation! Simple appearance, simple structure, easy maintenance, multiple color schemes and customized panel services, making it more intelligent and diverse! "cloud print", which can realize one-stop service from printing to data operation and maintenance, has wider compatibility, brings more intelligent printing experience to users, fully meets the needs of intelligence and cloud platform, and further promotes the change of users' working methods. MASUNG enterprises will continue to introduce a series of solutions from entry-level to production-level and from hardware to software to provide more colorful choices for users with different needs. With the perfect MASUNG series products and continuously optimized intelligent solutions, they will continue to provide users with better products and services and inject new vitality into more enterprise users in the post-epidemic era!

  • Celebrate the success of the fifth "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match

    The epidemic in 2020 makes us realize more deeply how important it is to have a healthy body! There are many things in the world that we can't change. The only thing that can be changed is our mentality. Only with a positive attitude to face, everything will become better. On September 26, 2020, MASUNG Administration Department organized the fifth "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match to be held in the basketball court in Shenzhen Headquarters Park. All departments of subsidiaries within the group responded positively and organized four teams to participate in the competition. The off-site cheerleading team was enthusiastic, cheering and shouting, which made the competition atmosphere keep warming up. The administrative department actively did a good job in logistics support, and the referees were impartial. All MASUNG people really played the spirit of friendship first and competition second, and they played out their style and level. Off the court, we are all close colleagues, but on the court, we are competing with each other and never miss a chance to score. After three and a half hours of fierce competition, MASUNG Technology Team, MASUNG Information &MASUNG Tuoda Team, MASUNG Intelligent Team, and MAXSUND& Lipai Team held four rounds of PK competitions in an orderly manner with the expectation of everyone and the cry of friendship. At last, MASUNG Information &MASUNG Tuoda team defeated MASUNG Intelligent Team with an absolute advantage of 32: 22, and won the championship of this basketball match. The highlight of this competition is that the players fully demonstrate the competition spirit of MASUNG. The team spirit of sweating, showing yourself and striving for the first place is worth learning by all our MASUNG people. As Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the board, said: Everyone on the field is our hero, and our heart beats with every beat of you; The process you have paid from beginning to end is worthy of our praise; You are the stars of MASUNG, and our hands have been waving for you! This basketball match not only enriched the amateur sports life of the employees, but also ignited the enthusiasm and confidence of the employees to participate in sports. It embodies the enterprise spirit of focusing on the comprehensive quality of employees advocated by MASUNG Enterprise, and at the same time strengthens the in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhances the friendship between employees and enhances the cohesion of the team. The competition achieved the expected results, and at the same time, it also showed us the youthful atmosphere of contemporary MASUNG people by virtue of the unique charm of basketball. In the future, MASUNG enterprises will continue to hold more and more colorful cultural and sports activities for the purpose of enriching employees' cultural and sports life and promoting employees' physical and mental health, filling Masong's corporate culture construction and promoting Masong's vigorous and rapid development!

  • MASUNG July new product launch conference

    Since the world's first book with movable type printing, printing technology has accompanied the development of human civilization for a long time. In the 21st century, machinery has replaced manpower, and printing has not only stayed on the basis of traditional paper, but also stopped at book printing. More and more new materials are gradually used, and various printers are gradually coming to our side and entering the lives of thousands of families. With the gradual development of science and technology and the rapid development of artificial intelligence, the demand for various self-service terminals has gradually got rid of the traditional impression in the past, and the heavy self-service machines occupying an area in memory have gradually left the field of vision. The traditional cashier counter has gradually been replaced by various self-service machines, and the heavy self-service machines in the bank hall have also been replaced by various small queuing machines, and various lightweight self-service machines have quietly appeared in various public places. Traditional machines are gradually replaced by new machines with smoother lines, smaller body and less land occupation; As the machine itself has a larger interactive interface, which is more convenient to operate, and the fuselage area becomes smaller and smaller, the bulky accessories inside the traditional machine are gradually being replaced. According to market demand research, MASUNG first designed a new generation of 58mm thermal bill printer in April, leading the 58mm thermal printer MS-EP5860 and the 58mm high-speed slim printer; High-speed upgrade, high-speed printing, easy printing at 260mm per second, small size; Small size while ensuring printing speed. At the end of July and the beginning of August, MASUNG held a new product launch conference. After the release of MS-EP5860 in April, it attracted the attention of many friends and the voice from the market. Based on the initial model, MS-EP5860 series products were derived to meet the needs of customers. Among them, the MS-EP5860 series produced to cope with the internal conditions of different machines, including the MS-EP 5860-V, which was born to deal with the ultra-thin models of flat models, is more suitable for queuing machines, ordering machines, etc.; At the same time, the design adds MS-EP5860-H with a more compact body structure. Compared with the traditional 58mm printer, the body structure is more compact and compact, and the side length of the body is reduced by one-third compared with the traditional structure; Facing the market demand for printing self-adhesive labels, MS-EP5860-B is developed and designed, which provides adjustable paper shafts and paper outlets for various label papers to meet the label printing demand under more challenging conditions. MASUNG has been paying attention to customer needs in the long-term development process, providing the best customized solutions for different customer needs, always putting service first, and designing and exporting more and more efficient MASUNG products for all walks of life for a long time!

  • Masung 2020 Spring New Product Launch

    Due to the epidemic situation, Masung 's new product launch conference in the spring of 2020 has been delayed until April 10th. Through the combination of online and offline, the R & D center of the headquarters, together with the Beijing branch, Changsha company, and Guangming factory, directly hit the whole process of new product release, striving for an intuitive and real experience, and bringing you a special press conference! The new strategic product of Masung 2020 is a revolution of Masung 's service. It develops and designs MS-E80I, MS-MD58I, MS-EP5860, and MS-TD402 based on market demand. The new product launch mainly focused on product design concepts, functional interpretation and experience. Adapt to the market and change yourself The panel printer further explores the MS-E80I, 80mm ultra-thin key control panel printer. Since the release of the key control panel printer MS-FPT302, its integrated fashion appearance and key control automation unlocking and other powerful functions have been well received. MS-80I continues the integrated design and keyed automatic switch, reducing the size of the printer, leaving more controllable space for the installation of the whole machine! Break through the past and show new self Set foot on 58mm desktop printer design MS-MD58I, 58mm desktop label printer. Making printing more widely applicable to modern office scenes is the exploration of Meisong's 58mm desktop printer. Traditional thermal bills are easily printed, and stickers and consumables for label materials can be easily handled! Pioneering and innovative to create the self Leading the 58mm thermal printer MS-EP5860, 58mm high-speed slim printer. High-speed upgrade, high-speed printing, easy printing at 260mm per second, and compact size. While ensuring the printing speed, it has a small size and supports a variety of body design customization. Small size and large energy, MS-EP5860 leads the new wave of 58mm bill printer! Step forward and find myself 106mm lottery ticket machine MS-TD402, adjustable automatic lottery ticket machine. The alloy body reduces the volume while increasing the wider adjustment range, adapts to different thicknesses of paper, and provides a variety of accessories to facilitate internal installation in different scenarios Every innovation is a transcendence! The new models and new functions released by this new product will inject new blood into the printer application field and open a new printing trend. Masung is bound to continue the innovative concept and strive to create an efficient and convenient one for customers. Station-type perfect service informatization platform, let us look forward to more service applications of " MASUNG" in the future!

  • Fight against the epidemic and resume production

    At the beginning of 2020, the Year of the Gengzi Rat will come as promised. Because of the sudden appearance of novel coronavirus, this is destined to be the most bleak Spring Festival for Chinese people, and people all over the country are worried. However, this sudden epidemic has made Chinese New Year a historical moment full of blood and fighting spirit, and all the compatriots in the country are United in one heart and soul. All regions and units in the country have responded positively to the epidemic. People have set up warning lines at traffic junctions, set up epidemic checkpoints in urban communities, townships and villages, and closed entertainment and leisure places. With the commencement of work and resumption of work just around the corner, our Masong Group and its subsidiaries have made full preparations. Facing such a special epidemic period, Shenzhen Masong Group specially formulated the Management System of Prevention and Control during the Epidemic Period, the Management Plan of Working from Home during the Epidemic Period, the Work Report of Safety Production, the Response Measures to the Epidemic Situation, and the Emergency Plan of novel coronavirus, providing services to customers by combining various forms such as network, telephone and site to ensure the needs of customers Whether working from home or on duty, all employees devote themselves to their work and maintain positive enthusiasm for work. While fighting the epidemic, we resumed production, and orders at home and abroad are being produced in an orderly and stable manner according to the contract. Chairman Chen also said that at present, international orders account for 40%, and foreign customers are very happy to hear that the company started work normally and orderly. Our company also hopes to prove that China is getting better and better in fighting the epidemic situation through practical actions of resuming work. It is worth mentioning that the performance of our group and its subsidiaries has not been affected by the epidemic, and the scale of resumption of work has reached 80%, with more than 100 production personnel on duty and zero staff loss. No matter where we are, we want what our customers think and what they want, and we firmly believe that "doing our job well is to contribute to fighting the epidemic!" . Paying attention to internal and external safety and health is the most basic guarantee for MASUNG to transfer trust. On this basis, we try our best to avoid the potential risks caused by the new pneumonia coronavirus epidemic, and at the same time ensure the continuity of the one-stop operation of R&D, sales and production. Although we can't be the "retrograde" on the battlefield of epidemic prevention like medical staff and soldiers, we can do our best and do our job well with real actions, and become the main force in the economic construction of our motherland.

  • MASUNG Group 2019 Annual Festival and 2020 Gala

    Golden Pig He Xi resigned from the old year, and Swiss Rat came to the spring. On January 9, 2020, MASUNG Group's 2019 Annual Gala and 2020 Gala were grandly held in Shenzhen Huafu Hotel. Looking back on the past, we are fruitful and enthusiastic; Firm now, we are full of confidence and we are passionate; Looking to the future, we are full of vitality and high morale. Say goodbye to unforgettable 2019, welcome a brand-new 2020, a new beginning, a new opportunity, and embrace a bright future with enthusiasm. I believe that in the new year, everything will be smoother and more fulfilling! The conference kicked off with the wonderful and true theme song "My Dream" by the general manager of subsidiaries of the group company, MASUNG Tuoda Wang Zhonghai, MASUNG Intelligent Huang Yangjing, MASUNG Information Yi Jungan and MASUNG Technology Beijing Branch Lei Meixi. "Give all the dreams in your eyes to time against the pain; If you want to fly, you will fly with your heart. Whoever doesn't experience mess. ". You may experience confusion, disappointment and darkness when you pursue your dreams, but don't give up. Experienced ups and downs, walked through the sunshine rainbow, and endured hardships in the past 14 years. Thanks to all MASUNG people for their company. In the past year, our domestic sales performance increased by 38% compared with last year, and our foreign trade sales performance increased by 90%. At the same time, in 2019, the ERP system independently researched and developed by MASUNG was fully launched, and the whole process of data monitoring from material purchasing and warehousing to production-packaging-shipping was completed, and more than ten new products independently designed, developed and produced were completed. Looking back at the past year, the company's performance has advanced by leaps and bounds, the number of employees has increased rapidly, and the product industry has grown rapidly, which cannot be separated from the joint efforts and hard work of the company's management team and all employees. Behind a successful enterprise, there must be an excellent leader who will lead us MASUNG people to move forward bravely! First of all, Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a speech to the conference. Chairman Chen fully affirmed the achievements of various departments in the past and further defined the development direction for the future. 2019 is our "year of consolidation" and 2020 is our "year of development". We will further strengthen high-frequency and efficient communication with our partners and optimize the category structure, so as to promote the further development of the company! Later, colleagues from various departments brought wonderful performances, including various songs and dances, as well as interesting sketch performances and powerful speeches. The wonderful opening of "Congratulations on Making a Fortune" by the Materials Department expresses the best wishes for the company tomorrow. Li Xiaoyu's "My Growth Story with the Company" from the Marketing Department, combined with videos and charts, tells the new and old employees about their own growth experiences, and also witnessed the whole development process of the company. Everyone needs to grow at every stage, and growth is the normal state of life. As MASUNG people, they should not only do a good job, but also develop themselves, enrich their spiritual world, develop morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically, and thrive under the influence of MASUNG culture with Chen Dong as the core. Followed by the award of outstanding employees, the general managers of the subsidiary Liao Wei, Huang Yangjing and Yi Jun Gan are "excellent employees" Li Zhaojie, Liu Fang, Xiong Yingying, Ling Yumei, Mo Xiuyong and Huang Pinghua respectively; "Best progress" Liu Hui and Cheng Jun; "Best newcomer" Zhang Jianli; Ten colleagues of Yang Gang presented awards for the "willing ox award". 2019 is an extraordinary year, and the rise of various new retail markets brings great opportunities and risks. However, when the competition became more and more fierce, we went up against the wind and created impressive achievements! Such a glorious moment belongs to all our MASUNG people. During the dinner party, we toasted each other, blessed each other, and had a good drink. The atmosphere was extremely warm. How could this save the lucky draw? Cash prizes and in-kind prizes alternate. Look! Smiles tell us how lucky they are, and hope to pass this luck on to everyone around them! During this annual grand ceremony, welcome the guests and thank them for their support and trust in MASUNG Group. It is because of them that we have infinite strength to overcome difficulties all the way! MASUNG group's 2019 grand ceremony ended successfully in a warm, warm and joyful atmosphere, and spent an unforgettable night together. After crossing the river in 2019, we can't afford to slack off for half an hour. The sea in 2020 is already in front of us. there were waters to cross, they were wild and tossing is waiting for us to sail. "I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea", let us MASUNG people unite closely, work together, and sail together, set off, and set off with dreams under the helm of Chairman Chen! Create more glory!

  • Unite, cooperate and move forward bravely

    On November 30, 2019, all 121 employees of Shenzhen MASUNG Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., one of Masong system platform companies, participated in the expansion and group building activities in order to enhance the team cohesion of employees, promote the discussion and communication of employees in various departments in the process of work and study, improve the awareness of teamwork and improve the morale of employees. The theme of this activity is:? Unite, cooperate and move forward bravely, aiming at training employees' strong will and increasing their team cohesion and overall centripetal force. At 9: 30, the staff officially kicked off at the Binhai Development Base. The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted, or it can be tempered into steel; The same team can do nothing but accomplish great things. MASUNG corporation attaches great importance to this league building activity. at noon, Mr. Chen Bin, chairman of the board of directors, also visited the base site and delivered a speech. Expanding Youth League is a training process that builds the vitality of the team and promotes the growth of the organization. It is a project specially designed to cooperate with MASUNG's team building. At the beginning of this activity, through a series of cheerful projects, the team atmosphere was created and the foundation of mutual trust was established. Then, under the guidance of the coach, all the staff were divided into 8 teams, and each team made its own team name, team call and team song. Through high-five, rescue, crossing the fire line and other projects, in each project activity, each team member is fully engaged, working together, helping each other and trusting each other, actively communicating, giving full play to the team cooperation spirit, overcoming many difficulties and completing each project together. What you have is far more than you think. After many competitions, the strength of each team is equal and each has its own merits. However, what we compare is not high or low, but what you have gained and realized in this process, thinking about how the previous working methods and behavior patterns have hindered your own work, and how the distortion passed down from top to bottom has affected your execution. Through the activities, the new employees can quickly integrate into the team, find a sense of collective belonging, strengthen the communication among employees, and enrich the contents of the mission construction, which has also achieved good results. Personal success must be based on the joint efforts and support of other members of the team. Just like the project of crossing the fire line, one must be bold and careful, dare to challenge, encourage each other, and overcome fear. Gathering passion and speed is the moral character to exercise one's will and cultivate the ability of unity and cooperation. This activity of expanding youth league construction not only cultivated everyone's positive work attitude and high sense of responsibility, fully developed their personal potential, but also made everyone deeply realize the strength of the team and the importance of mutual communication and cooperation, which laid a good foundation for future work. After leaving the outward bound training base and returning to a broader working environment, we believe that as long as we give full play to the team spirit of mutual assistance and mutual trust in outward bound activities and regard every job as a challenge in outward bound training, there will be no insurmountable difficulties and problems! In this activity, colleagues learned in practice and changed in experiential learning, which benefited a lot and gained more insights into life. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, cooperation and courage, everyone deeply feels the essence of | communication, responsibility, cooperation, courage and self-confidence |, and the responsibility to be a member of the team.

  • Work Conference on Intellectual Property Standards

    Compliance On October 16, 2019, MASUNG Company held a working conference on intellectual property compliance at its headquarters. This meeting is the second intellectual property compliance conference held after the organizational reform of the company. And stressed that it is necessary to raise the intellectual property compliance work to the height of strategic support: 1、Establish a standardized and orderly intellectual property management system 2、Reduce R&D risk and realize effective transformation of innovation 3、Capture intellectual property information and build intellectual property defense and protection mechanism 4、Enhance the influence of intellectual property rights of enterprises Intellectual property rights are both intangible assets and software assets. To a certain extent, all kinds of patents, copyrights and trademark rights of Masong Company represent the overall strength of Masong Company, and are linked with high technology, high quality and high reputation. It is of great significance to set up the enterprise image and expand the market to implement the effective operation of intellectual property standards, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and create the added value of products. The meeting also introduced the current focus of our intellectual property work, analyzed the existing problems at this stage, and arranged the tasks for the next stage. Solidly promote the implementation of intellectual property strategy, further promote the innovation and creation of intellectual property, and effectively protect the transformation and application. We should constantly raise our awareness, mobilize the enthusiasm of invention and creation, and combine intellectual property with corporate strategy, industrial transformation and upgrading, high-quality development and quality brands. At the same time, all departments should strengthen their responsibilities and take the main responsibility, and establish a coordinated and orderly mechanism of intellectual property creation-protection-application-management-service. Transforming knowledge into property rights, property rights into production capacity and production capacity into industry will lay a good foundation and make new and greater contributions to the smooth implementation of MASUNG's long-term strategic goals.

  • In 2019, the fourth "MASUNG Cup" basketball game ended successfully

    In this beautiful season of crisp autumn and fragrant osmanthus, while the whole country is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the great motherland, and on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, the 4th "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match has come to an end. All the athletes of MASUNG's platform companies, MASUNG Technology, MASUNG Intelligence, MASUNG Tuoda and MASUNG Information, have achieved excellent results and expressed sincere congratulations and heartfelt thanks to their colleagues who have worked hard to support this game. At 3: 00 pm on September 7th, the fourth "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match kicked off in the cheerful opening ceremony. All the teams lined up neatly on the basketball court, all in high spirits. You can tell from the momentum that this is a contest of strength. The host explained the participating teams one by one, and the representatives of each team swore: strictly abide by the discipline of the stadium and obey the referee's judgment; The referee also vowed to strictly adhere to the sports principle of "fairness, justice and openness" and treat every competition seriously. The game was in full swing with passion and vitality, and they won cheers from the audience off the court with their clever passing, gorgeous turning, wonderful shots and perfect cooperation. All the participating teams carried forward the spirit of "friendship first, competition second" together. They were full of passion for sports, worked together, made wonderful interceptions, wonderful passes, blocked shots, jump shots, dribbled across, shot from a long distance, and made use of superb skills, sometimes dribbling breakthrough, sometimes pressing defense, which made the game brilliant and exciting, and brought a rich and wonderful visual feast to the audience Sweat, happiness flows in sports; Generate's passion, youth flying in the jump; Unity, confidence blooms on the field. After more than three hours and six sections of fierce competition, MASUNG intelligent team cooperated tacitly and fought bravely, and finally won the championship by 6 points. This basketball friendly match inherits the long-standing tradition of the company, and is also an important activity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and Mid-Autumn Festival. It is not only a review of the physical quality and mental outlook of each team, but also a test of the comprehensive quality of all athletes' competitive level and competitive ability; At the same time, it also enhances communication and enriches the cultural and recreational life of all employees; It is also an important embodiment for all employees to establish a positive team spirit and competitive consciousness and create a strong team cooperation atmosphere. In the process of organizing this basketball game, employees actively participated in it, and all colleagues made active efforts to create a warm, happy and friendly atmosphere, which made this game a complete success. It further stimulates the purpose of rallying people's hearts, boosting morale, cultivating sentiment and exercising body. All MASUNG people have been writing legends again and again with blood, and they are more determined with each step! This is another remarkable beginning. MASUNG people will transform the spirit of fighting bravely and being positive into working motivation, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of MASUNG!

  • Work together to build a "the belt and road initiative"

    Kazakhstan, located in the Eurasian continent, is not only an important fulcrum of the Silk Road Economic Belt, but also a major member of the Eurasian Economic Union. Since the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Kazakhstan, pragmatic cooperation in various fields has achieved fruitful results, setting a good example for the construction of "the belt and road initiative". On August 24, 2019, Mr. Chen Bin of MASUNG Company went to Almaty, Kazakhstan with the head of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. During the visit, he had in-depth exchanges, cooperation and development with the heads of various companies. Adhere to the principle of mutual cooperation, co-construction and sharing, give full play to the advantages and potential of both sides, and truly achieve complementary advantages and mutual benefit and win-win results. MASUNG will actively explore international market business, integrate into the belt and road initiative's development strategy, and take advantage of Kazakhstan's tolerance and openness as a developing country to provide more opportunities for growth-oriented enterprises like MASUNG, which is also in line with the new policy adopted by MASUNG in foreign trade, namely, "encircling cities from rural areas". Let MASUNG system form an international network and supply and marketing platform, implement the strategy of going out and importing, integrate resources, and build a customized printing and scanning one-stop product supply chain system with low cost, high quality and high efficiency. It is believed that both sides will take this opportunity to work hand in hand, actively cooperate around building a "the belt and road initiative", and tap more potential for cooperation.

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