• The new face of Masung "Beijing 2019 Politics and Law" Exhibition

    The new face of Masung "Beijing 2019 Politics and Law" Exhibition This year MASUNG Company showcased the printing equipment that will be mass-produced this year and will be widely used in public security, government agencies, roll file management departments, State Grid, petrochemicals and other fields. Exhibits are abundant: there are printing equipment that uses carbon ribbon thermal transfer method for secondary printing of printed rolls, files, portfolios, document inner pages, document bags and other covers; also uses resin ribbon to print with a width of 550mm Self-adhesive label paper, instead of traditional enamel signage, is ready to use. It is an outdoor sign printing equipment that regulates the use of outdoor signs.

  • MASUNG printer appeared in Shanghai international film forum and exhibition

    Cinema, as an important communication and docking platform in the field of film distribution and screening in China, the 8th Shanghai International Film Forum and Exhibition (CinemaS2019) was grandly held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from June 19 to 21, 2019. Since its establishment in 2012, Shanghai International Film Forum and Exhibition has always played a carrier role in guiding the development of film and cinema industries, promoting comprehensive information exchange and cooperation inside and outside the film industry, faithfully recording and striving to promote the optimization and evolution of Chinese film projection technology and cinema equipment. In 2019, China's film industry entered a period of rational development, and the whole cinema industry was faced with many internal problems, such as intensified competition environment, loss of audience, loss of demographic dividend, serious homogenization, etc. For cinemas, there were many possibilities while developing, and "adapting to the trend and improving in time" became the mainstream topic. Comply with the current development status of big data on the Internet, and examine the future of this industry with more pioneering ideas, more timely information exchange and more integrated innovative ideas. In line with the current situation, MASUNG enterprise, as the leader among self-service industry suppliers, strives to provide solutions for various cinema equipment manufacturers. MASUNG's self-developed MS-FPT301K/MS-FPT301 series products are compact in structure and have integrated design of paper warehouse body, which is convenient for early installation and later maintenance work; Customizable panel meets the demand of integrated beauty of fuselage. Cooperate with ai face recognition big data calculation to provide customized printing equipment for manufacturers of all-in-one machines for human body sensing and ticket taking and advertising. In recent years, with the rise of the "new retail" model of unmanned selling services, more and more "unmanned" applications have been brought by traditional service industries. MASUNG enterprises have followed the footsteps of the times and invested in the development of big data projects to promote the development of the film and television equipment industry and create a scientific and technological future.

  • Set sail for youth, MASUNG happy trip to Chenzhou!

    In order to embody the corporate culture and philosophy of MASUNG Company, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, cultivate their sentiment, relieve the daily work pressure, and let employees feel the pleasant scenery of nature in person after work, so that their body and mind can be better released and relaxed. ? At 6:30 in the morning of June 15th, more than 50 employees of MASUNG headquarters took their bags and set foot on the high-speed train bound for Chenzhou, Hunan Province, and started a three-day happy trip to Chenzhou. On the train, everyone laughed and cared for each other, and a small team of more than 50 people seemed to be a big family. At the first stop, we came to Guizizhai Scenic Area, a model of Mangshan primeval forest. She is deeply attracted by the vast virgin forest, pure and thorough stream water and pure virgin forest breath of scenic spots such as majestic general stone, vigorous Mangshan pine, magnificent Devil Village Waterfall, Millennium cypress, beautiful pine, Lover Valley, national first-class protected plant Taxus chinensis and fragrant fruit tree. In the primeval forest, gurgling streams pass through the canyons and forests, sometimes splashing and sometimes being quiet. Along the way, we laughed and laughed, sometimes climbing, sometimes rushing to the mansion, sometimes walking on the plank road, sometimes walking on the stone steps, but there was a bit of hard work and drunkenness, which made you truly integrate with nature. Beautiful natural scenery and comfortable leisure sports make the whole team atmosphere very relaxed and happy, strengthen the communication among employees and enhance the cohesion within the department. Second stop, [Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area]. Outstanding representatives of mountain peaks, stone forests, strange trees, ancient temples, sea of clouds, sunrise and alpine rhododendrons. The stone road is paved according to the mountain, which makes you feel the majestic trend of "walking on the rooftop hiking trail and freely crossing the heaven and earth". Because it resembles Zhangjiajie, it is called the second Zhangjiajie in Hunan by tourists and is the most beautiful scenic spot in Mangshan Mountain. In the process of climbing Mangshan Mountain, everyone marveled at the magnificent and dangerous landscape of strange stones, peaks and cliffs in Tiantai Mountain, and the magnificent scenery of "the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky." was beautiful. Colleagues are enthusiastic, from the initial fear, and finally, they have achieved the goal of taking the mountain as the peak. How can Mangshan be conquered by us? Put the flag of MASUNG on the first dangerous peak in central and southern China, and let MASUNG's spirit flourish! Yes, MASUNG people don't admit defeat. The third stop, [Monkey King Village Scenic Area], is a dangerous cliff, with ancient trees covering the sky, narrow valleys, mountains and waters turning, mountains and rivers alternating, waterfalls in groups, waterfalls and pools scattered; Sometimes wild monkeys come to feed and play in the water, which is the best place for tourists to watch monkeys and absorb negative ions to moisten their lungs. MASUNG people sit in the promenade of Jiuqu Waterfall, talk freely about their life ideals, and get the true meaning of studying, working and living in life. Some of them recite poems with fun, just as their colleagues are young, in their prime, and full of scholar spirit, all of which are reflected in our employees. MASUNG company is just doing this, so that all employees can work hard and live happily! The fourth stop is 5A [Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area], which is known as "Little Switzerland in the East". The 170 square kilometers of lake is full of smoke and waves, 8.12 billion cubic meters are crystal clear, and dozens of islands are scattered among them. The lakes and mountains complement each other with the humanities and scenery, which is unique in being male, strange, beautiful, open and interesting. Take a cruise ship and walk leisurely. Looking around, the lakes and mountains are beautiful. I am not surprised to sigh that "there is a lake in the world, and there are thousands of scenes in it". The 3-day trip to Chenzhou ended with laughter and laughter, and the staff also said that they not only learned about the local cultural characteristics and geographical environment, but also relaxed their bodies and minds during the trip, and formed a profound friendship with colleagues who had little contact with each other during the trip. The organization of employee travel activities is one of the important measures for Masung Company to build corporate culture, cultivate talent team and improve incentive mechanism. At the same time, it also practices the significance of Masung's "work hard and enjoy life", which not only cultivates employees' sentiment, enhances collective cohesion, but also enables employees to devote themselves to future work with greater enthusiasm and make greater contributions to Masung's development together.

  • Seamless Middle East 2019 April Expo

    Seamless is the region's leading payments and commerce technology conference and exhibition. The event has separate conference agendas covering the world of Payments, Fintech, Ecommerce, Retail and Identity. With one shared free-to-attend exhibition hosting 350 of the region's leading technology providers. MASUNG group takes its brilliant printers & scanners for worldwide payment solution in Seamless Middle East 2019 April Expo.

  • Looking back at the past and looking forward to the future_MASUNG2018 annual ceremony

    The wind can't stop the spring, and 2018 has waved goodbye! Ice and snow can't stop the enthusiasm of youth, and 2019 is coming! On January 14th, 2019, all MASUNG people gathered at Longquan Hotel in Shenzhen. We gather together to open the MASUNG2019 New Year's Chapter! "Easy Printing and Perfect Service" MASUNG2018 Annual Grand Ceremony and 2019 Spring Festival Gala consists of three parts: performance articles, awards articles and dinner lottery articles. The new year has brought us closer to growth. The new year has dyed our happy life red! In the venue of the 2018 annual grand ceremony, the memory of MASUNG's enterprise development in recent years is scrolled on the big screen, and the elegant demeanor of MASUNG with different people is fully displayed! ? Call for the team! ? Let's be excited and lament the growth of MASUNG, and feel proud to be MASUNG! After the ceremony officially started, Mr. Chen Bin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered a wonderful and sincere opening speech for the annual ceremony, which led us to look back on the achievements of the past year, highly affirmed the dedication and achievements of each MASUNG, and put forward the future development ideas and development plans of the company in 2019. There are many models wearing bikinis these days! It's not rare ... But the men's Romeo show staged by the Quality Department leaked out, and colleagues at the scene saw nosebleeds flowing ... MASUNG was a terrible person, shouting wheat and skewers for enlargement! There are crosstalk, skits and dances, and even Director Li of the Finance Department can't help applauding! The "TB Show" and "The Next Life" brought by the Administration Department were so enchanting that they surprised the audience! The technical service department's "Tomorrow Will Be Better" sends the warmest and best wishes to everyone. Awards: After the performance, all the actors took a group photo to witness their extraordinary self and their achievements! I believe that in 2019, under the leadership of Chairman Chen, MASUNG will work harder, forge ahead and become stronger and stronger! Create more glory! With the rapid development of science and technology, the Internet information market is changing rapidly, and changes happen every day. For us MASUNG people, first of all, we should be a qualified MASUNG person! We must constantly seek innovation and break through ourselves! Just as our director Zhou of IT Men's R&D Department is constantly changing, show your skill. Next is the second awarding session. We will witness the achievements of MASUNG people together! Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the board of directors, personally awarded the award for outstanding employees of the year, best progress and outstanding contribution, Peng Sheng, Shibo Chen, Chen Jinfei, Zhang Yuxiu, Xiao Guiyun and Du Yunxia presented awards one by one. They all used their loyalty, diligence and strength to perfectly explain that work needs to be done with life and youth. They are conscientious, dare to break through, innovate and challenge themselves, and constantly improve themselves for tomorrow. They create extraordinary lives in ordinary posts, and they interpret MASUNG's "professional innovation and honest service" with their actions. Here, give warm applause! It is precisely because all MASUNG people have them as role models that we know what hard work, hard work and persistence are for; ? It is precisely because of their presence that we know that ideals never depend only on imagination, but on action, and no one can succeed casually! Dinner sweepstakes: The exciting lottery session detonated the scene, and the climax continued. From the chairman of the board to the heads of various departments, red envelopes were sent to everyone personally! Excited and excited cheers and shouts broke out in the crowd. Mr Yan Xinjun, the general manager of Dongguan Lipai Hardware Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Beitai Meitong Co., Ltd., was also infected by the atmosphere on the spot, and sponsored the increase of lottery places on the spot to distribute benefits to everyone. The singing of "Good Brothers" by eight handsome executives at the final dinner brought a successful conclusion to this wonderful, cool and warm-hearted annual grand ceremony! The gathering time is always short, but we will continue to forge ahead, Do not forget your initiative mind! It is precisely because of everyone's active dedication, with such MASUNG people who dare to fight and win together, our big family MASUNG will be extraordinary! I firmly believe that MASUNG will be more brilliant in 2019!

  • Celebrate the success of the third "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match

    It is the golden autumn of another year, and it is fragrant in September. In order to improve the communication among employees, enrich their amateur cultural life, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, and promote their physical and mental health, the company ushered in the third "MASUNG Cup" basketball friendly match. This basketball friendly match was divided into two teams: MASUNG Technology Team and MASUNG Intelligent Team. On September 20th, a simple opening ceremony was held in MASUNG Factory Gymnasium. First of all, athletes play in turn with the entrance music under the leadership of miss etiquette; Immediately afterwards, the referee representatives swore that they would strictly adhere to the sports principle of "fairness, justice and openness" and take the competition seriously. Finally, the athletes' representatives took an oath and promised to strictly abide by the discipline of the stadium and obey the referee's judgment; The enthusiastic declarations of the players of both teams made people excited, and the cheerleaders who helped out were not to be outdone, shouting out the slogans of their own teams one after another. The slogan of MASUNG Science and Technology Team is "Strength Witness, Unity Wins". MASUNG intelligent team's slogan is "MASUNG is intelligent and omnipotent". At the beginning of the game, the players from both sides quickly entered the state, all of them were magnificent and opened accounts one after another, competing for each other and attacking each other. Clever passing, gorgeous turning, wonderful shooting and perfect cooperation on the field won bursts of applause from colleagues off the field. In the first half, MASUNG Science and Technology Team ended the first half with a 6-point advantage of calm and steady progress. At the beginning of the second half, MASUNG's intelligent team made a sudden effort and sounded the horn of counterattack. The main force showed great style, fast break, steal, layup and 3-pointer were successful, and scored 6 points in a row, bringing the score closer, which is the rhythm of counter attack! MASUNG's science and technology team showed weakness. Captain Huang Jianfeng readjusted his strategy and cooperated with the team members to work hard. In the second half, he played a stable role and kept the advantage of the scene, and finally won the competition with 6448. During the competition, although the weather was not beautiful, it rained lightly. However, the intensity of the competition was better than before, and both sides fought more and more bravely. The indomitable spirit of athletes on the field touched every audience off the field! Cheerleading teams off the field cheered like fire and tea. With the joint witness and efforts of all my colleagues, I dedicated a wonderful sports event, which lasted for 2 hours. With their high fighting spirit and full passion, they played basketball at the competitive level, with their elegant demeanor and MASUNG spirit. Based on the principle of "friendship first, competition second", this competition promotes cooperation and communication among colleagues in the department, strengthens internal unity, and focuses on participation, which not only enhances the friendship between colleagues, but also exercises the body. It has improved the cohesion and team consciousness of our big family MASUNG, fully demonstrated our spirit of cooperation and striving for progress, strengthened the corporate culture construction of MASUNG Company, and promoted the vigorous and rapid development of MASUNG. On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, after the competition, the company organized all the colleagues to have dinner, have a good time, get together and celebrate together, and drink to MASUNG's dream. The scene is warm, just as Chairman Chen said, in the future, the company will continue to hold more and better colorful cultural and sports activities for the purpose of enriching the cultural and sports life of employees and promoting their physical and mental health, filling the construction of MASUNG corporate culture.

  • Shenzhen MASUNG appeared at the 26 th China International Finance Exhibition

    From August 23 to 26, 2018, the 26th China International Finance Exhibition was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall as scheduled. MASUNG Technology, as a printer solution manufacturer in the self-service equipment industry, participated in this exhibition. With the rapid development of mobile payment, the market is changing rapidly, and technologies and innovations such as big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and new retail are booming, which has brought great impact to traditional industries and new business opportunities. MASUNG technology adheres to the concept of "professionalism, innovation, honesty and service", actively caters to the changes of the market, and continuously introduces new products to meet the needs of customers. This time, we specially exhibited the panel printers MS-FPT201K, MS-FPT301K and MS-FPT302 which have been widely used in new retail, catering and entertainment industries in recent years; Thick paper printer MS-GD81H for scenic spots and performances; MS-TD401 applied to lottery scratch self-service equipment; During the exhibition, we received enthusiastic feedback from many customers. At the same time, we also had various discussions and assumptions on the development of the micro-beat industry. "Change is eternal". Facing the fast-changing society and industry, what MASUNG can do is to actively face it, exchange and interact with peers fully, perceive changes as quickly as possible, make adjustments and adaptations, and then develop. After the exhibition, the sales staff of MASUNG Technology Beijing Branch and Shenzhen Headquarters also organized group building activities, and visited Guadixia Village in Mentougou District of Beijing and Shuanglongxia Scenic Area, which is known as "Little Jiuzhai in Jingxi". Just in time of light rain, climbing on the beautiful mountain peaks, colleagues helped each other, and the scene was warm, which made people really feel the unity and warmth of MASUNG's big family. No matter how ruthless the market is, MASUNG, who is brave, firm and energetic, will be brave to challenge, walk at the forefront of the times, strive to set a benchmark for micro-beating industry and lead a new life!

  • 2018 MASUNG Spring Festival Gala

    Looking back on the past, we are fruitful and enthusiastic; Firm now, we are full of confidence and passion; Looking to the future, we are full of vigor and high morale. To show the ever-changing and vigorous development of MASUNG Company, MASUNG Technology and MASUNG Intelligent successfully held the 2018 Spring Festival Gala in Shenzhen Minzhi Vienna Hotel on February 3, 2018. All MASUNG people gathered together to sing and dance for joy! The evening party kicked off under the wonderful and sincere New Year speech of Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the company. Looking back on 2017, it was an extraordinary year for MASUNG to achieve. In this year, various businesses developed steadily and walked through growth and joy; Looking forward to 2018, we will gallop in the passion of expectation and endeavor. I believe all MASUNG people will open up another new world under the leadership of Chairman Chen! First of all, the performances carefully prepared by various departments of the company. MASUNG is full of talented people, singing and dancing, beautiful women and handsome men, talented people and beautiful women, and the applause and cheers at the annual meeting come one after another. Performers perform naturally, generously, with full spirit and vigor, neat costumes, complete props and in-place actions, which shows that the actors have made careful preparations for the annual meeting and created a good stage effect. The singing tone of the song is accurate and expressive; The dance movements are neat and smooth, coordinated and elegant, and graceful; The essay language is humorous, with vivid expression and tacit cooperation; Talk show performers have strong expressive ability, quick response and various language styles. Among them, three programs won the excellent program awards, namely, "Grateful Heart", "Grab Red Packets" and "Game Eating Chicken Tonight". In the past year, the company's performance has reached a higher level and its scale has expanded rapidly, which cannot be separated from the efforts and contributions of the company's management team and all employees. After the performance of the program, the host enthusiastically read out the list of 11 winners who won the "Excellent Staff Award", "Best Progress Award", "Best Newcomer Award", "Best Innovation Award" and "Best Project Award" in 2017. The winners went to the podium with excitement and excitement to receive awards from the company leaders. Mr. Chen Bin, the chairman of the board, also presented honorary trophies and bonuses to each winner. Each winner also delivered his acceptance speech. From their acceptance speech, we deeply felt their firm belief in the company and their expectation for the future. They are like shining stars in the night sky, and they are good examples for all employees of the company, which are worth learning from and creating greater value for the company in the future. Secondly, the most exciting moment, the lucky draw, is interspersed in the dinner. Everyone had a cup of drink, mixed up and exchanged blessings, and the atmosphere at the scene was extremely warm. The first to fifth prizes and the grand prize were set for this lucky draw. Rich prizes, cash, household appliances, kitchen supplies, bedding, digital products and so on. Influenced by the atmosphere at the scene, invited guests also came to the stage to interact with the host and staff one after another, and presented beautiful songs and blessings, which pushed the dinner to a climax, made the dinner scene richer and the atmosphere more active. With these wonderful blessings, I believe MASUNG will go higher and further! MASUNG Technology 2018 Spring Festival Gala ended successfully in a warm, warm and joyful atmosphere, and spent an unforgettable and beautiful night with laughter. Time flies, the sun and the moon fly like a boat. When we recall the past, this is another moving scene. Full of gratitude, pushing a cup for a change, brimming with happiness, full of blessings, flying farther and farther. People together are called parties, and hearts together are called teams. Thanks to all the people of MASUNG for their full support and hard work. MASUNG's growth and development cannot be separated from your sweat. I hope you will go further and further with MASUNG's footsteps.

  • The 2017 Global Game Expo was a complete success

    The 2017 Global Game Expo (G2E) was grandly held on October 3-5 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, USA. It is one of the world's leading international gambling exhibitions proposed by the American Game Association (AGA), and is listed as one of the top ten trade fairs in the world, with major trade industries in China participating in the export. Shenzhen MASUNG Technology Co., Ltd., as a new enterprise in the micro bill printer manufacturing industry, is honored to be invited by the Global Game Expo, and bring its own high-quality products to the international grand event again. Our booth number is 5431. Among all the products exhibited in this exhibition, the new EP802 series thermal printer shines brilliantly in this exhibition. This series of printers is a new product of our company. Its precise structure, stable printing function and wide application (which can be used in lottery machines, game machines, ticket vending machines, etc.) are favored and praised by customers at the venue. It has also become a highlight of this foreign exhibition of MASUNG Technology. I believe that after this exhibition, it will be more dazzling on the international stage. This exhibition is our company's first gambling exhibition, which broadens our horizons and opens up our thinking. We also make full use of this exhibition opportunity, further enhancing the company's brand awareness and influence, further understanding the demand for micro printers in foreign markets, laying a solid foundation for further advancing into foreign markets, and further understanding the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to give full play to our own advantages. After this exhibition, our company gained a lot and demonstrated innovative product design and professional technical level, which not only perfectly catered to the needs of American customers for micro thermal printers, but also paved a higher stage for MASUNG Technology to fully open up the vast American market in the future. We will also continue to make efforts to let more people know and understand our brand "MASUNG", Shenzhen MASUNG technology co., ltd!

  • ICE Totally Gaming 2017

    ICE 2017 runs from February 7th until February 9th 2017 and is being held at the Excel Centre in London. ICE combines over 5,000+ games from 50+ gaming vendors and is available to multi-channel operators via a single API integration.At ICE Totally Gaming, manufacturers,inventors,creators and service providers in the industry showcase their latest and most innovative products to these leading buyers. As a international leading hi-tech innovative enterprise,MASUNG also participated in ICE by UK agent.The receipt printers include EP800-TM, EP800-TMP ,EP802-TMP,MS-FPT301. High quality and performance products have won unanimous applause from the visitors. Let’s congratulate that we got complete success at ICE. Meanwhile ,wish MASUNG will achieve a qualitative leap,to create first-class brands and products in 2017.

  • Shenzhen MASUNG Technology 2017 India International Exhibition was a complete success

    Congratulations to Shenzhen MASUNG Technology Co., Ltd. for participating in IBEX INDIA 2017 India Financial Exhibition and Banking Equipment Exhibition. From January 19 to 21, 2017, MASUNG Technology went abroad and went across the ocean, reaching as far as Mumbai World Trade Center, India, to participate in the 2017 India Financial Exhibition and Banking Equipment Exhibition, and our embedded printers made a gorgeous appearance in foreign exhibitions. On such an international stage, MASUNG has sent an excellent foreign trade team, and brought almost all the products of the company to customers and visitors. The products have complete functions and exquisite styles, and one of them is the latest printer (MS-EP802-TMP) which has just been successfully developed. This printer goes abroad for the first time and meets customers for the first time. It has the functions of high printing speed, high printing quality, large paper cutting thickness, paper holder and so on, and the paper holder has a variety of installation methods, which is convenient for customers to use. This printer has become a highlight of this foreign exhibition of MASUNG Technology, which shines brightly. Our Masong will also bring it to the market in 2017. The 3-day exhibition was splendid and unique, which attracted great attention from many overseas businessmen. The products displayed by MASUNG were favored by many customers. Many businessmen who participated in the exhibition also expressed great interest in the products displayed by MASUNG. Many customers who passed by stopped to watch and consulted in detail, hoping to have a deep understanding of MASUNG and create cooperation through this exhibition. Through this exhibition, while reaching the cooperation intention with many customers, we also had friendly exchanges with peers, made many new foreign friends, further understood the market of micro bill printers, opened up international horizons, and also explored a large number of potential foreign customers, laying a foundation for the company to open up overseas markets more. This will bring new opportunities, new cooperation and new development to the future development of MASUNG Science and Technology, and it also shows that Masong Science and Technology has taken another big step on the international stage. This is not only a feast for the industry, but also a journey of harvest. This exhibition collected valuable opinions from many self-service terminal users and dealer friends. In recent years, MASUNG Technology has made a long-term development in the printer industry, with remarkable achievements and steady development. With the innovative spirit, R&D spirit and team spirit of our MASUNG people, and adhering to the basic purpose of "professional innovation and honest service", MASUNG Technology has achieved a certain position in the field of micro bill printers. Even so, we know that there is a long way to go. We will also continue to upgrade our management system, strengthen brand building, rationally face the needs of domestic and overseas markets, and provide our customers and friends with better products and perfect services. We also believe that this foreign exhibition will bring more cooperation between MASUNG Technology and world business friends, and we also believe that more printers will appear on the international stage. Through this exhibition, our company gained a lot, and concentrated on displaying the company's brand image and products overseas, which laid a good foundation for the company to further expand its business abroad, and made great efforts to by going up one flight of stairs in the field of micro printers. We are convinced that under the wise leadership of the company's leaders and the unremitting efforts of the MASUNG team, MASUNG Technology will surely reach new heights! Go to glory!

  • MASUNG Technology's 2016 Annual Resignation and Welcome Party was grandly held

    Time flies, years change, and when the Year of the Rooster is romantic, all the staff of Masung Technology get together. The long-awaited 2016 annual farewell and welcome party of Shenzhen Masung Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Yulongwan Hotel, Minzhi, Shenzhen on January 13th. This evening party is especially special, and Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, also attaches great importance to it. The whole evening party is held in the form of entertainment. However, with the innovative ability of our MASUNG people, all the programs reveal our MASUNG people's beautiful vision for the future and their confidence in moving towards glory. The evening party also provided a stage for employees to show themselves. The performances of friends from various departments were various and varied, which combined dance, songs, sketches, catwalk and other elements. The programs were brilliant and climaxed, which made people dizzying. They all showed the professional, innovative, honest and service style of MASUNG people, and all presented the joyful feast of MASUNG's big family of science and technology, which brought unique vision to everyone. The atmosphere of the whole party was lively, which made the employees enjoy the program, and at the same time, they also received a touch and a tacit understanding with the company. First of all, Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, delivered an opening speech for the evening party, which kicked off the evening party tonight. There are also special prizes for the top three outstanding programs, and each program group attaches great importance to its own performances, and tries its best to show every action to the audience perfectly. According to Xiaobian's understanding, some performance groups also rehearsed on the day of the party, which shows that the competition is naturally fierce. The first program is the song "True Hero" brought by the Three Musketeers of R&D Department. As we all know, R&D is hard. Since the second half of the year, R&D tasks have been heavy and they have worked overtime every day. It is commendable that they can find time to bring surprises to this evening party. The second program is the dance performance brought by the sales department, which is led by our deputy general manager Liao. The cool movements and shapes make people shine at the moment. The third program is the sketch "White Snake Biography", which is jointly performed by the Administration Department and the R&D Department. As we all know, "The Legend of the White Snake" is a classic drama, and its story has been circulated in the world for thousands of years. TV actors have created classics again and again. However, on January 13, 2016, "The Legend of the White Snake" created by MASUNG Technology is a classic among the classics. It combines dance and singing, reverses the ending of the previous stories, and makes the stories perfect and harmonious. The humorous performance makes the audience laugh and laugh. By the way, besides the story "The Legend of the White Snake", the story of Cowherd and Weaver Girl is no exception. Last year, our country opened the second child policy, and MASUNG's science and technology "The second child of the Cowherd and Weaver Girl" explains the opening of our country's second child policy, and more new lives will be born in the future. So, what about our printers, are there any new ones? Xiaobian definitely tells you "yes" here. In 2017, MASUNG Technology will bring more new products to the market, so please pay attention! The blind date program brought by the production department is also one of the outstanding program awards of this evening party. There are three outstanding awards in this evening party, and the other one is the solo dance "peacock dance" brought by our production department. This dance is graceful and colorful, and the colorful skirt is elegant. It is like an elf coming from a dream. The movements are gentle, the steps are light, sexy and slightly charming, which makes people infatuated. The performers deserve the award for Excellence in the evening program. It seems that we have a lot of MASUNG scientific and technological talents. I believe many people have seen the fashion show on the runway. It's cool, right? However, we MASUNG people also have our own T-stage show. What is different is that our T-stage in Xiu Xiu is a printer produced by MASUNG Technology. People are cool and printers are even cooler! In addition to the above programs, there is "Ink Drama" brought by the Technical Service Department. What is mime? I didn't quite understand it at that time, and thought it was humorous drama. However, unexpectedly, I only saw that they basically didn't use language, but relied on their limbs and props to show MASUNG's philosophy and vision for MASUNG's future. Despite this, they still interpret the printer function of Masung , which also means that Masung people can create greater value under the leadership of the leadership team with Chen as the core; To keep moving forward, we can improve ourselves and develop ourselves; Only by constantly adjusting and uniting can MASUNG move towards a better tomorrow. In fact, Xiaobian has always believed that MASUNG's future will be better, which is our common expectation, and the last program of the evening, "Tomorrow will be better" chorus, just proves our enthusiasm for MASUNG and our expectation for a better future. The evening party was full of wonderful programs, climax after climax, and the programming was full of relaxation and material points. At the end of the evening program, two foreign friends from Russia, —MASUNG's foreign partners, also took the stage to bring joy to everyone. They sang enthusiastically for us in Russian. Russian, although many people can't understand it, we MASUNG people give our enthusiasm in cooperation with this foreign friend by beating time. Finally, with their expressions, I wish MASUNG a better future and hope for more cooperation between them. In fact, cooperation is inevitable. Our products of MASUNG Technology have already been sold to the whole country and overseas. I believe that they will go more smoothly in the future and offer better products to more customers. With the end of the competition for excellent programs, the lottery session once again set off a warm climax. The leaders of the company interacted with the employees, and the lottery was exciting. Songs, applause and cheers kept fluctuating in the meeting place. One of the most touching scenes is that in order to thank the employees for their support and contribution to MASUNG, Mr. Chen Bin, the general manager, specially prepared the most special gift for these colleagues-one famous watch worth 10,000 yuan each. Our passion blooms here, and our dreams set sail here! This is the time to share happiness, and this is the time to bless and care! May this laughter stay in our hearts forever!

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